Drake Haircut Guide

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Drake Haircut Guide

Drake has a polished, urban style many would like to emulate. A hip haircut only adds to Drake’s sense of style and fashion. Over the years, Drake has donned a short Afro, a line up cut, and various fade styles. Check out the latest Drake haircut and learn how you can achieve a debonair ‘do. You will be stylin’ like Drake in no time.

1What Kind of Haircut Does Drake Have?

Drake’s latest haircut is a beard and skin fade ‘do. A debonair style is conveyed when facial hair is incorporated with his haircut. In his newest cut, Drake has a thicker, fuller beard which fades at the temple, along with his hair. A skin fade at the temple is a sharp, sophisticated look. The hair on top is longer, and a razor part is etched at the front. The razor part adds just enough edge to Drake’s cut for an urban vibe. Drake’s beard and skin fade ‘do is a classy, hip look. As Drake puts on a suit and tie, a dapper style is conveyed.

2The Type of Haircut to Ask For

As you visit the barber, here are some stylin’ tips you can ask for to achieve the Drake haircut. Drake has a beard and skin fade haircut. The simplicity of Drake’s fade cut creates a handsome look. Ask your barber for a heavy gradient skin fade cut. In this haircut, the hair gradually transitions from dark or thick to a slightly tapered cut. This ‘do is simple and requires little maintenance. Be sure to ask for a razor part etched at the front of your hair. The razor part is a growing trend in haircuts. Add a deep razor part to your ‘do for an edgy, fresh vibe. As you emulate Drake’s cut, you will be the epitome of a dapper gentleman.

3The Type of Beard Style to Ask For

Drake’s ‘do includes a suave beard style. The beard takes center stage in Drake’s latest cut. A tight, full beard is the sign of luxurious facial hair. The lines of your facial hair need to be neat, sharp, and clean. Grow a thick, full beard in four weeks. After your facial hair has grown long enough to shape, you can emulate Drake’s style. Discuss with your barber about the best trimmer setting to style your facial hair. A trimmer on a 2-3 mm setting would work nicely to shape your beard. Drake has created a beard style to inspire men to ask for a cut that combines their facial hair.

4Drake’s Line Up Haircut

In the past, Drake’s cuts have been sleek and stylish. Drake has had a line up haircut with clean, neat edges. His line up ‘do can be identified by the sharp, razor edges of his hair. Clippers with a particularly short guard size or a straight razor creates this exceptionally defined look. A cool ‘do resulting in a tidy, geometric look that focuses on the lines is achieved. The lines are noticeable at the temples as hair extends out from the hairline to create 90 degree angles. Drake’s line up haircut is modern with a touch of class.

5Drake’s Curly Afro

The most well-known hairstyle that Drake donned was the short Afro. Drake’s curly Afro has been one of his classic looks over the years. As Drake’s hair grows out, a short, curly Afro forms. Drake’s naturally curly mane requires little maintenance. Uniform layers are cut throughout the Afro to achieve a well-balanced look. A line up cut at the hairline is combined with the curly Afro. Through each haircut, Drake has incorporated his facial hair. When Drake donned a curly Afro, his beard was closely shaved.