25 High Top Fade Styles

High Top Fade Styles

25 High Top Fade Styles

Desiring a fresh, new look that conveys the stylish man you are? The high top fade haircut is one of the hippest cuts from past decades making a cool come back. From old school high tops with extra height to spikes that stand on end, this fade is all about versatility. Check out the coolest 25 high top fade styles reminiscent of the 80’s and 90’s.

1Designed High Top Fade

Incorporating designs just underneath the top of your high fade is a definite way to have a stand out style. Customize your own design or let your barber showcase all of your best features. Long, twisted locks add more height.

2High Top Taper Fade

Combine haircuts from days gone by with modern styles to create a unique cut just for you. Pair a classic high top fade with a neat fade for a fun and cool look.

3High Top Fade with Blonde Patches

Highlight your high top fade with blonde patches for a bold look. Blonde has been in this season, but you can choose vibrant colors such as purple or pink for your hair. For a daring look, go for the multi-color patchwork.

4Retro High Top Fade

A pompadour look can be crafted through a retro high top fade that is lower towards the back. Shape is the centerpiece of this cut that is perfect for dapper gentlemen.

5High Top with Stretched Hairline

Having a thick head of hair is a wonderful attribute to help you create a personalized look. Adding a shaved part to continue your hairline and section off the high top from the fade is a neat feature.

6Company Logo

Display your passion for sports with a design of your favorite sportswear etched into the back of your head just below your high top. Make your haircut all your own and craft a unique design to showcase your interests.

7Classic High Top Fade with Part

Exude confidence with a classic high top fade haircut with just a touch of modern additions. The hair is not polished all the way around to keep this cut from being too retro. A sharp part creates a contemporary look.

8Natural Top Fade

Your natural hair is perfect for high tops. Your hair’s texture provides the volume and length necessary for an awesome look when paired with faded sides. Regular cuts ensure the back is smooth and flawless.

9Textured High Top Fade

Grow your tresses out long to achieve the ultimate textured look. At night, craft your hair in two strand twists and let your tresses flow freely in the morning. Texture, volume, and depth; what more could you ask for?

10High Top Fade with Spikes

By spiking your hair on top, you are providing more versatility to your look. Edgy styles create a modern look and allow you to try new styling options. Wear this look to a concert or a night at the club.

11Old School Fading

Younger generations are embracing the old school fading techniques of the 80’s and 90’s. Thick tresses are excellent for sculpting this look. Add a modern touch with light facial hair shaving.

12High Flat Top Fade

Having a high flat top fade is trending these days. Create a cool look when your hair is faded on the top and has rounder shape. Adding a pop of vibrant color makes this style unique. Sculpted lines and edges complete this cut.

13Wavy High Top Fade

Adding a simple wavy line below your high top adds more dimension to this stylish look. Simple touches are enough to create an innovative haircut.

14Triangle High Top

A super high top fade paired with a gradient triangle cut at the nape is a fine example of retro 90’s style. Clean horizontal lines are a simple design with cool vibes.

15Curly High Top Fade

Curly hair is amazing when cut into a high top fade. Let your creativity radiate and combine different fade techniques for a haircut worn only by you. This haircut looks good on you.

16High Top Fade with Dreadlocks

A fashion trend in recent years is pairing a high top fade with short dreadlocks. Rock this unique style with awesome vintage clothing or a classy suit.

17Sculpted High Top

Craft your high top into an angled hairstyle to create a funky, hip look. Sculpting your high top into a specific shape creates a unique asymmetric style.

18Multi-Level High Top

Adding levels to your high top creates depth and dimension. A fresh, cool appearance for the man who desires to convey just how stylish he is.

19Lined High Top

Distinct, sharp lines are the centerpiece of this high top fade. Sculpted lines throughout your tresses and facial hair create a hip look. Wear this haircut to the office or late into the night at a dance club.

20Three Lines High Top

Original haircuts can be created with simple designs such as etching three lines at the front of your head. Grow your tresses out long to pay homage to the hip, funk masters of the 90’s.

21Patterned High Top

Shave a unique pattern below your high top and throughout the back of your hair. High tops are a great style for creating symbolized patterns.

22Braided High Top

For a one-of-a-kind haircut, braid your long tresses atop your head paired with a fade. The sides and back of your hair are still kept short, and you have a look all your own.

23Two-Level High Top

Create a two-step in your haircut with distinct leveling. Dance away to your favorite 90’s hip hop music. Carry a boom box for added effect.

24Two-Tone High Top

Having distinct colors in your high top creates a cool cut when paired with an awesome design. Platinum blonde paired with your dark tresses creates contrast throughout your haircut.

25The Original High Top

What is a high top fade haircut list without one of the original hip hop artists to don such a style? Pay tribute to the old school hip hop scene by styling your high top the original way.