Finger Coils on Natural Hair: Step By Step Guide

Reddish Brown Finger Coils

Finger Coils on Natural Hair

Finger coils are a great option for all natural hair types. As its name suggests, finger coils are created by using your finger to create beautiful, defined coils. This is a style that you can do on short hair or long hair and it’s easy to execute, making it a great option for those who have trouble mastering other styles such as flat twists, rod sets, or Bantu knots. Keep reading to learn how to create beautiful finger coils and explore 25 great finger coil styles for natural hair.

1How to Finger Coils| Prepping Your Hair For Finger Coils

For the best results, start on freshly washed and detangled hair. It’s very important that your hair is thoroughly detangled before you start because that will make the process much easier and faster. If you’re due for a trim, now’s a good time to do it; finger coils come out best when your ends are healthy. Start on wet or damp hair and keep a spray bottle of water handy in case your hair starts to dry during the finger coil process. Since you’re using your fingers, you don’t need many styling tools, though a rat tail comb is useful for parting and separating your hair. You’ll also want to use hair clips to keep the rest of your hair separated as you’re creating the coils.

2Creating Finger Coils on Natural Hair

It’s important to use a styling product that will moisturize your hair and provide some hold. A curl cream and/or styling gel works well for finger coils. You want to make sure your hair is saturated with product as you form the coils, just be careful not to use too much, as excess product can cause flaking and it will take your hair much longer to dry. Section your hair, apply your styling product, and twirl the hair around your index finger until you create a tight coil. It’s as easy as that! Just make sure you start at the roots and make your way down to the ends. Repeat until your entire head is done. You can make you coils as small or large as you like, but in general, the smaller the coils, the better the results.

3Styling Finger Coils

How you decide to style your finger coils is up to you: some people like to wear them as is while others like to separate the coils a bit for more volume. After you finish finger coiling your hair, allow your hair to dry completely. You can air dry, but sitting under a hooded dryer will speed up your drying time and may help your hair set a little better, giving you sleek, long-lasting results. If you decide to separate your coils, be sure that your hair is completely dry first. Add some oil to your fingertips and gently separate the coils, wrapping them around your fingers in the direction you styled them in as you go. For the best results, try not to separate the coils too much.

4Maintaining Finger Coils

It’s pretty easy to maintain finger coils and make them last for several days and it’s one of those styles that gets better as it ages. To maintain at bedtime, simply cover your head with a satin bonnet. If you have longer hair, you can use the pineapple method to preserve your finger coils. If your coils start to dry out after a few days, you can use a moisturizer to help revive them and/or redo any coils that have gotten frizzy or lost their shape. Keep reading for 25 beautiful finger coil styles for natural hair.

5Finger Coils TWA

Finger coils are a great option for a TWA (teeny weeny afro). This is a great way to define your curls and show off your beautiful cut.

6Finger Coils With Side Part

These gorgeous finger coils are styled with a side part. You can leave them as is, or separate them a bit for more volume. Either way, you can’t go wrong with this style.

7Finger Coils On Medium Length Hair

Finger coils are a great choice for medium length hair. They’re easy to maintain and you can leave them as is, or separate them after a few days for more volume if you want to switch up your look.

8Finger Coils With Glittery Bow

These gorgeous finger coils are embellished with a glittery bow. Adding hair accessories is a great way to give your styles a more customized look.

9Shoulder Length Finger Coils

Though they may take a little more time and patience, finger coils look great on long hair too. A truly versatile style, finger coils are timeless and beautiful.

10Finger Coils On a Tapered Cut

Finger coils look great on a classic tapered cut (a haircut that’s shorter in the back and along the sides). It’s also a great way to show off a little pop of color, like these subtle blue highlights.

11Reddish Blonde Finger Coils

These gorgeous finger coils are the perfect way to show off this beautiful reddish blonde hair color. Separate the coils a bit for a slightly fluffier, more voluminous look.

12Medium Sized Finger Coils With Head Wrap

These juicy, medium sized finger coils look great styled with a simple head wrap and large hoop earrings. Adding a head wrap, whether it be a colorful patterned wrap, a solid colored scarf, or a bandanna, is a great way to add a little flair to any style.

13Finger Coils on Short Natural Hair

These gorgeous, shiny finger coils are a stylish choice for any time of year. Play it up with a flawless makeup look and statement earrings.

14Juicy Finger Coils

The key to juicy finger coils like these is moisture, moisture, moisture! Finding the right styling product(s) to give your finger coils the most definition, hold, and hydration will give you great results.

15Finger Coils On Long Hair

This look proves that finger coils are a great style for natural hair of all lengths. To help preserve this style and make it last as long as possible, trying using the pineapple method and cover with a satin scarf at night.

16Ombre Finger Coils

Whether you decide to keep them intact or separate them for more volume, finger coils are a great way to show off ombre tips.

17Finger Coils With Flower Accessory

Adding a pretty flower accessory is a timeless way to embellish any style. It definitely adds a beautiful finishing touch to these flawless finger coils.

18Voluminous Finger Coils

To get beautiful, voluminous finger coils, divide your hair into larger sections before creating the coils. Make sure your hair is moisturized and thoroughly detangled for the best results.

19Finger Coil Out

These finger coils have been gently separated for a beautiful coil out that give this look more volume and movement.

20Small Blue Finger Coils

These tiny finger coils may take some time to create, but they’re worth the wait. The final results are absolutely gorgeous; this style also beautifully highlights this bold blue hue.

21Golden Brown Finger Coils

These pretty golden brown finger coils are styled with a simple side part, allowing them to frame your face naturally.

22Long Voluminous Finger Coils

Even though finger coils look great on short natural hair, don’t feel intimidated about trying them if you have long hair. They may take a little more time to create, but finger coils look amazing on long hair as well.

23Tight Honey Blonde Finger Coils

Tight finger coils look absolutely gorgeous on these honey blonde curls. The smaller and tighter you make your coils, the longer they’ll tend to last, especially if you use styling products with lots of hold.

24Finger Coil Out With Reddish Blonde Tips

These pretty finger coils are slightly separated and fluffed for a gorgeous coil out. This is the perfect style to show off these reddish blonde tips.

25Long Bouncy Finger Coils

These flawless finger coils have lots of volume and bounce. This is a great every day style but it’s perfect for special occasions as well.

26Half Pinned Up Finger Coils

Use a few bobby pins to pin up your finger coils along the sides to create a cute curly faux hawk. This is a great way to switch up your look and it only takes a few minutes to do.

27Elongated Finger Coils

To achieve slightly more elongated finger coils, coat your fingers in a lightweight oil once your coils are completely dry, then gently recoil them around your finger while pulling down slightly.

28Half Up Half Down Finger Coils

These juicy finger coils are arranged in a cute half up half down style. This is a great way to keep the hair in front out of your face and show off all those bouncy coils.

29Reddish Brown Finger Coils

These beautiful, bouncy finger coils are styled with a side part, giving the hair a gorgeous shape. Finger coils are a great way to show off this vibrant reddish brown hair color.

30Finger Coils on 4c Hair