Curly Quick Weave

What is a quick weave?

Quick Weave Curly Hair

If you’re like us, we love having curly natural hair, it’s absolutely amazing. But, during the winter time, or anytime, it can become a drag, especially if you lead an active lifestyle. Well what if we tell you that you can put your hair in some braids, depending on the length, and perform a quick weave, and not just any quick weave a curly one. Just so you don’t have to go around with a head full of beautiful curls, even if it’s not all completely yours.

1What is a quick weave?

Similar to that of any long weaves, curly quick weaves can give you a luscious curly mane without you having to worry too much about environmental damage, daily refreshing and nighttime maintenance can be a breeze depending on your preferred quick weave method. Despite not having to worry too much about nighttime maintenance you still need to take care of your weave, especially depending on the hair type you choose, a curly quick weave can last up to 1- 3 weeks. Yes, there is more than one way to get a stylish quick weave, some even allow your natural hair the space and room for proper care, maintenance, and oxygen.

2Curly Quick Weave Maintenance

You may secure your quick weave similar to how you would secure a u-part wig. Allowing you to remove it for weekly hair maintenance, just because your hair is covered you still need to care for it like normal. You may even opt to co-wash your natural hair, with the braids in during the first week. Just being sure your hair is completely dry before re-installation and that you have set aside time for your next wash day to properly take your weave and natural hair down and care for it. And if you prefer to really get in there a treat your hair you may, just be sure before re-braiding it, you prime and prep correctly and you never install weave or any protective styling on your head while its wet.

3Quick Weave – More Benefits

Another benefit to a curly quick weave is that you don’t have to have left out. But, for a more natural looking outcome and hairline, you may leave a small amount of your hair to blend. And since we are talking about a curly quick weave you don’t have to fret about heat damage. There will be no heat needed, to properly blend your leave out and weave. You may purchase hair that matches as close as possible to your own natural curl pattern and texture, for an even more natural feel and looks.
Also, you don’t have to get the same length as your own hair, but as we know that you know, that one is a no brainer. So, all of my TWA ladies who want something more or my ladies that have long hair and want something shorter without having to cut their hair, don’t fret this style is for everyone. You may purchase a premade quick weave, online or get it from your local beauty supply store.

4How to Install A Curly Weave Part #1

  • Let’s begin on freshly washed hair, following your prep and prime routine to be sure your hair is properly moisturized.
  • Being sure your hair is completely and thoroughly dry before molding your hair or braiding your hair up, this truly depends on the length of your hair. If your hair is short, from the mid-neck length and up, you can mold your hair without braiding it. Y
  • ou can perform a wrap or just slick your hair down, pulling it into a ponytail, and the hair back up the head. Being sure everything is flat and smooth. It is best to purchase the appropriate molding products, you may also use the Ampro Styling Gel.
  • We do not recommend applying hair bonding glue directly to your head, there are a few more steps. Applying glue directly to your hair, even with the mold you may end up pulling your hair out, if you do however apply or get glue onto your hair, when it’s time to take your weave out be sure to use olive oil, to help with the removal of the glue and use a really good conditioner to help thoroughly remove all the glue out of your head.
  • You may also, apply oil to your hair as well, if you have any glue still in your hair. If your hair is longer you may braid it straight back and fold the ends up. You may either sew them down or use hair pins, we actually recommend sewing them down as hair pins can cause damage to your scalp.

5How to Install A Curly Weave – Part #2

  • Once your hair is molded and is dry, no matter the length, place either a paper towel or saran wrap on your hair.
  • Then place a stocking cap on your head. Pulling it down past the nape of your neck, over your ears and in the middle of your forehead. You can place more molding on top, but it will not be needed.
  • Now you are ready to actually start doing a quick weave. The same procedure goes for either long or short curly hair, just remember when you’re doing a short quick weave you will place the shorter pieces in the back and the longer pieces in the front. And with the longer quick weaves, you will place the longer pieces in the back and shorter pieces in the front. That rule applies to all weaves no matter which style or texture you’re going for.

6More Steps

  • Using your hair bonding glue, place the glue on the weft of the hair only, being sure to be extra careful not to get any on the hair itself. Place the starting point of the hair where the glue begins and the corner of the nape of your neck, it should be directly on the perimeter of the hair.
  • Going from one side of the neck, you do not need to cut the hair each time, this will prevent any shedding and a much faster process. If you want a fuller look, you will place everything one finger width apart if not place the next piece two finger widths apart, just place your finger at the top of the previous weft and on the other side is where the next one will be placed.
  • Continue this process up toward the crown of your head, being sure to stay within the perimeter of your natural hairline, the extra stocking cap will be cut off at the end. If you’re going for a glorious curly quick weave that will mimic the look of your own natural hair, you will start gluing everything around in a circular motion.
  • By the end you will have a small patch remain, you use a circular closure or keep going around until its completely sealed. By doing this you will end up with hair in your face, so, take a pair of hair scissors, and gently pull the hair down to elongate it. it’s best to cut curly weave when it’s elongated.
  • Depending on how short you want the front you will cut, we normally cut small portions from the bottom, releasing the hair each time, to check for desire length. No one wants to mess up on the front even though you can probably fix it, its called a quick weave and it’s less work then doing a regular weave, so let’s not add additional work to the plate.
  • Once you have styled everything to your liking, you may go around and cut the exposed stocking cap out, if you placed a paper towel on your head you may remove it by gently pulling it out. The paper towel is in place to eliminate as much glue on your hair as possible.
  • No matter if you chose to use a paper towel or saran wrap, doing this method you will not be able to treat your hair, and your style should be limited to 1-2 weeks max. Since your hair completely covered and will not be getting any oxygen.

7Premade Method

A premade quick weave is basically a curly wig, but we truly prefer this method, as it allows our natural hair to breathe. And after a long day in the office we can come home and snatch it off and relax. Most premade wigs comes with clips an combs attach, making it easier for installation, but if you prefer a much secure hold or don’t feel the need to snatch your own wig at the end of the day you may sew the perimeter down. This option is also good, despite using either methods to secure, you will still be able to properly moisturize your hair daily.

8Quick Curly Weave Nighttime Maintenance

Nighttime maintenance is a breeze, no matter if the hair is synthetic or human, all you have to do is pineapple your hair and place a bonnet on. Being sure to spray it lightly with water in the morning and giving it a good little shake to re-fluff.

9Long and Short Curly Quick Weave Styles

Super short cut with sof curls and bangs.

10Long curls

Super long curly style with side swept bangs.

11Curly pixie quick weave

Red and curly pixie cut falling to one side.

12Short quick weave and highlights

Short curly weave with blonde and brown highlights.

13Curly quick weave bob

Stunning curly bob weave with big wide curls.

14blonde wavy quick weave

Blonde medium length wavy quick weave.