25 Temp Fade Styles

temple fade haircuts

25 Temp Fade Haircuts and Styles

Sportin’ a fade haircut has become a popular trend for crafting an attractive, dapper look. The temp fade, otherwise known as the temple fade, is one of the hippest fade styles around town. For a distinct temp fade, the hairs on the sides are faded up towards the temples, while the hair between the nape of the neck and temple is closely cropped for a look that is so fresh and clean. Kick back and check out these 25 awesome temp fade haircuts.

1Cool Temple Fade

Combine retro and modern as you don a clean cut. Make sure the back of your hair is not cut to the skin, but kept at a medium length for a faux hawk effect.

2Dark Temple Fade

For a dark temple fade, allow your hair on top to grow in dark to one fourth of an inch. This is an appealing look to don whether you are at the park or the club.

3Sculpted Temple Fade

Exquisite straight, defined edges take a classic look and add modern touches for a hip generation. Dimension and style are added to your cool appearance.

4Textured Temple Fade

Create a textured temple fade with a curved line that fades just above the ear. For added texture and volume, have your hair on top cut to just over one inch in length.

5Temple Fade for Thick Hair

The smooth transition in medium hair to short and shaved sides along with the back creates a modern appeal. Mold a slight pomp for a debonair effect. As you don this handsome look, walk with confidence and class.

6Temple and Nape Fade

Let your natural tresses showcase their volume as you style your curls paired with a neat temple and nape fade. Look ever so charming as you wear a suit and tie.

7Temple Fade with Sponge Twists

Combine awesome sponge twists throughout your tresses on top with your temple fade for a distinct style. Incorporating your facial hair adds a super cool effect.

8Temple Fade with Diagonal Lines

An intricate haircut is crafted as diagonal lines are etched into the top of your hair. A distinct side part creates a handsome look to don for formal events.

9Smooth Temple Fade

For a polished hairstyle, get a smooth temple fade. Wear a suit and tie or jeans with a button-up shirt with this haircut. Achieve a dashing look through a simple, smooth cut that is refinement at its best.

10Cute Temple Fade

Start your temple fade at the corners of your forehead for a unique look. The hair on top is long enough for cool texture and the back is neatly tapered. Craft a cut to match how hip you are.

11Temple with Faded Sides

For this cut, the ear line is faded along with the temples. A look of debonair is skillfully cut into your tresses for a clean, neat style.

12Clean Temple Fade

A clean temple fade is a haircut that requires little maintenance, yet still provides you with an overall look of sophistication and class. Wear this haircut for formal or day-to-day events.

13Blended Temple Fade

Style a super cool look when your temples are faded and blend in gradually with your hairline. Leave the hair on top voluminous for a funky style.

14Short Temple Fade

An ultra-short fade with chicly shaded temples is a happen’ look for any man to don. Pair this cut with your favorite pair of sunglasses and chain necklace for a hip vibe.

15Afro Temple Fade

A well-trimmed Afro paired with a cool temple fade is a creative cut. Combine a retro style with a contemporary fade to create an ultra-hip haircut.

16Conservative Temple Fade

The strength of the conservative temple fade is in its ability to blend with both business and hip-hop styles. Wear this haircut to the office and then for a night on the town.

17Temple Fade with Waves

Combine your temple fade with waves on top of your head to achieve a distinct short style. Amazing contours and texture are skillfully accomplished.

18Neat Temple Fade

For a look befitting of a gentleman, don a neat temple fade. The hair on top is kept short while the temple fade blends in with your facial hair. A suave, cool look is established.

19Temple Fade with Razor Line

Let your natural curly tresses grow long and pair them with an awesome temple fade for a handsome look. A distinct razor line is etched into the front of your hair to add a modern touch as well as an asymmetrical look.

20Temple Fade with Dreadlocks

Combining a classic temple fade with different lengths of dreadlocks creates a style all your own. The simplicity of this temple fade adds a touch of class to a unique look.

21Geometric Temple Fade

Let your creativity shine as you create a cut with geometric shapes and accurate lines. For a haircut that will never go out of style, don a temple fade paired with unique geometric designs.

22Scruffy Temple Fade

Allow your kinky natural tresses to grow atop your head in any direction they choose. Combine a scruffy, handsome look with a temple fade to create a unique style.

23Crisp Temple Fade

The crisp temple fade is a trendy haircut for you to wear these days. The contrast of the lines combined with the uniqueness of the texture of your natural hair makes this style one to don. A unique, classy look is created through a trendy cut.

24Stylish Temple Fade

Showcase the texture of your hair as you don a stylish, clean temple fade. The texture of your tresses are accentuated and the short fade haircut with neat temples is amazing.

25Faux Hawk Temple Fade

For a modern, edgy look, craft a faux hawk temple fade to match the uniqueness of your style. The temples are faded while a faux hawk effect is styled onto the top and back of your hair. Extend this unique cut throughout your facial hair by adding distinct lines. An innovative look for sure.