40 Short Hairstyles for Black Women

short hairstyles for black women


Stunning Short Hairstyles for Black Women

Short hairstyles have the ability to bring an edge to your lifestyle. Women cut their hair for many reasons one being that they are ready for a new way of life. Rocking a short style should not be something that any woman is afraid of. We know that choosing your perfect short style can be a little intimidating so we have put together a list of 40 short hairstyles for black women. This list includes different face shapes, styles, textures and colors. So rest assured that you will be able to find the style that fits you perfectly. Check out these stunning short haircuts for any occation.

1Light wavy undercut

Fantasia is really rocking this sexy light waved undercut. The sides are longer than your usual undercut, giving it a feminine edge. Pair this with jewelry such as rhinestones, diamonds, or pearls.

2Grey bowl cut

Grey has really been a big trend. Paired with a sleek cut makes this look classic with a twist of modern. To find your perfect tone of grey play with brown and blonde highlights.

3Layered boy cut

This layered cut is perfect for women who do not want the hassle of dealing with a specific style. This style is simply a brush and go but can be dressed up with curls if desired.

4Forward curled undercut

If you are going for that sexy style then try a sleek undercut with a pin curled center. Pin curls add a bit of texture and sexiness to any look. Don’t forget to pair with your favorite red lipstick.

5White blonde pixie cut

We are totally in love with this white blonde pixie cut. This puts a spin on the typical black pixie cut. The lighter color definitely gives this style a more feminine feel.

6Natural Curly short cut

Rock your TWA in this beautiful curly style. To get the look leave your hair in its natural state and apply moisturizer and gel all over. Finally slick each temple side to your desire.

7Curly angled bob

Angled bobs are so in. We love this classic black and blonde combo matched with the light beach waves and angled cut. This look can be dressed up or down with your favorite boyfriend jeans or a sexy dress.

8Curly puff

This is definitely a go to style for any natural. Change up the look with different headbands and head pieces. Keep your hair moisturized with a water and aloe vera mixture.

9Curly Side part bob.

Need a quick and easy formal style? Try this side parted curly bob. Instead of using heat use soft sponge rollers and let them set overnight. After take down spray with a light holding spray.

10Tapered Mohawk

This is a simplified version of a mohawk. This is perfect for those in certain job sectors who still want to show a bit of their personality. Spice with up with curls and bold earrings.

11Aqua blue bob

Short cuts are edgy all by themselves but add a bold color like this aqua blue to set the entire look off. Pair this hair with neutral makeup and a wardrobe consisting of neutral and pastel tones.

12Short curly boy cut

Who said boy cuts can’t be feminine? We are loving this boy cut combined with a simple undercut. The curly texture definitely gives this look a feminine edge. Pair with bold lips and earrings.

13Messy beach waves

This light messy beach wave look is perfect for women who are looking for a style with low maintenance. To keep this look up simply moisturize and braid in jumbo plaits at night.

14Tapered curly cut

Tapered cuts are whats in right now. Tapered cuts are great for shaping your face and giving your hair a unique shape. The best part is when you’re ready to grow your hair out it will grow in that specific shape.

15Cola red bowl cut

Throwing us back in the 90s we have this coca cola red bowl cut. This style looks great on women with oval and round faces because it brings out the bone structure beautifully.

16Purple finger waves

Continuing with the 90s inspired hair dos we have these beautiful purple finger waves. If you are a woman with a bold personality try out this bold style to match. Step it up a notch and try other bold colors.

17Red finger wave cut

We are loving the color of this finger wave short cut. This color is bold and will look great on a range of skin tones. Spice it up with highlights of pink.

18Auburn layered cut

If you want a cut that is not to out there then this simple light layered bold cut is for you. We also love the simplicity of this auburn color with red undertones.

19Lavender Layered side cut

Purple has really been the it color. Take a look at this amazing layered short cut in this beautiful lavender color. This would look stunning on women with caramel skin.

20Layered pink and blonde bob

We are loving the punk rock vibe of this pink and blonde bob. These colors blend perfectly together and give you a unique style that you do not see everyday.

21Simple elegant bob

Jennifer Hudson look amazing and glamorous in this simple and chic neck length bob. If you want a more simple and for look then go with this neck length sway bob.

22Short and curly fro

We love this natural and eclectic style especially for summer. Achieve this look with your natural hair or pull out your favorite short and curly wig. Pair with large earrings, maxi dresses, and statement necklace to complete the goddess look.

23Light waves with middle part

When we see the light waves with a middle part we immediately think “Girl Boss”. This is the perfect office look that is modern and yet chic. Jazz it up with a hint of color on your ends.

24Asymmetrical bang cut

Look like you steep straight out of a magazine. We are in love with this bold cut. The angled bang really helps to bring out the best of your facial features. We highly recommend this style for women with heart shaped faces.

25Super blonde bob

Ciara has been the queen of bobs. We are loving this blunt bob cut paired with this all black ensemble. If you want a style that is simple but still packs a punch try out this blonde blunt cut bob.

26TWA fro

Rock your TWA in its natural state. To achieve these curls without using a lot of product opt for doing finger coils or invest in a sponge brush. Minimizing product is easier on your scalp and also helps your style last longer.

27Coily undercut

Under cuts have been all of the rave we have seen them on runways, in magazines, and even on celebrities. If you are daring enough to cut your hair jazz it up with a simple line design and fresh curls.

28Green Curls

Can we talk about BOLD? This style may not be for everyone but we know it is for someone. We love this lime green paired with large spiral curls. If you are really looking for something unique, give this a go.

29Geometric Cut

For those with a fetish for art try taking your cut up a notch by adding geometric patterns and shapes. You can take it a step further and draw them yourself. This will definitely be a conversation starter for sure.

30Feminine boy cut

Boy cuts are not just for boys. We love how feminine this cut looks. Don’t be afraid to go short. There are a number of way to dress it up such as head wear, makeup, and jewelry.

31Spiked Mohawk

Lets get a round of applause for this mohawk. Get this spiked mohawk by first pressing your hair in the direction you want it to flow and then add your favorite holding spray. Want extra hold? Sit under a hooded dry for 15 minutes.

32Low cut

We love to see women rocking low cuts. Take a look at this beautiful woman rocking a low fade. Keep it girly accessorizing with your favorite jewelry or even hand make your own pieces to wear.

33Short purple curly cut

Go bold or go home. We have be really loving this purple trend. Pair this bold violet color with gold jewelry and neutral makeup. To soften the look at lavender undertones.

34Sleek short cut

If you have a super short cut like a TWA or pixie cut and want a sleek look then this style is for you. Simply slick down your hair with your favorite gel and tie it with a satin scarf to preserve the look.

35Blonde Sleek cut

Like the previous style the sleek slick look is perfect for times such as formal events. For women with olive skin tones a deep try out this beautiful blonde color.

36Bowl cut with bangs

Searching for a chic look with bangs? Try out this simple bowl cut with bold bangs. This is perfect for women with round or oval shaped faces. Try in other colors like blonde or coca cola red.

37Natural short cut

Eva Marcille is known for rocking her amazing natural short cuts. If you want to avoid the wigs and weaves take some inspiration from this simple earth tone natural cut.

38A hint of blue chic bob

Everyone has been rocking this sea blue-green color. We’ve even seen celebrities like Kylie jenner rocking this look. Opt for this look in the winter and pair with wine and berry tones to make the color pop.

39Bald sides with pompadour

Cassie is known for being the first to rock a shaved side. Take a little inspiration and go completely bald on the sides. If you want a elegant look try out the french twist pompadour look at your next event.

40Flat twists, Twist out

We adore this simple natural hair style. This style consists of flat twists on the side and coils resulting from a twist out. It is simple, cute, and protective.