40 New and Trendy Natural Hair Styles

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40 New and Trendy Natural Hair Styles

Fantastic hairdos can be crafted for your gorgeous natural tresses. A natural hair trend has been on the rise as of late and trendy hairstyles are everywhere. Let your tresses grow to their full potential as you craft a ‘do as beautiful as you. Check out the 40 trendiest natural hairstyles for short, medium, or long tresses.

1Beautiful Frohawk

For those who prefer a unique natural hairdo, this beautiful Frohawk is perfect. The combination of an Afro with a Mohawk is an edgy, modern look. Be on the edge of fashion with this exciting, new hairstyle.

2Asymmetric Curly Up-Do

Natural tresses can be crafted into gorgeous up-dos. This asymmetrical curly up-do is elegant and sophisticated. As you attend classy events, don this beautiful ‘do and turn heads.

3Coiled Natural Hair

Coils are a fun, hip look for you to wear. The natural texture of your hair can be tightly curled for beautiful coils. Flexi rods or straw sets can be used to create coils throughout your tresses.

4Medium Length Layered Curls

For women with medium length hair, layering your tresses creates a gorgeous style. Voluminous curls can be shaped into your medium length tresses. As you attend elegant dinners, pair this beautiful hairdo with fancy dresses.

5Short Twist Out

Let your inner fashionista out as you don a cute, short twist out. A twist out is the perfect solution for women who have grown bored with their natural curls. Slick back one side for an ultra-chic ‘do.

6Side-Parted Long Bouncy Spirals

Bouncy spirals are a new, hip way to wear your natural tresses. Defined curls are more compact. The voluminous effect created by the spirals throughout your hair is a beautiful style. A side part adds a modern feature.

7Inverted Cornrows

The enchanted look of inverted cornrows creates a gorgeous look. Cornrows are perfect for natural hair and women who need a hairdo that protects their tresses. The sleekness of these cornrows is hip and fresh.

8Front Bun

A front bun on your forehead is a unique, yet beautiful up-do. As you attend elegant occasions, craft a gorgeous front bun with your natural tresses. A classy dinner deserves a lovely look.

9Natural Curls with Undercut

An undercut can be achieved with natural braids and twists throughout your tresses. The braids and twists craft a cool, fierce look. The gorgeous curls atop your head are a marvelous fashion statement.

10Curly Up-Do with a Headband

Curly up-dos with sparkly headbands are one of the trendiest looks this year. Voluminous curls atop your head are adorned with an accessory that dazzles in the sun. A soft, feminine appeal is created with this style.

11Pixie with Curls

Curls are flawlessly crafted and paired with a cute pixie cut. Soft, manageable, and shiny tresses are a beautiful hairdo. Curled sideburns are a neat, modern effect.

12Short Dreadlocks

Thin, short dreadlocks are an alternative to twist hairstyles. Wear your dreadlocks short and let them freely flow down your crown. A gorgeous look is skillfully crafted with short locks.

13Short Faux Hawk

A popular natural hairstyle is the faux hawk. Flattering and low maintenance are reasons why women choose to don this gorgeous ‘do. Slick the sides of your hair and fluff your curls for a fabulous look.

14Tall Braided Bun

The size and texture of this braided bun is impressive. Braids with various thickness are used to create a wrap around the bun. Wear gorgeous attire with this sophisticated up-do.

15Side Parted Afro

A deep side part in an Afro is a trendy look. A traditional Afro can be modernized with a creative side part. Keep your edges stylin’ with coconut oil.

16Mohawk with Shaved Partings

Successfully achieve an edgy look when you combine a Mohawk with shaved partings. Two shaved partings allow you to style your longer tresses on your crown.

17Shiny Afro

A sleek, shiny look is achieved when you embrace your kinky curls and coils. Your natural curls will stand out and shine everywhere you go. Wear this ‘do to the office or for a night of dancing with your friends.

18Short Textured Curls

Short hairstyles enhance your beauty and facial features. Style your short tresses into fluffy curls for a hip, fun look. Professional attire or gorgeous gowns can be paired with this lovely style.

19Two-Tone Hair

Growing out your natural tresses takes time and patience. Add a splash of color to your hair to spruce up your do. A two-tone color is the perfect way to jazz up your tresses.

20Kinky Afro

A cool, edgy look is created when you let your natural tresses grow in various directions. A kinky Afro is a neat, sharp hairstyle to match a unique personality.

21Finger Curls

Finger curls quickly became a popular style among women opting for natural tresses. A short, simple style with delicate features is one of the best. Volume is added to this ‘do with the finger curls.

22Blonde Tresses

Long blonde tresses are a gorgeous look. Add delicate, tender features to your hairstyle with the length of these tresses. Inspire others with your beautiful hairstyle.

23Natural Twisted Up Style

Incorporating twists along your hairline is cute for any length or texture of hair. Adding twists to your natural hair is a simple way to add a touch of pizzazz to your style.

24Voluminous Black Curls

This amazing half up-do is mesmerizing and wildly beautiful. A discrete side part is created while a few tresses outline your face. Let your tresses appear messy for an ultra-chic look.

25Natural Waves

A popular hairstyle in the ‘20s, natural waves do have a place in modern fashion. You can brush out your curls to add body and length. This natural style is the epitome of class.

26A-Line Long Hairstyle

Simply beautiful describes this hairstyle perfectly. Paired with a gorgeous outfit, this long ‘do will complete the look for a formal event.

27Brown and Caramel Hair

A classy combination of brown and caramel tresses creates a modern style. Adding color can create a whole new look. As you don natural tresses, hues will spice up your ‘do.

28High Curly Knot

Hairstyles can accentuate your best facial features. A high curly knot is a beautiful hairdo for women with a round face. Allow a few waves to cascade around your face for a gorgeous ‘do.

29Rolled Bun with a Side Part

A low bun with a side part will have you stylin’ in no time. Natural tresses shaped into a low bun create an elegant look. A classic, fun hairstyle is achieved for any occasion you attend during the day.

30Cornrows and Dreadlocks

For a hairstyle second to none, pair cornrows with dreadlocks. Accentuate your gorgeous high cheekbones with cornrows. An edgy, modern look is created with beautiful tresses.

31Braided Crown

A braided crown is a stylish, fabulous look for any woman to don. An elegant look is achieved to convey beauty and grace. Gorgeous dresses pair well with this ‘do.

32Natural Twists

Natural twists that extend from the roots of your tresses to the ends are casual and hip. Shorter, natural twists are cute. Wear your tresses in a ponytail or let them freely flow around your face.

33Curly Afro Puff

An Afro puff is a beautiful style choice for women with short tresses. This look is sleek, elegant, and glossy. The Afro puff is perfect for a classy dinner party with your friends.

34Long Curls in Asymmetric Down-Dos

Be confident as you don natural tresses. A gorgeous hairstyle is achieved with long curls in an asymmetric down-do. Pair this ‘do with beautiful attire as you attend elegant events.

35Ultra-Chic Headscarf

A headscarf is a timeless way to create an ultra-chic look. The versatility provided with a headscarf creates various styles. Craft a look to match your awesome personality.

36Side-Swept Natural Hairstyle

Create an alluring look as you sweep all your natural tresses to one side. Freely hanging curls are a beautiful look. Bobby pins can allow you to achieve gorgeous up-dos with a side-swept look.

37Cinnamon Curls

A one of a kind hairstyle is created with a lovely shade of cinnamon throughout your natural tresses. Cinnamon is a gorgeous color to pair with various skin tones. Let your inner beauty shine everywhere you go.

38Extra Short Hairstyle

An extra short hairstyle accentuates your best facial features and showcases an ideal head shape. An ultra-short ‘do can be modernized with a trendy side part. For an edgy look, shave designs throughout your tresses.

39Short Tapered Cut

Short hairstyles are molded to flatter the shape of your face providing you with height. Volume can be added to the sides of your face. Craft a style that tapers toward the nape and temples. The curls atop your head are fully styled and sleek to give this look a feminine vibe.

40Shaved Sides Hairstyle

To achieve a bold look, pair your short tresses with shaved sides. As you shave the sides of your head, you can embrace textured curls with a super short Mohawk. Tight, beautiful curls adorn your crown, providing you with a feminine edge.