40 Afro Hairstyles

afro hairstyles

40 Afro Hairstyles

Let your natural, beautiful hair grow into an Afro of spectacular proportions. The Afro has long been a statement of natural textured hair. Kinky locks can be sculpted into a cute, stylish hairdo with time and patience. Whether you have short, medium, or long tresses, there is an Afro hairstyle that is just right for you. A basic style can be enhanced through color, braids, or curls to provide a touch of flare and personality.

Combine an Afro hairstyle with modern fashions to be a trendsetter. Braids, up-dos, and twists can enhance the style of your Afro. Simple accessories such as scarves can turn an Afro into one of the best hair designs there is. Whether your hair is naturally curly or straight, you can take steps to crafting an Afro to express your inner beauty.

1How to Take Care of Afro Hair

Afro hair has the tendency to become dry, coarse, and damaged, which is why shampooing your hair once a week is recommended. Select a shampoo that has plenty of moisture elements to ensure hair is hydrated. Condition your hair after shampooing with a moisturized conditioner designed for thick, curly hair. A leave-in conditioner works wonders for your tresses. Use a hair pick to carefully comb through your natural hair. Take care of the ends of your hair with a protective hairstyle. Use an oil treatment as you see fit to keep hair soft, silky, and shiny.

2Short Afro Style

One of the most popular Afro styles is a short cut with your natural hair growing free. A wonderful cloud of hair sits atop your head and a carefree vibe is given off.

3Afro Bob Hairstyle

Bob cuts are ultra-chic and provide a sense of sophistication. You can even style your hair in an Afro bob that is suitable for the office or a night out with your friends.

4Side-Parted Medium Length

A bright and bold look is established with a simple, natural hairstyle. Asymmetry is the trend these days and the distinct side part creates this look. A unique, big hairstyle is achieved.

5Afro American Frohawk

Spruce up your hairdo with a style that is as unique as you are. The Afro Frohawk provides a chic alternative to the full on Mohawk. A fashionable edge is conveyed through your tresses.

6Thick Afro

A head full of thick, luscious locks is a sure sign of the glory of an Afro. A spirited style of beauty and elegance resounds from your tresses.

7Cute Afro

A cute, short Afro looks charming when paired with a cocktail dress as you attend different events. Let your natural beauty shine as you dare to be you.

8Ombré Afro

By adding color to your curls, you can achieve a fashion forward look while bringing new life to your tresses. Different hues can convey various types of styles.

9A-Line Afro

Solange Knowles

A simple, A-line style Afro can speak volumes as you move throughout your day. You do not have to be a celebrity to wear lovely, long, and natural hairstyles. This style fits anyone’s budget.

10Healthy Afro

For a hairstyle that requires little maintenance, this healthy, cute Afro is trimmed to perfection. Take care of your beautiful curls for an appealing style that lasts.

11Front Bun Afro

If you wish to try a unique look, wear a front bun Afro. This lovely style is an elegant up-do for natural hair and can be worn for any occasion.

12Curly Afro

Rock a new style that is great for most hair textures. Wash-and-go is a neat style that lets your naturally curly hair showcase its best fashion.

13Super High Afro Puff Up-Do

This Afro puff flatters those with round faces and can be worn as an evening or casual hairdo. Ideal sleekness is achieved off the line of hair growth.

14Simple Afro

One of the simplest Afros to maintain is when the sides are cut short and the length is on top. You can try various lengths or colors to create a style all your own.

15Ultra-Short Afro with Shaved Side Part

To be able to wear ultra-short curly Afros, an ideal head shape along with expressive facial features are required. A trendy side part only adds to the uniqueness of this style.

16Brown and Caramel Afro

When you add color to your Afro, a different style is achieved. Shorter hairstyles are easier to maintain and you can experiment with different colors more often.

17Medium Length Layered Curls

Voluminous curls need a great silhouette to look their best and a layered haircut does the job. Wear this style for a professional, business look or at your next family gathering.

18High Bun Afro

For a look that has a lot of spunk and cuteness, the high bun Afro is a bold fashion. The best type of hair for this bun is thick, curly textured tresses.

19Crazy Kinks

Bring an urban sharpness to your look by letting your kinks get a little crazy. Kinks that are vibrant in color and texture showcase your personality.

20Two Tone Afro

By adding a splash of color to your Afro, you can have a fun and exciting time styling. A cute shade of blonde always creates a hip new look.

21Short Textured Curls

One of the best characteristics of a short haircut is its ability to make you look years younger. Style your short hairdo into beautiful, fluffy curls and you are sure to have heads turning.

22Afro Twists

If you are tired of the normal wash and go, try designing twists along your hairline. An incredibly sweet look will fit any texture or length of hair. This is a neat way to spice up your Afro.

23Mohawk with Shaved Partings

Short hair makes it harder to have an edgy, fresh look. Two shaved parts combined with a Mohawk on top are able to achieve the edginess that you desire.

24Afro with a Scarf

Should you sleep past your alarm in the morning, get creative with your hairstyle and tie a scarf around your beautiful Afro. There are many fashion forward looks that you can create with a scarf or wrap.

25Side-Swept Afro

Freely hanging curls are both simple and sophisticated. A side-swept Afro of natural curls can express charm and elegance through simple means.

26Fauxhawk Afro

Innovative ways to style your coils are plentiful. Use delicate combs to pin the sides of your Afro to create a fauxhawk effect. Metal combs add just a little pizzazz.

27Long Bouncy Spirals

When your natural tresses have defined curls, a compact style with gorgeous volume is showcased. Add a side part to give the look just the touch of modernism it needs for today.

28Curls Up

Have your coils tapered to achieve a perfect shape and then styled up for an impressive display of classy stylin’. Let some of your coily strands remain fluffy while other strands are sophisticatedly textured.

29Asymmetric Long Curls

Natural curls help you feel confident and beautiful all day long. An asymmetric hairstyle paired with long curls flowing freely is an amazing look.

30Wavy Afro

Soft waves are no longer a style of the past. Now a modern day fashion, waves provide your hair with more body and length. Enjoy a classy night out on the town.

31Curly Up-Do with Headband

Curly up-dos are the latest styling craze. Create a voluminous ponytail that sits on top of your crown. Delicate, wispy tips of your curls provide extra feminine appeal.

32Coily Icicles

Shape your short natural hair into firm coils to rid yourself of extra volume. Random coils can stick out throughout your hairstyle to convey just a touch of spirit. Elegant gowns actually pair well with this hairdo.

33Long Hairstyle

Brown, blonde spirals create a delicate feminine look and add a soft touch to any outfit. The long length inspires all who dare to grow their natural hair to such measures.

34Curly Highlighted Afro

A curly highlighted Afro conveys a sense of wonder and adventure. Let your independent spirit shine through your gorgeous tresses.

35Mohawk Afro

Wear a hairstyle that communicates how unique of an individual you truly are by paring a Mowhawk with an Afro. Combining two hairstyles to create one unique style is originality at its best.

36Coil Afro

Cute coils look great on African American women and your texture is not a concern. Straw sets, flexi rods, or a neat twist helps you accomplish a wonderful short style.

37Short Kinky Afro

Natural Afros have a unique sense of freedom that help you feel alive. A short, kinky Afro will do wonders for your soul.

38Shaggy Black Hair Afro

For those who are comfortable in their own skin, the shaggy black hair Afro is an impressive hairstyle to match your individuality. You will feel like a runway model wherever you go.

39Blonde Afro

Allow your Afro to become more graceful and glamorous as you don a blonde hue. Certain shades of blonde match different skin tones perfectly.

40Afro with Braids

Model your Afro with a noteworthy design braided into one side of your hair. As you create diagonal lines, the beauty of your face is illuminated through contours and features.

41Cool Round Afro

One of the most significant hairstyles in the African American culture is the round Afro. Shaped to perfection, this Afro is a wonderful showcase of how natural tresses can be styled. Grace and dignity are conveyed through this amazing hairdo.