Big Chop Hairstyles

Curly TWA Hairstyle

35 Amazing Big Chop Hairstyles


Are you planning to shave your hair? Or you have already taken the bold step? A big chop should not scare you but is an awesome way to embrace your natural hair journey. Today, there are awesome big chop hairstyles that you can rock and look even dapper than before.  You can never go wrong with short hairstyles because they are always trendy. A big chop is sexy, fierce, easy to maintain and fun. Your natural hair journey should not be a nightmare but you should be ready to rock your chop in a confident way. Here are 35 awesome big chop styles to consider for as you next look.

1Dope Cut Hairstyle

This type of hairstyle involves shaving the sides of your head. Just make sure you use a professional barber to give you a dope cut. You can choose any pattern you want depending on your personal taste.

2Blonde Hairstyle

Dying your short natural hair blonde is an awesome way to wear it. Blonde is a good color on black women and complements the skin color.

3Natural Mohawk Hairstyle

The Mohawk hairstyle is here to stay and you can rock it as big chop hairstyle. This hairstyle is a brave one but you can pull it off.

4Rope Twist Mohawk Hairstyle

With this hairstyle, you shave the sides of your head and plait twist braids on the remaining hair. Box braids is also a good option.

5Short Natural Tampered Cut Hairstyle

How short are you willing to go? With a tampered cut you wouldn’t need to keep styling your hair but give it time to grow. This is a hairstyle worth trying – very fashionable.

6Teeny Weeny Afro (TWA) Hairstyle

TWA is obviously a cool look to rock. This hairstyle takes the shortest time to style and maintain. After your big chop, this is definitely a must try.

7Fade Mohawk Hairstyle

If you don’t want to get a deep Mohawk, this is the style for you. This hairstyle is an undercut with a larger faded Mohawk on the top, but the undercut design is upgraded and shaved to give an illusion of something new and exciting. Regular trimming is recommended to keep the look.

8Simple Natural Hairstyle

This is a simple wash and go hairstyle. It might seem simple but it’s really fashionable.

9Adorable Natural Hairstyle

After you have washed you hair, try simple styling ideas and techniques. Try to twist your hair a bit and curl it out with your fingers before it dries up.

10Simple Braid out Natural Hairstyle

This is an easy hairstyle to pull off. Wash your hair and braid it before the hair dries. Afterwards, undo the braids and separate them into long medium strands.

11Natural Side Part Pixie Hairstyle

With this hairstyle you just part your natural hair- one side should be bigger than the other one. It’s a simple natural with a simple side part.

12Natural Neat Afro Hairstyle

If your hair is not too short, you can wear an afro. Wash and style your hair into a neat afro. You can never go wrong with an afro.

13Natural Hairstyle with Color

If you are tired of your natural hair color, this is the style for you. Dye your hair with the color you want. If you love bright colors do not be afraid to experiment. Remember to use the right oil combination to maintain your hair health. Colored hair requires maintenance because it dries out too much. So, be committed to your oil treatment and avoid too much heat.

14Finger Coil out Fauxhawk Hairstyle

If your hair is not too short you can go for this style.  All you need is some gel and your fingers to coil the hair. Once it the gel has dried, the curls are well defined and very stylish. This hairstyle can last for three weeks with minimal maintenance.

15Big Chop Shaved Haircut

This is a courageous and bold look that everyone starts within their natural hair journey. You get to give your scalp a chance to breathe and hair grows with time. With this hairstyle, you don’t need to deal with frizzy and dry hair.

16Puff Puff Natural Hairstyle

This an awesome hairstyle if your hair is not short. You need small hairbands to section your hair into small puffs.

17Afro Puff Natural Hairstyle

You can pull this hairstyle on your short natural hairstyle. You need gel and an afro fake ban. Use the gel to bring your hair together and clip in the afro ban puff.

18Quick Braided Ponytail Natural Hairstyle

Who said you can’t rock a ponytail on your natural short hair. You need a clip in ponytail or a long braid and gel to bring your hair together.

19Sleek Faux Bun Natural Hairstyle

This is an awesome hairstyle to rock on your natural short hair. Apply enough gel on your hair and comb it thoroughly to bring it together, then clip in a faux afro bun.

20Half Faux Hawk on Short Natural Hair

Another awesome hairstyle to wear on your natural short hair. Comb your hair well applying enough gel and water until you hold it together. Once it has dried clip in natural braids such as Marley braids and style accordingly.

21Bantu Knots Natural Hairstyle

Bantu knot are a classic in the natural hair community. It’s an easy protective hairstyle and stylish.

22Hakuna Matata Hairstyle 

This cute hairstyle is a must try after your big chop. You need to use gel to bring your hair together and clip in faux natural braids. Style and moisturize as desired for a neat unbelievable updo style.

23Short Natural Hairstyle with a Side Part

Your short natural hair should not discourage you from trying this hairstyle. All you need is to part your hair on the side.

24Short Grey Curls Hairstyle

If you are planning for the big chop, don’t be afraid of trying out the grey color. Most naturals have rocked this hairstyle and love it. Remember to define your natural curls with your favorite products. This style is chic, modern and fun.

25Super Short Bald Natural Hairstyle

Don’t shy away from channeling your inner Amber Rose with this shaven clean hairstyle. There is nothing as sexy as a black woman rocking this hairstyle. 

26Fluffy and full TWA Natural Hairstyle

Yes, you can wear a fluffy and full teeny weeny afro. A fluffy TWA is one of the favorite hairstyles for many naturals when the hair begins to grow.

27Mini Mohawk with side part

You don’t need long hair to pull a Mohawk. You can style your short natural hair to create a mini Mohawk.

28Pixie Updo Natural Hair

This hairstyle is not only fashionable but very trendy. Give your head a shaping to create a gorgeous pixie updo shape without the actual updo.

29Classic TWA Haircut

A classic TWA is sassy and sexy- it never goes out of style. Try to dress up your TWA or you can leave it simple to show your gorgeous face.

30Kinky Afro Hairstyle

Teeny Weeny afro is a great way to grow out your hair. This is a wash and go hairstyle with minimal upkeep.

31Thin Bob Braids 

Still looking for a hairstyle for your short natural hair? Go ahead and put bob braids. This braids are normally shaped and trimmed. This hairstyle is chic, sophisticated and has been trending for the longest time. Bob braids gives you the privilege to get creative with them and leave people turning their heads.

32Curly TWA Hairstyle

This is one of the best TWA hairstyle to wear for you big chop. You will need a curl sponge to style your natural hair (move the sponge in a circular motion). The sponge does an amazing job defining your natural curls.

33Sort Box Braid Hairstyle

Box braids are not only fashionable but an awesome protective style for short natural hair. All you need is some braids extension to fix to your natural hair. You can choose either box braids or twist braids as your style.  Once your braids are fixed, learn several ways to style them to give you a gorgeous look.

34Simple Cornrows Hairstyle

Cornrow braid hairstyles have been around for many years and some of the best protective styles among women of color. Simple cornrows offers a fun way to wear your natural hair and gives you an opportunity to grow it out. Cornrows come in various thickness, it’s up to you to choose what fits your personal taste.

35Braid-Out on Tapered Natural Hair

If you have a tapered cut on your natural hair, this is an awesome hairstyle to try out. You need to braid out your short hair. Remember two thoroughly moisturize and seal the braided section. Once the braids have dried, undo them, style and shape as desired.