40 Taper Fade Haircuts for Black Men

Taper Fade Haircuts for Black Men

Taper Fade Haircuts for Black Men

To stay on top of the latest trends, having a taper fade haircut will ensure you are keeping up with the times. Tapered cuts have hair longer on top while the hair gradually gets shorter as it approaches the nape and sides. Normally the hair on top is 2 to 4 inches long while the rest of the hair is shorter. Modern taper fades allow the hair on top to be longer. The hairline around the perimeter is cut extremely short, but left intact which is a main difference when sportin’ a taper fade haircut.
Different styles can be combined with a taper fade haircut such as an Afro, precise lining, or distinct designs. Be ultra-daring and have a stylist shave words or quotes on the side of your head. No matter how you choose to wear a taper fade, you exude confidence and poise.

1Taper Fade Mohawk

Even a Mohawk can have an exciting, new look when paired with a taper fade. A high top Mohawk is created by a bowl shape cut and a section of hair left on top.

2Afro Taper Fade

When wearing your hair with an Afro, the length of the hair gradually decreases as it goes down the sides until it disappears. Style your curls to help express yourself.

3Flat Top

For a look that requires little maintenance, go for the flat top haircut. This style has its own look and can be spruced up with coloring, stripes, or various lengths.

4Taper Fade and Wavy Hair

Pair a taper fade with wavy hair to bring out your inner strength. This particular haircut provides you with a dignified, classy look.

5Low Taper with Side Part

A look that is not too often seen is the low taper with a side part. The sides are neatly parted while the hair on top is styled as a low taper.

6Taper Fade with Dreads

Dreads are all the rage and pairing them with a taper fade enhances their trendsetting ability. Dreads provide you with styling options such as color or volume.

7The Fro-Out Low Tapered

One of the best hairstyles for those who are growing out their hair is the fro-out low tapered. Style your hair in the fashion of your choice and be sure to use gel.

8Partial Caesar Taper Fade

Combine two hairstyles when you don a chic half Caesar, half taper fade cut. Having two hairstyles at the same time is worth mentioning.

9Frohawk Taper Fade

The perfect hairstyle that says you can hang with the best of them at a charming event, but still have a good time, is the frohawk taper fade. Add a touch of color for just a little edge.

10Blonde Taper Fade

For a look that stands out, a blonde taper fade will provide you with a hip appearance. Platinum blonde pairs well with light, olive toned skin. Honey blonde complements a deeper complexion.

11High Top Fade

Keep the past alive with a taper fade representative of the 90s hip-hop style. A high top fade is classically paired with a taper to help modernize the look.

12Low Taper and Purple Afro

Experience funk in a whole new way when you have a purple afro combined with a low taper. Bust a move on the dance floor with this hip style.

13Kinky Taper Fade

Make a statement as you express your individuality with this haircut. This style can appear to be an asymmetrical or Mohawk taper fade.

14Bearded and Tapered Short Afro

Become a symbol of motivation, thirst, and dedication as you sport a grown beard and tapered short afro. You will reach milestones and achieve goals with this look.

15Taper Fade for Natural Hair

To express your bold, adventurous nature, add an auburn color to your curly locks that become a neat taper fade.

16Razor Cut

Clean shave the sides of your head with a razor cut taper fade. The hair in the center flows from the front to the tail of your neck.

17High Taper Fade with Design

Should you decide to incorporate designs into your hairstyle, go with a high taper fade. Curved lines and intricate designs are better displayed.

18Sculpted Taper Fade

This taper fade is not quite a high top fade but still adds dimension to a man’s appearance. Super straight, defined edges create a classic look.

19Faint Taper

A faint taper basically has the same hair length throughout except a faint taper effect is apparent around the temples and ears. This is a good taper to try if you do not want a dramatic style.

20Taper Fade with V-Shaped Nape


Work with your natural texture for outstanding results. Be sure to work on the edges properly. An angled design at the nape is the perfect finish.

21Low Taper Fade

For a traditional hairdo, the low taper fade is a look that is suitable for the office or a night out. The style has an easygoing flow to it.

22Long Top Side Part Taper

Your hair does not need to be clipped to the skin to be a taper fade. Longer hair on top paired with a side part offers you a dashing look.

23Double Line and Side Part

Combining a double line with a side part is a unique aspect of this taper fade. Elevated hair with two parts sets you above the rest.

24High Frohawk Taper

Be true to who you are inside and dare to be different with an individualized taper fade. This cut has an Afro Mohawk paired with a design for a versatile style.

25Curly Taper Fade

Showcase your natural curls on top with a taper fade down the sides. An edgy part makes this a more contemporary cut.

26Side Part with Waves

360 waves bring a whole new style to the taper fade and when a side part is included, you are sure to stand out. Wear your suit and tie with confidence.

27Shaved Taper Fade

For a sophisticated look that can be paired with business clothes or fun in the sun, a shaved taper fade is a traditional cut. Let everyone know you have style and class.

28Line-Up Taper Fade

A distinct line extends from one side of your face to the other lining up all your hair at the front quite nicely. The taper fade here is prominent bringing an ultra-chic vibe.

29Gel Waves with Side Part

Refresh a style reminiscent of suits, fedoras, and a speakeasy bar with gelled waves paired with a fresh side part. Be the epitome of a gentleman when you style your hair in a classic look.

30Creative Dread Taper

Let your creativity shine through a taper fade haircut that you design. Add highlights to the tips of your dreadlocks hair on top. The neat curved line around the head makes this look unique.

31Tapered Fauxhawk

A tapered fauxhawk provides an interesting look for anyone. This style can be worn to everyday occasions or spruced up for a night on the town. A mullet look just might be growing in the back.

32Two Braids with Taper Fade

For those with a positive outlook on life, not just any hairstyle will do. This exceptional hairdo of a taper fade with two braids has positive vibes. When paired with a tattoo, makes this look distinct.

33Debonair Taper

A debonair taper fade creates a dapper, dashing look for any formal event. Worn with a suit brings out your class. This is a simple and traditional taper fade with the top hairs slightly less than two inches.

34Modern Taper Fade

Electrify your style with a modern taper fade that has a cool design at the temple and right above the ears. Sharp lines make this a more contemporary look. The coloring only adds to this lively style.

35Messy Taper

Allow your hair to grow out naturally as you achieve a messy taper fade. For a just got of bed in the morning look, let your hair grow in the direction it chooses.

36High Volume Afro Taper

A high volume Afro allows you to showcase your natural curls wherever you go. A taper fade haircut provides a sleek look to contrast the carefree Afro.

37Low Mohawk Taper

For an alluring look that adds a little mystery to your personality, the low Mohawk taper fade has a spiky edge.

38Cool Design

Adding a cool, specialized design to your taper fade puts a notable style to who you are. A leaf design takes skill and patience.

39Traditional Taper Fade

A haircut that never goes out of style is the traditional taper fade. You can always count on this hairdo for a handsome look.

40Taper Fade Up-do

The taper fade up-do is a one of a kind style where a tranquil, peaceful vibe is given off. Pulling your hair back in this up-do highlights the taper fade.