20 Stunning Wedding Hairstyles for Black Women

Wedding Hairstyles for Black Women

Top 20 Wedding Hairstyles for Black Women

Having a superb look when attending a wedding is an obvious must. Besides your dress, your hairstyle should also be marvelous. For some ideas for brides, bridesmaids, or others, that will have everyone talking during this memorable moment, take a look at these 20 stunning wedding hairstyles for black women.

1Wavy Pin Curls

This hairstyle works good for weddings because it gives off an enchanting look. Using pin curls to create the soft looking waves will help signify that the look is for a romantic setting.

2Curly Waterfall Braid

The curly waterfall braid look can fit all different types of hair. It looks glamorous and is perfect for special occasions such as a wedding. This hairstyle is actually used a lot for proms, so going to a wedding with this hairdo will definitely fit.

3Bouquet Curls Look

This hairstyle looks just like the name implies, a bouquet of curls. Combining it with some bobby pins, hair clips, or a headband to keep the hair in place before the bun of curls will help this hairstyle resemble a bouquet even more.

4Finger Waves

The finger wave look was a popular one in the earlier 1900s but still looks good today. It will help accommodate your whole image if you’re aiming for a somewhat retro look. This works in instances where the wedding is themed after the 20s or 30s. For an engaging old-fashioned look, this style will fit the occasion perfect.

5Flower Crowns

Flower crowns look good with a lot of different hairstyles. Several women with longer hair use this style with a fancy bun or even silky curls. If your dress is a bright color, using flowers that are just as bright can give the whole look a united ensemble.

6Box Braid Updo

With this updo look, your hair is out of the way of your face, letting you display your makeup. Adding a unique wedding band and veil will help draw attention to it as well.

7Fancy Side Buns

The side bun can come in several variations. You can use a high or low side bun to give attention to certain styles. Smooth, silky top hair with a low side bun is good for all occasions so a wedding will fit just fine. You can also add some fancy elegant waves on top with a side bun, like the image displays for a more fancier look.

8Big Curls

This hairdo is sure to stand out at any wedding. The big curls are a little untraditional which is good for a revolutionary statement at a wedding. Keep in mind that this style clashes with big fluffier dresses.

9Skinny Dreads

With skinnier dreads like the image, you can create all types of fancy and sharp looks. Curl, roll, or twist them in any way and you will still get a nice textured hairstyle.

10Low Updo and Flowers

This is a big trend for black women right now. It’s not overly complex and gives you several customizing options. Ringlets or wavy curls covering the neck help contrast from from the lustrous and glistening hair.

11Short and Natural

This look is simple but also offers a few accessory options. Adding your own custom headband with flowers or orchids for example, will help with making the look more unique for you. Although it’s an easier look to accomplish, it still can be very breathtaking.

12Veil with Extra Short Hair

A simple look, just like the short and natural look, but with a one layer veil and some accessories, this look can generate a ravishing look. A necklace with bright gems along with some gem or pearl earrings will make the look more complex and beautiful.

13Top Knot Braids

With this look, you get to create a more complex look that isn’t too hard to pull off. You simply create a higher ponytail then create a uniform loose braid that you can wrap on top. Using a side or hair pin to keep everything in place will add to the accented look.

14Half Up, Half Down

Locks or curls at the bottom with a curly or wavy top gives off a fancy do for brides or bridesmaids. Giving you the chance to show off your makeup and draw attention to your face is one of the many benefits to this look.

15Nefertiti Inspired Look

This updo gets its name from the look of Queen Nefertiti’s signature hat or crown. If you’re the bride and looking for a look to set you apart from the bridesmaids, this one will work perfectly.

16Natural Braids With a Twist

This natural braided look works good for those of us with short or long hair. Adding a tiara or crown only adds to the elegance.

17Long Bangs

For those who plan to cover their face a little, long bangs are a great way to add some style while doing it. The cool thing about this style is you won’t need to use a veil if your bangs cover your face enough.

18Classic Bun

One of the favorites for brides everywhere, the traditional bun look can be accented with accessories like fancy diamond hair clips or even a shiny tiara. This remains a favorite because its a lot simpler than the others featured here but it’s also capable of an elegant, fancy look for brides.

19Fishtail Braid

Fish tail braids add character to your already beautiful wedding dress. Extending far to your chest will help with creating that glamorous wedding look. To spruce the look up some more, add a royalty looking tiara and some accessories such as shiny earrings.

20Asymmetrical Styles

An asymmetrical hairstyle is a good look for taking advantage of the shape of your face. If your dress displays your shoulders, the look will also help add focus on the features. This hairstyle works good for those who have shorter or medium length hair.