40 Chic and Versatile Sew In Styles

sew in styles

Chic and Versatile Sew In Styles

One of the wonderful things about hair is that you do not need to have a certain length, texture, or thickness to achieve a particular style. The beauty and versatility of hair extensions, specifically sew-ins, allows you to possess the exact look you would like. You can change your hairstyle throughout the year to achieve a certain color, length, or cut. Sew-ins are the most popular extensions.
A sew-in weave is hair extensions sewn to your existing hair which is braided into a certain pattern. The hair extensions are then sewn to the braids. You are able to sew directly onto the braid or have a net put on and sewn through. It is recommended to leave some of your existing hair out on the sides, top, and front to have a realistic look.

1Sew In Bob

Sew in Bob hairstyles are so chic! Have a medium length bob sewn in to maintain a very natural look. The hair is cut asymmetrically while the bangs have a diagonal cut for the side sweep look.

2Pixie Cut

Wear one of the cutest styles ever as you don a pixie cut sew-in. Your face has a softer, more feminine look.

3Glamorous Side Part Sew in Weave

Look and feel like classic Hollywood glamour when you have a side part sewn in. Pair the hairstyle with diamond earrings and red lipstick to channel the beauties of old-school glam.

4Contrast Sew In Weave

For a look with contrast and dimension, bleach the crown of your sew-in blonde. The weave must be on perm rods or flex rods and dipped into boiling water. Unravel the weave and let it dry before sewing the hair in.

5Chinese Bangs Sew-In

Achieve stunning straight bangs that fall on your face uniformly. This particular style makes you look years younger as the bangs do not cover your face. The weave is fully sewn in for an accurate look.

6Long Curly Weave

Create curls and waves in your weave that are perfectly imperfect by using a large barrel curling iron. Next, separate the curls with your fingers and randomly brush a few pieces.

7Cranberry Sew In Bob

Spice up your usual hairdo with a cranberry color bob sew-in. With just the right amount of color added in, a professional yet bold look is achieved.

8Straight Sew-In with Layers

Asymmetrical, razored layers are paired with a deep side part for a modern cut of your tresses. Use a hair dryer to style the flat side downward with a flat brush. Use a round brush when drying out the fuller side.

9Mermaid Sew-In

Having voluminous mermaid hair with a green and blue ombré effect has been on the rise lately. Connect with your aquatic side as you embrace the style of mermaids.

10Kinky Curls

If you desire to have big hair, try a kinky curls sew-in. Large volumes of hair are sewn-in so you can accomplish a look reminiscent of decades focused on peace and harmony.

11Funky Partial Sew-In

A hip style can be achieved when you have different lengths added in your hair. Short hair on the side is cut around the ear and is an even length. Longer hair has gorgeous flowing layers.

12Gray Curly Weave

For an urban, chic style, have a gray curly weave sewn-in. Just the right amount of edge is accomplished with a unique hair color.

13Invisible Part Weave

A professional stylist needs to administer this weave as the invisible part needs to come out perfectly during the sew-in process. Once crafted, a beautiful look is accomplished.

14Short Sew In Bob

Turn heads when you have a short, classic, and simple sew in bob. A side part with lovely layers is a wonderful look and can be worn to any event.

15Blonde with Hues of Pink

Blend blonde hair with hues of pink for a creative look. A unique, modern style looks simply marvelous. Sew-ins are a great way to try a daring color.

16Long Straight Sew-In

Who doesn’t want to have long, straight hair that flows in the breeze? Take a walk outside confidently with your stunning locks flowing behind you.

17Vintage Inspired Sew-In

Blend amazing curls and waves at the top of your head for a delicate touch paired with a side fringe. Vintage clips and pearl earrings are glamorous additions to complete this look.

18Angled Cinnamon Weave Sew In Bob

An angled straight bob matched with a side part lets people know you mean business. A curled under part in the back perfectly blends with the straight pieces in the front. A warm cinnamon color goes wonderfully with dark skin.

19Creamy Chocolate Hair Sew-In

For a charming hairdo, try a creamy chocolate hair sew-in to match your beautiful smile. Ensure the sew-in does not go past your shoulders and add a little effect with a side fringe.

20Voluminous Curly Sew-In

A full head sew-in featuring long, black tresses creates a voluminous look that lets everyone know you have arrived. A deep side part, swoop bang, and mountains of curls will have jaws droppin’ everywhere you go.

21Frizzy Sew In Bob

Try a different look with a frizzy sew in bob. Have beautiful extensions sewn-in with frizzy curls. Be sure to purchase hair mousse to style your lovely curls.

22Golden Highlights Weave

Take a chance and try a new, vibrant hair color that allows you to represent your personality in a one of a kind style. Straight layered hair with arched bangs is a wonderful style to try if you want to move away from curls.

23Sew-In Ponytail

Having a beautiful, full ponytail bounce around as you walk with class just makes you feel like the lady you are. Sew-in extensions allow you to achieve a full, glamorous ponytail in various textures.

24Layered & Short Sew-In Hairstyle

If you’re looking for short sew in hairstyles, why not try out this look! A short hair sew-in can display a spirited look when cut short, sweet, and perfectly. Pair the short style with beautiful layers and you have yourself a look that others will long for.

25Curly Mohawk Up-do

When both sides of your hair are pulled up to the center and curly hair extensions are added on, an edgy style is achieved. The curls extend from the front of your head to the back. For extra flavor, dye the curls.

26Side Swept Red Wavy Sew-In

Having all of your hair swept to one side creates an appealing look, even with a full head sew-in. Long, burgundy hair is complemented throughout with luscious waves and perfectly sculpted bangs.

27Short Hair with Bangs

Have extensions sewed into your short hair and then trim your bangs to achieve a modern look. Highlight the lines of your face.

28Natural Looking Sew-Ins

Short or medium hair pairs well with a full head sew-in that looks natural. You are able to be fashionable and spend less time maintaining your lovely tresses.

29Deep Curly Hair

Kelly Rowland inspired this deep wave curly hairstyle and you are sure to enjoy your sew-in curls. Try this style if you have grown tired of sleek straight hair.

30Asymmetrical Bob Sew In

Combine an angled bob sew in that has lots of volume with a shaved temple to create an individual style. Geometric designs above the ear have a fresh vibe.

31Body Wave Sew-In

Simply breathtaking style can be achieved with the natural wave pattern of this sew-in. Versatility can be accomplished through beautiful curls or straight, smooth tresses.

32Long Caramel Sew-In

Warm shades, such as caramel, beautifully match long hairstyles for black women. Let your dark roots remain for a modern, hip look.

33Versatile Sew In Rainbow Hair

Colors have made a comeback in the styling industry and continue to be on the rise. Pair green and black hair with purple highlights for a perfect blend of colors. Originality never goes out of style.

34Wavy versatile sew in Balayage

Great texture can easily be achieved with a short and versatile sew in. A wavy balayage hairstyle has a bob length and tons of texture crafted with chunky waves.

35Short and Straight Lob Sew In

For a fabulous style, have this sew-in cut longer on one side to bring a softer look to your face. The cut of your hair should match the shape of your face to heighten all of your best features.

36Blonde Textured versatile Sew In

Full or partial sew-ins that simulate your natural hair texture are popular. Blonde, tight, and textured curls are versatile and realistic.

37Cute Bob Sew In

Achieve an easy, effortless appeal by having a short and cute sew in bob. Razored ends, a perfect silhouette, and blue highlights let you rock your unique style.

38Full Curly Sew-In

Go for tight curls to provide you with lots of volume and texture. The sew-in is almost all one length to provide fullness for this style.

39Razored Pink Sew In

Well-blended layers create gorgeous hairstyles. Razoring helps provide your cut with a flawless silhouette.

40Side Swept Bangs with Color

Make your style shine with blonde and brown coloring blended together. Side swept bangs make you feel beautiful all day.