Top 40 Black Men Haircuts and Hairstyles

Black men Haircuts

Top 40 Black Men Haircuts and Hairstyles

Being blessed with natural, thick locks allows you to have hip haircuts right at your fingertips. Styling options are abundant. Do not wait a minute longer to design a cut with stylin’ Mohawks, attractive short ‘dos, or gorgeous braided tresses. Check out these 40 trendy haircuts and hairstyles for men.

1A Defined Wave Cut

Look ever so dashing for your next formal event as you don a defined wave cut. A classic style for men, this particular cut exudes confidence and respect.

2Tight Coils

Who doesnt like John Legend? Not just for his great music and voice, he also has lots of style and he definitely knows how to rock elegant tight coils cut combined with sexy facial hair.

3Well-Trimmed Afro

Keep your Afro short and well-trimmed to provide more density and amazing texture. By wearing your natural hair, you are able to achieve your best look. You do not have to add modern touches or fancy designs.

4Razor Sharp Curly Hawk

To create a truly unique Mohawk, make sure super accurate edges are combined with your facial hairstyle through fresh sideburns. One of the greatest haircuts for men who desire to achieve a modern, edgy look.

5Long Box Braids with Fade

For a handsome, distinct look, pair long box braids with a fade haircut. The curve of the fade has a Samoa-inspired vibe. Wear this cut to the office or as you dance the night away at your favorite club.

6Kinky Spikes

Fun, kinky spikes that are only twisted at the edges create a hip, fresh look that will have you stylin’ in no time. Shaped edges are just a bonus as you don this cool haircut.

7Natural Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks are one of the most popular and trendiest hairstyles for men. Let your tresses grow naturally and use wax to form the locks. Wear your dreadlocks down or in various up-dos.

8High Top Fade

A flawless high top fade haircut completed with smooth polishing sides is befitting of the stylish gentleman you are. A tailored suit is the perfect attire to match the classiness of this cut.

9Classic Smooth Mohawk

A classic, smooth Mohawk never goes out of style, and has paved the way for many other hairdos. What makes this Mohawk great is its ability to be paired with casual or formal attire.

10Long Intricate Cornrows

Long, intricate cornrows are a unique way of styling your hair into designs that showcase your individuality. Braiders can create various patterns with cornrows to match your creativity.

11Asymmetrical Curly Cut

An innovative style is established with this asymmetrical curly cut. By adding creative designs to your haircut, you can customize a ‘do that is unique to your wonderful personality. Move the world of hair forward.

12Clean Short Haircut

Keep things simple by donning a clean, short haircut to express your style in a neat manner. The top of your hair is closely shaved with the back and sides clipped. A handsome look for all the important places you need to be.

13Low Fade

A low fade cut can feature a sculpted Afro on top along with steep sides which fade to the bare skin. You can even add an angled line of hair growth for an ultra-chic haircut worn by any man.

14Spartan Feathers

A Spartan feathers Mohawk features small, spiky twists, a solid dividing line, and short faded sides. Let your hairstyle inspire others as they try new cuts to match their fashion essence.

15Bun Up-Do

Create a bun on top of your head for a style that is noteworthy and requires little maintenance. Let your creative style shine through an urban look. Add a clean-cut fade for extra style points.

16Long Top with Short Sides

Sweep your long curls forward onto your forehead for a unique look. Keep the sides and back of your hair short to accentuate your natural curls. Adding undercuts are an awesome design effect.

17Short with Center Part

Clip your mane short and neat while adding a stylish center part for a pleasant look. When the center part is a curved line, a unique cut is created. Pair this cut with a well-kept beard to add to its gorgeousness.

18High Fade with Geometric Contours

A high fade with geometric contours is achieved by combining your hair and facial hairstyle. Defining and outlining your facial features with a high taper and a fade that goes up creates a balanced look.

19Mohawk with Artistic Side Shave

Having works of art etched into the side of your hair along with a Mohawk is becoming a staple cut all over. Designs, patterns, shapes, and specific items can be shaved into the side of your hair for an individualized look.

20Senegalese Twist Bun

If dreadlocks are not your style, Senegalese twists are an excellent choice for long tresses. Pull back your hair and wrap them into a large bun. You can wear this hairdo with a suit or jeans and a sweater.

21Curly Fade with Neat Edges

Adding spots of color to your fade is a fabulous look. Keep the actual fade low to let the natural curly texture of your tresses come through. Here, the contrast of auburn and black is the centerpiece of this cut.

22High Top Dreads

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Dreadlocks create a unique high top when pulled to the center of your head. To showcase your high top, slightly trim the sides and back of your head. A distinct style is established and you are sure to stand out.

23Temple Fade

The most conservative version of the fade trend is the temple fade. The contours are slightly blurred at the temples for a stunning look. A dashing style is achieved through a more modest haircut.

24Two-Tone Mohawk

A two-tone Mohawk blends various colors throughout your natural hair for an edgier look. Shades of brown, blonde, or bolder colors are highlighted through a hairstyle that is already unique.

25Cornrows to Long Micro Dreads

Combine two hairstyles to make one distinct look that matches your fashion sense. The micro dreads have incredible twists throughout and look like chain links. Exciting new styles can be achieved with a head full of micro dreads.

26Classic Afro

The classic Afro is just as popular now as it was during the 60’s. The characteristics of a classic Afro include no added frills or modern touches. The natural state of an Afro makes this look one of the best.

27The Crispy Line-Up

Styled to perfection, use a clipper to create a crispy line-up throughout this short hairdo. The haircut creates an attractive look and the vibe of an R&B singer is given off.

28Tapered Sides

A sophisticated medium haircut with tapered sides is the clean look of a gentleman. Well-kept natural hair on top establishes a more dignified look.

29Highlighted Dreadhawk

Combine dreadlocks with a Mohawk by pairing twisted longer locks with side undercuts. Highlighted dreads create a unique look along with an undercut that fades toward the ear line.

30Natural Long Afro

Long, flowy natural hair provides you with many exciting styling options. Pull your long tresses into a bun, ponytail, or let them flow freely.

31Medium High Top Fade

Blend a retro hairstyle with modern touches by shaving a unique design throughout your hair. Choose a line pattern that matches your bone structure for a handsome look.

32Side Sweep

Look good and feel great as you craft your mane into an amazing side sweep hairdo. A side part creates base hair that is crucial to completing this dapper look.

33Faux Hawk

Thick, dense, and natural hair was made to be molded into a superb faux hawk. A neatly trimmed low-maintenance cut with a slight elevation at the crown is quite handsome.

34Pulled-Back Dreads

A carefree, relaxed vibe is given off when you pull your long dreadlocks back into a ponytail or half up-do. Spend your days relaxing on the beach with this wonderful hairstyle.

35Long Top Faded Sides

Only a rare cut can blend a shaved design into your style without overwhelming the entire look. Classy, flawless details are perfectly crafted to establish a look of pure sophistication.

36High Top with Sharp Angles

The high top is a favorite style among men and always looks good. A well-trimmed, combed Afro requires a lot of maintenance and care. Outlined, sharp angles complete this look.

37Classy Curls

Showcase the natural, kinky texture of your hair through classy curls that are neither short or long. Maintaining this haircut is a breeze; all you need is a touch of moisturizing gel and you are good to go.

38African Inspired

Be proud of your African heritage and don a hairstyle with a unique shade of red, similar to Namibian tribes. Intricate braiding is crafted in this long, attractive hairdo.

39Geometric Cut

Clean short hair paired with sharp lines and geometric shapes creates a stunning style. Don a cut that will never go out of style with shapes that flow throughout your hair.

40Two-Level High Top

Let your creative juices flow with a two-level high top. An artistic look is achieved through a unique hairstyle.

41Long Tapered Dreadlocks

Tapering the sides and stylin’ your dreadlocks creatively can make an exquisite look. Let your dreadlocks flow freely to display their length.