40 Awesome Dreadlock Styles for Men And Why We Love Them


Dreadlock Styles for Men

One particular hairstyle that comes in many fashions to allow men to express their personality and unique qualities is the dreadlock cut. The intricate detailing involved in creating dreadlocks is remarkable. People are often intrigued by the natural beauty within these luscious tresses that help you stand out in a crowd.
Styling possibilities for dreadlocks are endless from extra-long to super short, you can establish a hairstyle all your own. Deep within these locks of hair are the ability to inspire and bring out positive vibes wherever you go. Whether you are just starting to wear dreads or have worn them for years, you are sure to craft a style to match who you are. Check out this list of trendy dreadlocks styles for guys.

1Classic Dreadlocks Style

Thick, classic dreadlocks are a staple throughout the world of fashion. These dreads do not need any extra frills and are able to hang freely with a subtle middle part.

2Ponytail and Beard Dreadlocks

Pulling your dreads back in a ponytail and pairing them with a beard is a wonderful combination. Quality styling products ensure a flawless look is achieved.

3Dreadlocked Mohawk

When you pair a Mohawk with dreads, an individualized look is created. Let your creative juices flow as you wear a new style.

4The Braided Dreadlocks Style

Showcase an innovative style where your scalp is braided with a dreadlock design. This is a noteworthy cut because of where the dreads are formed.

5Long Dreadlocks Style

Dreadlocks are known for being slightly untamed, but also establishing a sense of order through a unique design. A part with a low, long ponytail accomplishes a serene, orderly fashion.

6Small Short Dreadlocks

When wearing shorter dreadlocks style, be sure to choose a style with original dreads that are easily maintained. These particular dreads are among the trendiest locks around.

7Two-Tone Ombre Dreadlocks

Adding a little bit of color to your dreadlocks can provide you with a whole new look. Two-tone designs bring a modern, edgy vibe to a relaxed style.

8Short and Twist Dreadlocks

As this style is crafted with precision, a well-groomed, clean look is established. The twists in your hair are made to perfection for an accurate cut.

9Jumbo Dreadlock Braid Style

The jumbo braid paired with dreadlocks is a convenient style and gives you the just got of bed in the morning look. The length and size of the dreads sets you apart from all the rest.

10Dreads with Beads and Rings

By adding accessories to your dreads such as beads and rings, you can enhance a traditional look. Barbers who lead the hair industry have quickly fashioned this to be one of the latest styles.

11Labyrinth Dreadlocks Style

The labyrinth dreadlocks are one of the most detailed and complex hairstyles crafted. It is essential for this look to be created with care and accuracy. Once complete, this style is easy to maintain and works well for professional and casual events.

12Lil Wayne Dreadlocks

To let out your inner rap star, try the Lil Wayne dreadlocks. A truly unique style, different types of hair can be dreadlocked. Each section of hair is bound with rubber bands.

13A Touch of Color On Dreads

Bold hues do not have to be in dreadlocks for color to help them be distinct. Add a ribbon or scarf into your dreadlocks to have a different look. A fun, new appearance is achieved through a simple means.

14Rastafarian Dreadlocks

Be inspired by Bob Marley’s music as well as his Rastafarian dreadlocks. Hair grows naturally on its own to form dreadlocks. The Rastafarian hairstyle demonstrates faith and one’s beliefs.

15Dreadlocks in a Bun

Blend a dreaded bun with an undercut and a modern stamp is placed on a traditional style. To help your up-do stand out, create a giant bun with undercut edges.

16Semi-Formal Dreads Style

When attending formal or semi-formal events, this is a classy, sophisticated dreadlock style. A bandana is used to pull back the dreads. You can even have two long dreads form a bun at the bottom.

17Dreadlock Chic

A classic “half-up, half-down” look provides an ultra-chic look to any outfit you wear. Whether you have long, thin dreads or short, thick dreads, everyone enjoys this dreadlocks style.

18Medium Dreadlocks

Bring a little bit of softness to your look with medium dreads styled to perfection. Medium dreadlocks can be created with thin or coarse hair. Locks need to be washed at least two times a week.

19Braided Mohawk with Twists and Dreadlocks

For a dreadlock style with intricate, edgy designs, the braided Mohawk with twists and dreadlocks is a match. Both sides are carefully braided and laced with twists. The two braided sections form a ponytail at the nape.

20Freestyle Short Dreadlocks

Are you looking for low-maintenance dreadlocks styles for inspiration? Why not go for short dreads? Even if you have short hair, you can still fashion your hair into beautiful dreadlocks. Small dreads have a hip, cool vibe going on. Low maintenance is a plus with this hairstyle.

21Messy Up-Do Dreadlocks

Everyone loves a messy up-do and when you style your dreads this way, a relaxed vibe is given off. Just create an undone bun and do your best not to style it any particular way.

22Long and Curly Dreadlocks

Let your natural long and curly dreadlocks flow freely down your back as you move forward with your day. This style can be paired with a suit or worn while you spend a day at the beach.

23Blonde Dreadlocks Style

While black and brown dreadlocks are the most popular, you can jazz up your hairdo with blonde dreadlocks. Platinum blonde locks are an even bolder look.

24Customized Ponytail

A customized ponytail with a distinct design allows you to express your personality through your hairstyle. Dreadlocks are the perfect way to let your creativity shine.

25Short and Simple Dreadlocks

For a fun hairstyle that creates a lot of movement, short and simple dreadlocks are the way to go. These dreadlocks do not need braiding, pinning, or to be gathered in a ponytail.

26Natural Dreadlocks

Have natural dreadlocks showcase the glory of your hair throughout the day. Wear this style to the office and then out for a night on the town.

27Twisted Faux Hawk Dreadlocks

Create an interesting look that combines the half-shaved short style with dreadlocks on top. Twisting these short dreads adds extra texture and thickness to your hairdo.

28Long Wavy Dreadlocks

Long, beautiful hair can be yours as you style it in long, wavy dreadlocks. Create a look of sophistication and dignity when paired with a suit and tie.

29Bohemian Rhapsody Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks have the ability to unite people from different cultures, demographics, and hair textures. The Bohemian Rhapsody style will be unique depending on each individual’s hair texture.

30Wrapped Auburn Ponytail

For those who desire to add color to your dreads, auburn has a fiery hue that creates a notable look. Pair color with a wrapped ponytail and you will be stylin’.

31Dreadlocked Rows

Wear your hair in a fancy, yet simple style that is easily maintained. This hairdo does not take long to create and goes with any length, size, or texture of dreadlocks.

32Basket Weave Dreadlocks

An elaborate design is crafted through the popular basket weave technique. Having this style completed does take a lot of time, however, the finished product is beautifully intricate and astounding.

33Neat Skinny Dreadlocks

A fresh look is accomplished when your hair is worn in skinny dreadlocks. Your dreads are more manageable. For a complete look, pair your locks with a clean cut beard.

34Side-Swept Dreadlocks

If you decide on a simple dreaded hairstyle, try the side-swept fashion. Simply sweep all of your dreads to one side of your head. Skinny locks work well with this look.

35Criss Cross Dreadlocks

There is always a dreadlock style you can wear even if you have a small amount of dreads. This look will help anyone who wants a nontrivial dread style.

36Ombré Dreadlocks

Ombré hairstyles continue to move the world of color techniques forward and dreadlocks are a wonderful way to highlight different shades. The ombré effect adds a little pizzazz to your dreads.

37Bandana Dreadlocks

One of the best accessories to add to your dreadlocks is a bandana. Various colors, patterns, and shapes are on bandanas so this is great way to spice up your look.

38Low Ponytail

Wearing your dreads in a professional way still allows you to have a creative fashion. Working in a conservative setting is a great place to wear a simple, understated style.

39Golden Dreadlock Crown

The epitome of creative integrity, the golden dreadlock crown is a difficult style to create. However, the style of innovation achieved through this look is unique. Adding color is just icing on the cake.

40Twisted Bun Dreadlocks

The low twisted bun dreadlock hairstyle is quite popular among men. The sides of your dreads are twisted back and the back is twisted upwards. The three sections form a bun and are secured together.