Half Up Half Down Sew In

half up half down with loose waves
image: @allyiahsface

Sew In Half Up Half Down

Is there a hairstyle more dynamic, fresh, versatile, and simple as the half up half down? It is the middle ground between putting your hair up into a ponytail and letting it loose and flowing. You can easily incorporate all sorts of hair accessories like beads, colorful rubber bands, and headbands into it. It’s relaxed enough for going to the gym or just your everyday errands yet it’s super easy to dress up for the evening and more formal events. It’s a great cheat for an updo or an easy lazy girl go-to. And better yet, it works on all sorts of lengths, textures, and colors. Whether you like to look boho and relaxed, refined and polished or, simply, pretty it always works. It just might be the most versatile hairstyle you can have in your arsenal and as such, read on for some of the best ways you can rock your half up half down fly.

1Feed in braids and curls

This version of the sew-in is not only gorgeous but you’re free from having to style any leave-out hair. You can jazz it up with fun cornrow patterns like in this style and further add beads and rings if you like to bling out your hair.

2Fiery feed in braids and curls

Extensions are always a great way to experiment with color and red is always a great choice for women of color. You can further add height with a big bun like in this style.

3High ponytail and water waves

This beautiful style is simple yet breathtaking, just featuring a ponytail very close to the hairline but it is just parted at the temple highlighting the eyes. The dense curls then frame the face in the most effortless way.

4Big, voluminous curls

There’s just something about loose, big curls that will make any look instantly sultry and effortless. The volume brings a great sense of glamour while the almost messy curls give that “just woke up” look.

5Side bang and dramatic height

Go full-on glamour doll with these beautiful waves, which are stacked very high at the crown of the head and completed with a mock bang that is created by pinning the side part back loosely. This will definitely turn every head in any room.

6Simple side part and waterfall ponytail

This gorgeous style only requires a good hair flat iron to get this bone straight look. Styling your baby hairs are a great way to either minimize your forehead size or draw more attention to your eyes if placed thoughtfully.

7Curly side ponytail

Fun and youthful, the ponytail in this half up half down hairstyle is placed slightly off to the style. Side ponytails were a very big trend in middle school and this is a great argument to bring them back. These bouncy curls don’t hurt either.

8Big, curly top knot

If there is one thing buns always benefit from, it’s a little texture. In this style, the dense curls of the hair provide an almost architectural aspect to the top knot making it look like a flower. This is definitely a simple way to make the half up half down even prettier.

9Afro puffs

The placement of little bun puffs at the hairline of this style almost blend into the rest of the curls, creating the illusion of an even bigger afro. It also gives extra dimension, taking away from the too circular shape of most afros which is a great way to switch up the natural look.

10Blunt cut bob

This clean, sleak minimalist take on the half up half down ‘do is striking and classic. The shorter length also gives off a much more natural look and is flattering to all face shapes.

11Blunt cut bob with feed in braids

If the sleek, blunt cut bob is maybe just a little too boring for you or you’re looking for an interesting way to switch up then why not opt for feed in braids like in this gorgeous style.

12Blunt cut bob with bangs and feed in braid detail

This gorgeous style has quite a few absolutely lovely components such as the long bangs with framing layers at the side, the cornrows at the side of the head, this trendy cut and length and a braided bun. It’s very effortless-looking but incredibly detailed at the same time.

13Bangs and top knot bob

There’s just something about a top knot and bangs that is so powerful. It’s both a great way to bring attention to the eyes while bringing a little bit of dimension and variety.

14Long bob with top knot

The long bob, or lob, has been all the rage in fashion and beauty. And it’s not hard to see why; the more awkward length is fresh and new and it’s perfect for getting the drama of a bob without having to necessarily commit to shorter hair. In this style, the blunt cut of the lob is further emphasized by the front placed bun.

15Long, romantic waves

Of course, long wavy hair is always a classic. It just looks so good on everyone. This style falls more on the bedhead, messy side due to the loose curl and the dangling front pieces. A perfect shake and go style.

16Curly honey brown ombre

If a hairstyle could be the definition of “sunshine on a cloudy day”, then it would be this look. The honey brown ombre is warming and flattering to every skin tone and a great alternative from more dramatic ash or platinum blonde yet more interesting than just a light brown. The curls also allow the different shades of honey blond and brown to really show through.

17Long, curly and blonde ombre

This fabulous style is a great way to find out if blondes really do have more fun without having to commit too much. The ponytail is tied at the temple of the head and allowed to fall beautifully over the sides and back of the head with the rest of the curls creating an illusion of big hair.

18Middle part and top knot

Bangs are always fun but they can be a rather permanent commitment – well, until you change your hair up again, so this middle part is a great way to create a faux bang which you can turn back into a normal parting later. The key is to curl the hair closer to the root for that fringe benefit.

19Bone straight tresses with long bangs

This gorgeous style is all about serving length. It’s also very anime character like with the thinner ends, wispy bangs, and ear pieces.

20Red hot bob

This classic bob looks gets a very fiery update with this bright red color – which if Kelly Rowland in the 90s has taught us anything is a fantastic color against brown skin – and the thick top knot.

21Silver and grey curls

Silver and grey hair is one of the best color trends to come out of the last decade. The metallic shades flatter everyone and surprisingly don’t make you look older but instead incredibly rock and roll.

222000s pop princess swoop bang

The early 2000s are all the rage at the moment and one of the most flattering Y2K aesthetics is the swoop bang, high ponytail and bumped ends combination. It’s made even more powerful in this soft, ash-blonde shade which is very reminiscent of your favourite 2000s pop divas.

23Blonde antennaes

This cute little bob is very playful with the addition of two mini-buns at the top of the head. It’s very effortless and extremely cool and trendy.

24Bright teal and simple

One of the more simple ways to tie up your half up half down ‘do, this look leaves room for this dazzling teal-green color shine. A great note for when you’re opting for alternative colors? Curl the hair to soften the look.

25Wispy bangs and messy bun

Wispy bangs are the perfect bang for any and all face shapes. They’re also very low commitment because when you get tired of them, you can just pin them back. The thinness of the bangs also means that you can make them as long or as short as you want without worrying about losing your vision.

26Bone straight inches

Bone straight, super long hair is always a winning look. It’s elegant, beautiful, and timeless. Make sure to run an oil sheen spray or moisturizing product through your ends to really make the look feel even more expensive.

27Low twisted half up half down

Half up half down hairstyles don’t always have to have the highest ponytails to bring the right attention to your face. This soft hairstyle features two flat twists at the temples leading into waves and waves of a fabulous black, brown, blonde, and red color way.

28Chunky blonde highlights

Thick blonde highlights are a fabulous color choice, as seen on stars like Beyonce and Megan Thee Stallion. The rest of this look is kept relatively simple with very soft waves and a simple ponytail from the temples.

29Blond ombre with feed in braids

A good honey blonde shade should be experienced by every woman at least once; it’s just so universal. The brown roots are a great touch to tone down the color in this style and the feed-in braids really make this style pop.