How To Grow Edges Back



How To Get Your Edges to Grow Back

Have your edges started thinning over the years? The causes can be anything but one thing for sure you don’t have to be self-conscious about it anymore. That is, if you narrow down and eliminate the possible causes of your edges thinning in the first place, whether its protective styles, which are designed to give your hair a break from constant styling and manipulation, however when you are constantly putting aggressive strain on your hairline, you’re on the road to hair loss. If you are serious about getting your edges back, you should do your best to avoid using any YouTube and Instagram urban hair growth methods alone, like the Vicks VapoRub and Monistat 7, first off, they should never be used in that manner. Growing them back isn’t as fast, it takes consistent care, the right styling and maintenance, and patience, the last one is the key.

1Identifying Key Factors for Hair Loss #1

We have mentioned there are a number of reasons of why your edges may be thinning. The most common is heavy brushing, us as women want the sleekest looks, especially when it comes to our ponytails. But achieving those looks are doing your hair great harm. The use of gels with alcohol listed as an ingredient can be another factor, products containing alcohol, even a small amount, is actually doing your hair harm.

2Identifying Key Factors for Hair Loss #2

Women who choose to transition, and wear wigs a lot, and are not allowing their hair to breath and take a break properly are neglecting to give their edges moisture and oxygen, also the friction from the wigs, if its to big or too little can also snatch your edges and we are not talking about in a good way. Health issue, stress, and genetics can also play a part in it as well. Identifying the problem and help prevent further damage and put you on the road to regrowth.

3How to Grow Your Edges Back With Castor Oil? Part #1

Castor Oil is great in helpings to clear pores and moisturizing the scalp and keeping the hair soft. When applying castor oil, you will get the better results when you give the area applied a gentle scalp massage. Alternatively, you can use Jamaican Black Castor oil, which is the most widely known remedy for restoring hair loss in general, edges are no exception. It comes with different additives that you can choose from, but the original in our opinion works better.

4How to Grow Your Edges Back With Castor Oil? Part #2

Caring for your edges is as important as taking care of the rest of your hair. Without taking care of them you might lose them and life can pretty much get stressful, to say the least. With consistent everyday use, your edges will not only grow back but they will be fuller and stronger as well. Jamaican Black Castor Oil is found just about everywhere nowadays, at your local beauty supply store, local drug stores, department stores, and online. Be sure it says, Sunny Isle, if it doesn’t it’s not the real thing. The formula is naturally thick and should be applied to the affected area at least twice a day, with a gentle massage. You can start to notice results in as little as two weeks but everyone hair is different and will grow at their own rate. You should always give a product a month at minimum to test out to start seeing results.

5Are There Any Other Ways I Can Obtain Regrowth?

Of course, there are but castor oil, as mentioned, is widely known for its regrowth abilities, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any other products that will work just as great. We mentioned earlier to stay away from social media trends as they will have reverse effects on your hair, and instead of temporarily thinning hair, they may lead to permanent hair loss. Just remember there is no special products, techniques or methods that will keep your edges moisturized and produce regrowth, the same products used for your entire hair can be applied to your hairline. The best technique to follow should be to be gentle, avoid tugging, reframe from tight braids, weaves, and wigs. If you relax your hair, you may be more prone to hair thinning, from the chemicals and/or also if you have a sensitive scalp. Aloe Vera can provide your hair with moisture, but it won’t help with the regrowth portion your looking for.

6Natural Oils To Obtain Regrowth

If you prefer a more natural approach to re-growing your hair, no matter if you relax your hair or are a natural try these oils:

  • Peppermint Oil – this oil is becoming more popular over the years, you can add peppermint essential oil to any of your hair care products, and still reap the benefits of it. It will give your scalp a tingling, invigorating sensation that can help with blood circulation. Which will boost hair growth
  • Rosemary Oil – is also an essential oil that invigorates the scalp. This oil can also help maintain your natural hair color, prevent graying and reduce dry scalp.
  • Cedarwood Oil – is a proven essential oil that can stimulate hair growth, prevent hair loss and fight dandruff and itchy scalp issues.

7Other Oils You Can Use

  • Geranium Essential Oil – is an oil that nourishes, strengthens and protects your hair follicles. It may also give your hair a natural shine and help repair any damaged hair you may have.
  • Lavender Oil – if stress is your biggest factor, this may because of your hair loss. Lavender Oil can soothe irritations, dryness, and dandruff. In addition the scent is relaxing and with daily use, it can reduce stress and any tension.
  • Chamomile Oil – this oil can be very effective in improving the overall health of your hair. It has the ability to help add shine and softness, reduce inflammation.

8Making your own hair re-growth serum Part #1

Having a hair oil specifically designed to your liking and for your unique hair can go along way. Not many people want to be bothered with making their own but it’s a very simple process with huge benefits. We have covered above the go-to essential oils that can stimulate blood circulation and promote hair growth. Depending on your choice of oils you may need to make two different ones, but it all depends on the oils you use and the area you live in. If you live in an area where the climate changes you should have a winter hair regimen and a summer hair regimen. Adopting these two regimens can benefit your hair, in more ways than you know. During the winter time, the air will suck all the moisture from your strands to put into the air. So, you should use coconut oil when cold air hits it. During the summertime your oils will be lighter and can contain humectants to help hold moisture, the point of using lighter oils is when it’s humid out you don’t want to get build up from heavy oils clogging your pores. So browse around, and once you find the think you found something you grab your carrier oil and some essential oils and make your very own hair growth serum.

9Making your own hair re-growth serum Part #2

It is best to know how your hair will react to certain oils, this is best done using a patch test for a minimum of three weeks to see how it will work. Carrier oils you may try is Castor Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Jojoba oil, Almond Oil, Shea Butter or Coconut oil to just name a few The amount of essential oils varies depending on which you choose, you may also use essential oils for fragrance for your hair as well. Just after adding you’re your preferred essential oils that will help you retain hair growth, you can add a fragrance that pairs well with the scent already in the oil. Keep in mind a healthy, invigorated scalp generally has better blood circulation, which can lead to hair growth.

10Nighttime Maintenance

Along with identifying the problem, utilizing the right moisture methods and choosing the right styling options, adopting great nighttime maintenance can also aid in helping your edges. For bedtime, opt into grabbing your silk and satin scarves or a bonnet, they can protect your hair and also prolong your hairstyles. If you want, you can wrap your silk or satin scarf around your edges and place your bonnet over top. Do your best to avoid cotton sheets and pillowcases, they will suck all the moisture out of your hair, and the friction can leave your hair weak and prone to breakage. Also, be sure to oil your edges every night before bed and in the morning before you leave the house, especially if you’re laying your edges to hide the thinning.