40 Fade Haircuts for Black Men


Fade Haircuts for Black Men

To complete a picture perfect style, fade haircuts for men bring the extra fresh and clean appeal to any look. Characterized by a sophisticated finish where gradual hair length tapers off, an impressive hairstyle is achieved through skill and patience. Providing varying lengths for the hair top is one of the appeals of a fade.
Let the creativity within shine through your haircut. Patterned contours, cutting edge outlines, and shaped tops are only a few ways to design a fade haircut. However you choose to design your fade haircut, you are sure to be stylin’ in no time.

1Curly Afro Fade

To highlight your thick curls on top, the curly afro fade haircut is the exact style you need. Naturally curly hair is emphasized through a decent frame complete with perfect edges.

2Cool Temple Fade

For a classic meets contemporary look, go for the cool temple fade to provide a clean cut. Be sure to leave the back of your hair at a medium length to have a faux hawk effect.

3Shapely Fade

The shapely fade showcases the hair you grow out on top in a boxed-out shape. Combine this fade with a suit to exude class and confidence.

4Geometric Cut

By forming geometric shapes and laser sharp lines, the geometric cut is the ultimate modern look. Feel free to use artistic expression with either straight or thick, curly hair on top.

5Classic High Top Fade

Exuding strength and dignity, the classic high top fade complements any suit you wear. Hair is not polished all the way around and a sharp part gives this fade just the right amount of edge.

6Extra Short Fade

The extra short fade helps you stand out in a crowd by providing an extremely close cut to bring a quality of style. Formal events are an excellent place to wear the extra short fade.

7Triple Layer Fade

For a more dramatic look, go for a triple layer fade. Giving this fade its name, the top of the head is dark, the middle section is low but visible, and the nape is practically bald.

8Dreaded High Top Fade

Due to the sculptural nature of hair, the dreaded high fade haircut exudes a visionary style. Dreads provide various opportunities for creativity through hair coloring or up-dos.

9Accurate Fade Paired with Waves

Combine an accurate fade with waves on top for a noticeable short style that will have everyone’s head turning. Textured style along with contour lines make this fade one worth having.

10Traditional Line Up Fade

For a well-established style, the traditional line-up fade maintains a razored hair line in either a square or round shape. The actual hair length is kept to a minimum.

11Fade with Diagonal Lines on Top

Should you desire to achieve an intricate look, the fade with diagonal lines on top fits the bill. The top has diagonal striping cut into it. A shaved side part separates the top from the faded side.

12Polished Fade

Go ultra-chic with a polished fade containing pinpoint contours. To complete this look, be sure to have a flawless gradation of lines down the sides for a stunning finish.

13Dark Temp Fade

A dashing look, the dark temple fade allows the hair on top to grow in dark at ¼ of an inch. A gradual fade starts at the temples to become barely there sides.

14Buzz Fade

An extra short buzz fade matches perfectly with a clean cut facial hairstyle. More attention is put on the accuracy of contours for results that put you a cut above the rest.

15Simple Fade

For those who prefer a traditional look, the simple fade is the cut for you. The style is just like its name, neat and simple with a gradual reduction of length on the sides.

16Temp Fade Blending with Facial Hair

Take your fade a step further by having it blend into facial hair. A blurred effect on the temple area merging with your facial hair provides a touch of class.

17Textured Temple Fade

Enjoy the benefits of a textured temple fade with curves right about the ears. For more texture on top, make sure your hair is just over one-inch long.

18Coils on Top and Extra Short Sides

Jazz up your style with kinky coils on top and then bring the coolness of extra short sides in for a charming effect. While coils line the top, the hair on the back and sides is clipped close to your skin.

19Curly Top Fade

The curly top fade is a contemporary look featuring a progression of textures ranging from natural curls to bare skin. The hairline is blurred around the ears and at the nape of the neck.

20High Fade Haircut with Spikes

Variety is the spice of life and styling your high top fade with spikes will keep things interesting. Spike up the top hair with styling gel to have a completely new look.

21Abrupt Fade with Part

For a unique look, create a distinct part with an abrupt fade line. These two attributes help you stand out in a crowd and add character to your style.

22Fade plus Mohawk

Combine two individual styles for an original look with a fade and a Mohawk. Be a hairstyle trailblazer when blending texture and neatness.

23Bald Fade

A bald fade haircut is when your hair is cut extremely close to your head starting at the bottom of your hairline, halfway up to your crown. This is the perfect fade for those who wish to have a style with low maintenance.

24Side Part Skin Fade

Try a modern skin fade hair cut with a side part skin fade. Only the temples are slightly faded providing a contemporary look. A small, round afro sits up top with a chic side part.

25Designed High Top Fade

Be the creator of your own hairstyle by have a designed high top fade. Create a unique design to be incorporated below the top of your high fade haircut.

26Temp and Nape Fade

A curly fade allows you to have height and volume on top without the appearance of having long hair. This style is often done in a temple fade.

27Smooth and Wavy Fade

A distinct feature of this fade is the diagonal line that continues the hairline of the forehead. Updating the look are 360 waves that blend with the fade.

28Low Skin Fade

Stunning results come from having a low skin fade. A suave appearance is accomplished through the use of sharp lines around the edges.

29Extra High Top Fade

Kick it old school style with an extra high top fade. The extra height gives you a sense of coolness to match the length and personality of this cut.

30Curly Fade with Lines

This hairstyle is an undercut that fades going towards the side and nape hairline. For those who experiment with bleaching, this undercut is perfect for you.

31Wavy Fade

Break out as the next singing sensation with skillfully designed waves on top and hair that is shaved to the skin on the sides along with the back.

32High Skin Fade

Move fashion forward with a high skin fade haircut. A stronger, more intense look the fade begins high at the top of your head.

33Bleached Mohawk Fade

Dare to be bold with a bleached Mohawk fade. Just comb through your hair and continue to condition it to keep your hair up. Bleached ends add an exciting aspect to this hairstyle.

34Short High Top Fade

One of the best haircuts for black men is the short high top fade. Low maintenance is a staple of this particular style. To keep the clean cut, visit your barber twice a month.

35Low Medium Bald Fade

For those who prefer a more conservative look, the low medium bald fade is an excellent choice. A faded cut is balanced with a crisp part. Coiffed hair on the top provides a sophisticated vibe.

36Faux Hawk with Side Fade

Be anything but ordinary when you have a Mohawk fade mirrored by a facial hairstyle. Exceptional designs are cut into the nape as opposed to traditional side designs.

37Just the Corners

For an individualized look, have a short afro hairstyle where a traditional fade is not necessarily needed. Only shear off the corners for a fine distinction.

38Low Fade Partial

Who says fades have to be symmetrical? Try an off-center shave or an intricate design that moves along with your beard line.

39Artsy Fade

For an impressive haircut, the artsy fade shows off a curly top and cool dividers on the side. This style is not a complete fade, but the signature line reduction is apparent.

40Fade with a Natural Twist

Fade your natural hair low to achieve various thinning regions on the sides. An easygoing, fun style makes your day more enjoyable.