40 Short Crochet Hairstyles That Are Trendy Right Now

Tapered Crochet Curls With Highlights

40 Short Crochet Styles

Crochet braids are extremely versatile and cute; they’re also easy to install, making them ideal for those who like to create their own styles at home. But whether you choose to go to a stylist or do them yourself, crochet braids are a great option for your next protective style because there are so many colors, textures, and styles to choose from. If you want to rock a short hairstyle, crochet styles are a great choice: and since your natural hair will be cornrowed underneath, you’ll still be able to rock a short ‘do even if your natural hair is longer than the length of the crochet hair. Here are 40 beautiful short crochet hairstyles.

1Short Crochet Braids Bob

This is a great example of how you can create a really cute short crochet style. These crochet braids are styled into a simple, slightly layered bob with a side part.

2Tapered Brown Short Crochet Curls

This gorgeous style is created using corkscrew curl crochet hair. The hair is arranged into a cute tapered style (shorter on the sides and in the back). Use both brown and black hair for a striking two-toned look.

3Shoulder Length Crochet Hair

If you’re looking for a short crochet hair style that’s a little bit on the longer side, consider this long bob crochet (also know as a “lob”), created using curly crochet hair.

4Two-Toned Red Crochet Curls

This pretty style is created using red and black crochet hair. The hair is arranged into a cute tapered shape which resembles a perm rod set on natural hair. This is a great look for those who want to experiment with color.

5Voluminous Short Crochet Hair Style

This style is great for those who want a more voluminous, kinky-curly look. The great thing about crochet styles is that there are a variety of textures to choose from, which is a plus for those who prefer styles that resemble their own natural texture.

6Golden Brown Short Crochet Braids

Take your crochet game to the next level with a head-turning style like this one. Soft, shiny, golden brown curls frame the face beautifully, giving you a healthy sun-kissed look.

7Red Super Short Crochet Curls Updo

This beautiful style combines red bouncy crochet curls to create a cute, short curly style pulled into a high updo in the upper back side. This is a great option for those looking to rock a short style on a temporary basis.

8Short Crochet Curls With Headband

Sometimes a hair accessory can take your look to the next level. These cute, short crochet curls look great on their own, but this pretty gold headband really adds a little something extra and makes this style look extra chic.

9Short Spring twist crochet braids

Spring twists are one of the hottest trends right now! This short spring twist style is so versatile and chic!

10Short Tapered Crochet Braids

You can easily create a cute tapered style like this one using crochet hair. The crochet method allows you to easily get uniform, long-lasting curls.

11Short Crochet Hairstyle Updo

You can create this cute, curly updo using just your natural hair, but if you want a style that’s truly protective, you can add crochet hair for a similar look. You can even opt for a different hair color to change up your usual look, like this pretty honey brown hue.

12Tapered Short Crochet Braids With Highlights

Here’s another gorgeous tapered short crochet hairstyle. These small, tight, corkscrew curls have hints of blonde color for a pretty highlighted look.

13Honey Brown Short Crochet Curls

The crochet method can be used to create this beautiful asymmetrical short style. These short honey blonde curls have a really natural look that’s sure to turn heads wherever you go.

14Black Crochet Braids With a Touch of Brown

These cute, short, black crochet curls contain a subtle hint of brown color for a pretty, highlighted look. Play up this look even more with a neutral lipstick.

15Red Short Crochet Hairstyle

These pretty red crochet curls are the perfect way to take your short cut to the next level. The added hair helps create a tapered look that you’ll fall head over heels in love with.

16Bob Length Crochet Locs

In addition to curly styles, the crochet method can also be used for styles like faux locs, twists, and braids. These cute crochet locs are styled into a slightly asymmetrical bob.

17Red and Black Crochet Pin Curls

Are you looking for short crochet hair styles with glam? This beautiful pin curl style can be created using the crochet method. These pretty red and black curls are a great option if you’re looking for a cute, short protective style.

18Tapered Mini Fro Short Crochet Braids

These gorgeous short crochet braids are styled into a chic tapered fro, curly style. You can add two-toned color to create a beautiful ombre effect.

19Chin Length Crochet Hair Style

If you’re looking for a textured bob, then these pretty, chin-length crochet curls are a great choice. This style has lots of volume, body, and bounce.

20Short Curly Crochet Bob Braids

Do you like short crochet hair styles that look super natural? These pretty crochet curls have a really natural, carefree look. Their two-toned color and curl definition frame the face really nicely.

21Short Bouncy Crochet Braids Hair Style

These pretty crochet curls resemble a rod set on natural hair. They’re arranged into bangs in the front, and tapered in the back and along the sides.

22Short Honey Brown Ombre Crochet Curls

These gorgeous honey brown crochet curls are styled with a subtle side part. The blonde color is placed on top of the black hair to create an ombre effect.

23Short Crochet Curls With Side Part

These beautiful crochet curls are immaculately styled into a chic, short style. The hair used to create this style is two-toned, creating a subtle ombre effect.

24Short Crochet Hairstyle With A Touch Of Blonde

These pretty crochet curls have just a hint of blonde in them for a bold pop of color. They’re arranged into a chic, timeless tapered style.

25Black and Blonde Tapered Crochet Curls

This style combines blonde curls in the front and black curls in the back for a striking two-toned look, proving that the crochet method is a wonderful way to create chic, curly styles.

26Short Bouncy Crochet Curls

These cute, short, bouncy crochet curls are both chic and easy to maintain. This is a unique look that you don’t see every day.

27Bob Length Crochet Braids

Here’s a really cute way to wear crochet braids. Styled into a classic, curly bob, this is a look that will always be in style.

28Asymmetrical Short Crochet Curls

These gorgeous honey brown crochet curls are arranged into a slightly asymmetrical style that really flatters the face.

29Short Crochet Hair With Flat Twists

This chic and carefree look is created with flat twists in the front and reddish brown crochet curls in the back.

30Short Crochet Rod Set Hair Style

Here’s a great example of how using the right kind of crochet hair can help you create the look of a rod set on natural hair.

31Tight Curly Crochet Braids

What about super short crochet hair styles with tight curls? If you like the look of tight curls, then this chic, tight curly tapered crochet style may be just right for you. It has a really natural look that resembles a wash and go on natural hair.

32Voluminous Short Crochet Curls With Side Part

These pretty crochet curls are styled with a side part. The volume of curls gives this style a seamless look, in addition to adding body and movement.

33Loose Curly Bob Crochet Hair Style

If you want a look that combines loose curls and waves, the crochet method can help you achieve that look. These loose crochet curls are styled into a stacked bob (longer in front and shorter in the back).

34Grey Short Crochet Hair

Who says you have to hide your greys when wearing a protective style? These chic grey short crochet hair curls look absolutely gorgeous styled into a super short curly bob.

35Tapered Crochet Curls With a Touch of Reddish Brown

These stunning crochet curls are arranged into a chic tapered style, showing off gorgeous hints of reddish brown color at the top.

36Shoulder Length Purple Crochet Curls

These purple crochet curls fall right at the shoulders, an ideal length for those who want a look on the short side but don’t want a super short look. This look resembles a twist out on natural hair – ideal for those who want to experiment with color on a temporary basis.

37Bouncy Red Short Crochet Hairstyle

Are you looking for short crochet hairstyles with bold colors? You can easily create this look using the crochet method. The soft, red, bouncy curls in the front resemble the look of a Bantu knot out or pin curls, combined with shorter curls along the sides.

38Voluminous Asymmetrical Crochet Curls

These gorgeous curls are created using the crochet method. Arranged into an asymmetrical, tapered style, this look is stunningly chic.

39Curly Grey Short Crochet Hairstyles

These pretty grey crochet curls are styled into a bob that falls right above the shoulders. A slightly off-center part helps these curls frame the face beautifully.

40Brown and Black Short Crochet Curls

This short crochet hair style combines light brown and black curls for an effortless two-toned look. The two colors and combination of small and large curls create a stunning contrast.

41Curly Short Crochet Hair Style Straw Set

If you like the look of straw sets on natural hair, then you’ll love this short, pretty crochet style. These flawless curls will have lots of body and bounce.

42Ombre Crochet Bob

This beautiful crochet ombre is so chic and bouncy! This side swept curly style is a great choice for those who like longer hairstyles.

43Short Ombre Crochet Hair Style

Another cute ombre style only much shorter! We love the mix of black and blonde curls.

44Curly Pixie Crochet Hair Style

If you like the pixie style, this crochet braids style with side bangs on one side is for you!

45Short Tapered Crochet Bob

We love these asymmetric well defined curls arranged into a perfect tapered bob cut.