40 Afro Hairstyles for Men


40 Afro Hairstyles for Men

The Afro has long been a hairstyle that represents culture, fashion, and style for African American men. Wearing your natural hair in an Afro is unique and is another way to let your personality shine. In decades’ past, Afros normally been styled in a particular fashion. Modern times showcase contemporary ways of styling your natural, textured hair.

With the many hairstyles that are growing in individuality, you can combine an Afro with various other hairdos to create a look that is fashioned to your own style. The versatility of the Afro has increased with men’s desire to convey their fashion sense and distinct style. Dare to be a man of style through the unique, but sophisticated look of a natural Afro.

1Mini Afro

For a hairstyle that showcases all the best features of a natural, curly Afro, the mini Afro requires little maintenance. Pair this Afro with a dress shirt and jeans for a casual, but handsome look.

2Afro with Taper Fade

Combine an Afro with a taper fade for a hip, fresh style that is unique for a more modern generation. An Afro on top of your head creates a box shape. Distinct lines paired with a fade create a sharp sense of style.

3Curly Natural Afro

Let your curly, natural hair grow to a decent length and then style your tresses into an Afro. Wearing such an Afro still allows you to be professional and let your creative side shine.

4Afro Braids

The Afro braided hairstyle provides you with more variety of fashioning your hair. A short Afro is at the back of your head combined with a braided design at the front. Create a style that is unique to your personality.

5Buzz Cut Afro

A buzz cut Afro is a short, simple, and stylish look for men to don. If you prefer a more conservative hairdo with little maintenance, this is a great hairstyle to complete your look.

6Brushed Up Straight Afro

An Afro does not have to be curly all the time. Style your hair into a brushed up straight Afro for a look that is distinct and individualized.

7Front Curly Afro

Trim your curly locks to the front of your head to cover a small part of your forehead. Shave the sides and back of your head to ensure your curls stand out.

8Mohawk Afro

Combine two unique hairstyles such as the Mohawk and Afro to create a look that is innovative and funky. Style your tresses high atop your head for a notable fashion.

9Low Tapered Afro

Grow your hair out longer for a distinguished, classy look. Wear this hairstyle to formal events or for a night on the town.

10Curly Taper Fade with Highlights

A curly taper fade Afro is a wonderful hairdo for highlighting your tresses. Various shades of colors showcase your amazing curls paired with a classic cut.

11Shaggy Afro

The natural texture of your hair when left shaggy creates an appearance of twists throughout your Afro. A noteworthy style is crafted as you shave the sides and back of your hair.

12Spiked Afro

Fashion your Afro into a unique hairstyle by crafting spikes atop your head. This look is still appropriate for formal occasions when paired with your favorite suit and tie.

13Pompadour Afro

Take your style back to the days of jazz and blues clubs with a pompadour Afro. You will exude confidence and a sophistication that only a true gentleman can.

14Round Afro

Dance the night away as you don a high, round Afro. Kick it old school with a classic hairdo as you enjoy a night out with your friends.

15Curly Bun Afro

The bun is a unique hairdo for men to don. Pull your curly locks into a bun that sits on top of your head and shave the sides and back to create distinct, neat lines.

16Long, Curly Afro

For a hairdo that matches your individual personality, wear your Afro out in a long, curly style. A distinct look is crafted with your natural tresses.

17Short Afro Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks crafted into a short Afro conveys a sophisticated, yet easygoing vibe. This hairdo can be worn at the beach or at a classy dinner event.

18Afro with Bold Color

Adding bold shades of colors to your Afro is a fashion forward movement that few can achieve. Wear a blonde, red, or purple Afro to match your own personal style.

19Short Curled Afro

Style your natural curls short and close to your head for a simple, concise look. Keep your hair as natural as possible and shave the sides for a clean style.

20Thick Curly Afro

One of the best traits of an Afro is letting your natural thick, curly tresses grow. Conveying a style that comes from within is a wonderful characteristic of an Afro.

21Natural Quiff Afro

A natural quiff hairstyle provides clean shape that is designed into your hair. You can individualize this hairdo more with a little pomade.

22Classic Afro

One of the most popular hairstyles for men is the classic, ever so classy, Afro. Look and feel your best with a dashing hairdo.

23Three Level Afro

Start this hairdo by neatly combing your tresses into a medium-sized Afro. Divide the Afro into three levels. A distinct side part separates the upper hair from the base hair for a unique look.

24Afro with Designs

Create a notable hairstyle when you pair your Afro with shaved designs at the back of your head. As you don this hairdo, you will be ready to move forward throughout your day.

25Faded Twist Afro

Style your natural tresses into twists that stand atop your head. Paired with a fade haircut, this dashing look is suitable for black tie events.

26Afro Shape-Up

Your Afro can stand out when you craft a unique shape-up into your tresses. To achieve this look, style your short sides with tapering techniques combined with a layered Afro.

27Two-Tone Afro

Spice up your hair with a two-tone Afro. Various shades of brown or blonde pair well with dark, black hair.

28Afro with Faded Sides

Let your naturally curly hair sit atop your head and create a clean look with faded sides. Perfect edges complete this ideal style.

29Neat Hawk

An even more unique Mohawk is created when your hair is cut neatly and simply. Your sides are closely shaven and your hair is well-combed for a neat Mohawk.

30Side Swept Afro

Sweep your hair to one side and style it with a flat iron for a distinct look. Shave the back of your head along with the sides to achieve a dapper style for the classiest of occasions.

31Tapered Short Afro with Beard

Breathe new life into your Afro with a taper cut. The layers from your Afro will blend in with your beard for an exquisite, charming look.

32Partly Dyed

Partially dye a section of your Afro if you prefer to have a more conservative look, but still want to keep up with latest trend. Various shades of brown complement black hair best.

33Messy Bun Afro

Create a style that is all your own when you craft a messy bun that sits high atop your head. Pull your natural hair up into a bun and you are ready for the day.

34Unkempt Long Hair

Contrary to popular belief, Afros do not have to be stylized to achieve a fashionable look. This unkempt long hair is a wonderful style for longer tresses. Push your hair to one side for a distinct look.

35Curly Faux with Designs

An inspired fauxhawk is ideal for young men who desire to convey their individualized style. To create this hairstyle, shave your curly hair into a fauxhawk with your choice of a design on the sides. A wonderful cut for originality.

36Artsy Afro

An artsy Afro is a unique hairstyle that matches the boldness of those who wear it. The sides and back of your hair are not cut short, however, there is a reduction in the length of hair as you move from the top of your head to the sides and back.

37Unique Curly Afro

Take your curly tresses to the next level with a simple style. To achieve this hairdo, pull your locks together and tie them in a bun on one side of your head. Leave your hair as natural as possible for the ultimate look.

38A Gentleman’s Afro

True gentlemen are able to don an Afro as unique as their sophisticated qualities. A simple short Afro is transformed into a hairdo that matches any formal or professional event. Don your best suit and tie to match this Afro.

39Kinky Afro

A naturally kinky Afro is a cool, hip hairstyle for men to wear. Achieve this look by styling the top hairs forwards, the side hairs to the side, and the back hairs backwards.

40Short, Plain Afro

If you wear your hair as a short, un-styled Afro, a distinct look is created that sets your apart from the rest. A simple hairstyle achieves a genuine, exquisite look appropriate for formal and casual events.