Short Curly Hairstyles for Black Women

Short Curly Hairstyles for Black Women

35 Short Curly Hairstyles for Black Women

You may be at the early stages of having the big chop before going back to au natural, or be able to rock a pixie crop better than Halle Berry. Either way short hair doesn’t always have to be boring. Check out the styles you can try to add a bit volume to your bob and a sprinkle of magic to you pixie crop. As the saying goes “Short hair don’t care”!

1Mohawk Fro

This look is perfect if your making the transition from relaxed hair to natural. It’s easy to maintain as the natural curls just fall into place. If your hair is at a healthy, full-bodied stage, add blonde, purple or any color in the rainbow to give it that extra edge.

2Crimped curls

This is a great style for opening out the face and giving your hair that extra dimension. It works well on younger women; the curls have a youthful bounce, however older women could also pull this off with a more natural color.

3Classic curly fro

The style that works for every black woman. Classic, simple and so authentic. Really popular at the moment as a large majority of black women are beginning to go natural. Steer clear of adding accessories to the classic afro as they can get lost in the madness.

4Front loaded pixie crop

This style has a sassy vibe to it, keeping it black keeps it sexy and will bring out the rock chick in you. It may take some maintaining; hair spray is essential and keeping the back and sides tapered with regular trims. All worth it when you pair this style with a black leather jacket and night out with your girls.

5Loose mermaid curls

If you want to get really creative with your short hair, and don’t want to blend in with the basic cuts, this is for you. Mermaid hair is really in fashion at the moment and adding a multiple blend of colour would sit well on the big loose curls this style offers.

6Bed head bob

We all know no one rolls out of bed with the perfect hair, but we can fake it till we make it, right? This bed head bob is flexible and can be worn with casual jeans and a top, or made up with a cute LBD. It’s a really light style that won’t have you feeling like your hair is weighing you down.

7Graduated curly bob

Now you may think this style is old school, but if we can rock 80’s fashion, we can definitely pull this 00’s style back out. Try this style out for events that require a bit of class. Wear a simple necklace, let the longer curls fall to the nape of your neck, instantly elongating posture.

8Shaggy vintage bob

Vintage is always in. My favorite short curly style…why? Because it shows off just how amazing Afro hair can be. This is our hair right after we wash it, before we blow-dry, straighten, braid, and weave. This is us, natural. Pair this with turtlenecks and retro dresses.

9Tight pushed back curls

This cute style screams Twiggy in her prime. Pushed back and off the face with gorgeous elaborate eye make-up. If you want that modelesque look, get some hair wax/gel and go crazy to keep the curls in perfect place.

10Middle parting waves

Middle partings only really work on certain face shapes, and can pull it off, work it. These are more waves than curls, however, it’s likely that the style started off as bigger curls that have been brushed out… the easiest way to achieve this look.

11Alternative graduated bob

Slightly different to the classic and longer graduated bob. The style here has one longer side rather than two long sides. This makes its more edgy. This also looks great if you clip the shorter side back; it creates more volume at the longer side.

12Braided tight twist curls

Tight curly twists look great when accompanied with small braids. I like how this style showcases sophistication and playfulness all in one. Such a contrast from the average short and curly hairstyle.

13Finger coil curls

Finger coil curls are cool and aesthetically pleasing on short hair. They don’t give much opportunity for hair movement but when you sit them right there’s no need. This style gives you the chance to go all out on jewelry, clothes and make-up.

14Curly bob for round face

Having a full-bodied curly fringe really works for women with a rounder face and the jawline is the perfect place for the curls to fall. Highlights can add another dimension to this style; it changes it from basic, to something with a bit more charisma.

15Super short start over curls

Another flawless style if you’ve gone for the big chop. This is the visual representation of the word ‘brave’. People look at this style and love it but wouldn’t dare do it. As shown here, you can add simple waves to compliment the top ringlets.

16Twisted curly bob

This is the style that always reminds me of being a child and going to parties. It’s long lasting and super easy to maintain. It has a youthful bounce to it and always looks cool half up half down.

17Dreadlock curls

I LOVE dreadlock curls, they’re so indigenous, full of culture and color. Accessories in hair never looked so good, beads, scarves, feathers and dye fill this style with flavor.

18Side scraped curls

Whoever said short hair isn’t versatile, were wrong. This classy side scrape is great for any occasion, you could even hold off on the earrings and add a pretty hair slide.

19Backcombed curls

At the tip of the beak this style is actually backcombed. This is a really adventurous look, if you’ve ever backcombed before you’ll understand why. It works with the sleeker curls and eventually straight hair here, creating different textures.

20Flat twist out

Another style that incorporates flat twists… it looks really professional and cooperate as the twist are lifted high off the face. You can even experiment with the fringe of this style by pinning it back, or making it fuller.

21Large coil curls

Large coils create such a statement look. Because they’re so big you don’t need a lot of them to fill out the look. The two tones of colour give a clearer picture of the different size coils in this style. Try a colour fade with this shaggy style.

22Sleek pixie curls

Rihanna showcases a different type of pixie crop here. The curls aren’t tights, nor are they too loose, but they’re really sleek and look salon fresh.

23Blonde wave curls

The curls in this style get a chance to be really loose and wild, there’s no structure or specific placement of the hair. This makes it great; if the wind blows you don’t have to worry about it ruining your style. The color makes it stand out.

24High top sleek curls

The fresh princess of Bel Air. Similar to Will Smiths classic look in the fresh prince TV program this stand up style stands out. The upwards direction makes everything look longer and more open.

25Electric blue

More color, because sometimes pins and ponytails don’t cut it. You almost can’t see the roots here as the electric blue captures your eyes. It gives a floating curl effect on the top of the head. You can try this style with other colors too; keep the roots dark to give the same effect.

26Curly fringe

A contrast in textures always works with short hair, as there’s not much of it. Curling the fringe creates a totally different style, rather than keeping it simple with a straight-boxed fringe. Try this for something fresh.

27Colored Dreaded fringe

Another fringe, but with pink and blond dreads that works great with this style. Undoubtedly a unique and classy way to style your hair. The back has been clipped up which give a queen Nefertiti look

28Bohemian Frizz

When festival season comes around this will be the hair to wear. More of a frizzy Afro than curly fro. Nonetheless, it’s awesome! No need to worry about festival hair, as you can cover up the rough with beautiful floristry. Boho and festival chic.

29Ombre Spaghetti curls

Wild chic ombre is rocking right now. These spaghetti curls are so wild and loose it would be rude not to add a crazy color to make it more eccentric.

30Bandana hold

When times get tough, but you still want to look good. Throw on a colorful bandana to your short curly locks. Quick, but cute.

31Classic waves

Simple, elegant, classic waves for special occasions. Nicely hangs slightly on the face not revealing all.

32Tapered Floral

A gorgeous floral do, accessories really add the style. The flowers create an angelic look. Tapered curls work well on short hair, making it look fuller.

33Sleek curly Mohawk

Unlike the other Mohawks, this has very sleek, positioned waves which come together well. This would be another professional office look, for a women who doesn’t want her hair as a too much of a distraction

34Shaved curly style

These top-heavy curls are amazing! Short back and sides is a creative way to draw more attention to these luscious curls on top. Some might even create patterns in the shaved area.

35Silver Grey

Everyone is going crazy for this silver grey look and I can see why. It’s such a great tone for dark skin and even better with curls as each curl takes a slighter different colour.