21 Bob Hairstyles for Black Women


Bob Hairstyles for Black Women

I have always admired how women who bravely go for style have a particular allure when it comes to achieving the style they want for themselves. Not only do they succeed in achieving shiny complexions, perfectly sculptured features with makeup, they similarly have an eccentric way of pulling off hairstyles, which, I must say, puts them in an unrelated affiliation (hands down).
I grew up with the conviction that women must have long hair for them to be deemed beautiful. But as time changed, so does this belief. So I went off the nearest salon to have my hairstyle revamped; and the new look – bob! So if you’re searching for the best new hairstyle to go with that confidence, check out these bob hairstyles that really elevated beauty and style to a whole new different level.

1Curly Black Bob

What could illustrate sexy than flowing curls? This hairstyle does not only incorporate ladylikeness to a short ‘do but they also showcase fierceness.
If you want change magnified, this style is the way to go!
You can play around with your fringes; you may have them swept onto one side or simply part them halfway.

2Wavy Bob Hairstyle

The wavy bob hairstyle is a bit more subtle and restrained compared to the curly bob hairstyle. While it may seem identical especially to those who are not that particular when it comes to hairstyles, you will notice that the wavy bob is more delicate.

This is the perfect I-just-woke-up-from-bed hairstyle.

3Ombre Bob Style

Colors play a vital role in perfecting hairstyles. Take this bob style for instance: the layers are emphasized because of the color.
Adding ombre and colors to your short bob can make it more playful.

4Blunt Bob with Full Bangs

Just like peanut butter and jelly, coffee and books, bangs and bobs belong together. A bob can never go wrong with bangs. This is the way to go if you want to achieve a fiery, I-am-confident look for the day.

5Dreadlocks Bob

We are also known for our naturally thick, voluminous hair. Hence, we can style our hair easily, even if it involves, twisting, curling, braiding and making dreadlocks. However, contrary to what most people believe, dreadlocks also go well with bob hairstyles. See for yourself!

6Classic Hollywood Finger Waves Bob

This is definitely one of the classiest bob hairstyles I have ever seen, an embodiment of Hollywood style. Perfect for any party and for any age.
To mix new-age with classic Hollywood, you may add colors to this hairstyle.

7Tapered Fro Bob

The African-American community of the 1960’s did not fail the fashion and hairstyle industry when they made the Afro style popular. Even today, this hairstyle is considered one of the best-used hairstyles.
The Afro Bob is one sure statement you can bring to any party.

8Stylish Pixie Bob

While this hairstyle is more on the pixie cut category, I can’t help but notice how this short ‘do just beautifully presented itself. If you’re a fan of short bobs and pixies, this might just work for you.

9Box Braided Bob

So I see no reason why braids and bobs don’t go well because as you can see, they do!

10Blondie Bob Hairstyle

Another way to display that classy bob by adding color to it; and blonde makes the top of our list. This hair color brings out the beauty in the hairstyle.
There are a wide variety of colors you can choose from but this blonde color is one of the best colors that suit a black beauty.

11Medium Bob with Side-Swept Bangs

Bob hairstyles may be categorized in 3: very short, short and medium. This medium length bob could be the answer to most women’s dilemma of whether or not to go short hair or stay in the longhair zone. If you’re too scared to make the jump, try medium bob and add side-swept bangs to complete the look.

12Curly and Straight Bob

Never in my wildest dreams have I thought that straight and curls can go together, at the same time! But apparently, they can. Some women are just too bold when it comes to experimenting with styles that they’re literally fearless when is comes to mixing opposites. Check out this curly and straight bob hairstyle; it rocks, doesn’t it?

13Razor Layered Cut with Volume

Oprah showcased a very detailed and texturized type of bob hairstyle. To achieve the best look for this style, make sure your hair is healthy and shiny enough which can be achieved by proper shampooing. And of course, a quick blow-dry also does the trick in adding volume to your hair.

14Face Framing Short Bob

While bob hairstyles spell chic in any way; I say not all face shapes can achieve the best bob look. This Face Framing Short Bob looks perfect on Kat’s contoured face.
If you are one gifted with a perfect face, it’s about time you flaunt that gift; after all, not every one has it.

15Graduated Bob

The secret to this beautiful bob hairstyle is proper color and blow dry and oh, don’t forget the proper hairbrush and comb.
Here’s a really quick tip for all of you who want to perfect this bob hairstyle: try following the rules when shampooing your hair; make sure you wet your hair enough and direct your hand massage to your scalp. This technique should give you bouncy hair that will definitely make this graduated bob on-point!

16Slicked-back Asymmetrical Bob Haircut

If you want to get rid of the usual bob hairstyle, you can also play with the length of your hair, it doesn’t need to be neatly in the same length. You play with layers and uneven hair length as well. The trick is to carefully choose the best partition for your hair and make the outer layers of your hair a bit lengthier than the rest. Instant style!

17Curly A Line Bob

You may have noticed most asymmetrical bob hairstyles on women with straight hair. Here’s evidence that asymmetrical bob hairstyle also looks good on women with curly hair – you can’t argue with this!

18Super Neat Center-Parted Bob

Simplicity is indeed beauty. Rihanna rocked a simple chin-length bob with center partition. This look is perfect to women who think bangs or fringes are distraction (I really do know some people who think so); so this one’s for you ladies!

19Bob with Playful Ombre

I love how women play with colors. While most women who incorporate ombre or colors into their hairstyles limit the color to only one or two the most. This bob with playful ombre is evidence that more colors can be added to hairstyles without making them look outrageous. It actually depends on how playful with colors you can get.

20Curly Loud Bob with Ombre

This one’s got to be one of my favorites! This is a classic representation of true black beauty. If you are one with uncontrollable, loud hair, don’t be afraid. You’ll see that even that can definitely work for you.
This hairstyle showcases the natural curls. With just the right length and some extra playful ombre on the outer part, you’ll definitely nail this beautiful look.

21Short Angled Bob Cut

Mary J Blige knows how to rock so many different bob styles, from slick parted, to inverted, so side swept blonde bob. We love this chic angled bob cut. This style looks great for women with round faces.