40 Awesome Haircut Designs

Haircut Designs

40 Awesome Haircut Designs

Men desire to have a fresh, clean cut that allows them to stay classy, while expressing their fashion sense. Intricate designs that take time and patience are styled into the sides and back of men’s heads to match a unique sense of fashion. Neat and edgy lines are skillfully woven to create a work of art displayed through your haircut. Be original and design a unique pattern that is worthy of the individual you are. The following 40 awesome haircut designs will have you stylin’ for weeks to come.

1Designed High Top Fade

Incorporate designs below the top of your high fade for a distinct look. You can create your own design or talk to your barber about a unique pattern. Long, twisted tresses add height to this cut.

2Low Skin Fade

A low skin fade haircut matches the dapper essence of who you are. By adding a lightning bolt into your haircut, a notable design is created. Designs are a wonderful characteristic to incorporate into your style.

3Star Mohawk

Mohawks are all the rage these days and including a design only adds to the edginess of this haircut. A star is skillfully crafted into this haircut to display a cool work of art.

4Flat Top Design

Let your style reminisce on the days of fresh, new hip hop. This flat top haircut has distinct lines styled into it for a neat look. Perhaps, you can even carry a boom box around.

5Buzz Cut

While the buzz cut may not be associated with unique patterns, you are able to craft a design in your hairstyle. Here, curved lines are etched into the back of the head for a simple, yet distinct sketch.

6Side Design Mohawk

This side design crafted along with the Mohawk took a lot of skill and patience. A unique design is just what your haircut needs to stand out from all the rest. Showcase your originality through your cut.

7Textured Temple Fade

A textured temple fade occurs when the fade curves above the ears, and texture is achieved by having the hair on top at just over one inch. A distinct line is etched into the hair for trendy effect.

8High Fade with Curls

A high fade with curls is a youthful look that presents an easygoing appearance. Sharp lines and a distinct design are crafted to make this unique haircut even more stylin’.

9Nike Design

Let everyone know your favorite footwear and sportswear company by etching Nike into the back of your head. Company logos are an awesome way to express your interests and style.

10Neat Edges

Neat edges and sharp lines are qualities that make this haircut notable. Zigzag lines crafted into a curved line that goes along the back of your head is a distinct shape that still presents a classy look.

11Faux Hawk with Side Fade

For an extraordinary fade, ask your barber for a Mohawk fade mirrored by your facial hairstyle. What makes this haircut even more unique are the designs at the nape, since designs are normally cut into the sides.

12Stylish Wave Fade

A popular trend these days is a razor cut throughout your hairstyle. The cut is created in the fade to establish a wavy line which completely works with this particular style.

13Dreadlock Design

Designs aren’t just for fade or taper fade haircuts. Pair a unique design with short dreadlocks that sit atop your head for an individualized style. Clean, neat patterns are etched into your hair.

14Feather Design

Put another feather in your cap by crafting a distinct design onto the side of your head. The artistic work showcased here is a masterpiece.

15Short Fade with Clean Part

Adding a clean, precise part to a short fade creates a unique design. The perfect line-up of this style combined with a curved part is a handsome look.

16Long Hair with Design

Let your tresses grow to a voluminous length and pair them with a laser sharp design on the side of your head for an ultimate look. The versatility of this style is unmatched and quite unique.

17Low Fade Partial

A fade haircut does not have to be symmetrical to convey a wonderful sense of style. An off-center shave or a design in tune with your beard line creates a dashing look.

18Patterned Design

Fresh haircuts come in all shapes and sizes. Here, a crisp pattern is established throughout the sides and back of the head.

19Curved and Straight Lines

Designs do not have to be incorporated on the sides or back of your head. This haircut features a combination of curvy and zigzag lines on top of the head.

20Creative Design

For a haircut that is innovative, create a style where the design is incorporated throughout your facial hair and into the sides and back of your hair as well. Various lengths of hair deserve extra style points.

21Fade with Diagonal Lines on Top

An observant eye can notice how intricate this temp fade design truly is. On the upper part, diagonal striping is etched, while the shaved side part separates the top from the faded side.

22Geometric Cut

Haircuts are works of art, especially when geometric shapes and accurate lines combine for a stunning ‘do. A geometric cut is always in fashion with an urban vibe and freedom for expression through various textures.

23Zigzags with Curly Top

Pair your naturally curly tresses with a distinct zigzag line that extends throughout your shaved hair. The contrast of the curls and clean, cut lines are a striking pair.

24Half Mohawk with Design

For an exciting new way to style your hair, create a half Mohawk that extends from the front of your head to the end of your crown. Spike up your tresses for an edgy look and then add a curved line for extra effect.

25Two-Tone Mohawk

Let your style illuminate as you don a two-tone Mohawk paired with a design at the nape. For a highly unique haircut, blonde curls paired with your dark hair creates a perfect contrast.

26Front Design

While most men opt for a design on the sides or back of their heads, you showcase your boldness with a design etched into the front of your hair. A fade paired with neat diagonal lines is a distinct look.

27Shaved Side with Dreadlocks

Create a one of a kind hairstyle when you pair a shaved side with dreadlocks. Only one side of your head is shaved and cut with a design. An easygoing vibe is conveyed through a unique fashion.

28Innovative Design

Step outside the box and create an innovative design that goes above and beyond the work of an artist. Here, a two level flat top is combined with an intricate design that is second to none.

29Wavy Line

Displaying a wavy line on top of your head is a distinct fashion that not many men dare to achieve. Awesome, clean edges add dimension to your style.

30Wavy High Fade

Adding waves to your hair on top provides you with more texture and structure. Hair shaved to the skin on the sides and back of your head paired with a curved line makes an exquisite haircut.

31Variation of Lengths

Varying the lengths of your tresses to create a darker design throughout your hair is a notable style. A fresh, hip design stands out more this way.

32Twists with Design

For a hair raising style, have your tresses twisted to stand on top of your head and craft a distinct design at the back of your head as well as the nape.

33Spartan Feathers

Pair Spartan feathers atop your head with a patterned design that fades along with your haircut. Sharp diagonal lines create a cool element of edginess and class.

34Exquisite Design

For a design that is both exquisite and detailed, this buzz cut with an intricate display of artistry is outstanding. The patterns of the lines to form various shapes is impressive.

35Curly Patterns

If you desire to have curls, but do not wish to grow your natural tresses out; design a curly pattern throughout a buzz cut. The curls create a wonderful shape and texture.

36Curly High Top Fade

A high top matches the texture of curly hair perfectly. Combining a high top, shaved design, and a fading hairline down the nape is extremely stylish.

37Tribal Artwork

Let the design be the centerpiece of your haircut by etching tribal artwork into your hair. Shaving the rest of your hair off allows the artwork to be showcased.

38Spiky Top with Three Lines

Enjoy a brilliant haircut by having thicker spikes on top paired with three lines etched into the left or right side. Excellent style for both formal and casual events.

39High Bun Design

A design can even be woven through braids and a high bun. A unique hairstyle is skillfully crafted to display the workmanship of an artist.

40Dark Design

Ask your barber to use hair coloring to create a darker design throughout your hair that extends to your facial hair. Don your best suit and tie to match your dapper style.