Yarn Twists Styles

yarn twists

40 Yarn Twists Styles

Whether you’re looking to up the ante on your personal expression or to reduce damage of daily maintenance with protective styling, yarn twists come in all shapes, sizes and colors for creating a custom look that uniquely you.
Yarn twists are wafts of yarn that are intertwined with your own natural tresses. Yarn twists are also ideal in adding volume, length and versatility to the hair, from flat twists, micro-yarn twists to a long, flowing look. As with all hair styling maintenance, yarn twists require care. Take a peak at some of the hottest yarn twist styles to for inspiration in creating a look that is all your own.

1Long with loose ends

Yarn twists can be done in a snap, adding dimension and length to existing hair. Simply wrapping the yarn down the length of the hair, with the ends loose, creates a stunningly natural effect.

2Cropped bob with bangs

Yarn twists are created to frame the face and to provide soft color, without the use of chemical treatments, such as dyes. A pristine effect results when the ends are closed, providing a clean finish.

3Soft Layers

As with any hair type, wefts of yarn can be cut to create soft layers, for a casual, carefree effect. Pre-dyed yarn takes the style up a notch for added boldness.

4Wrapped Around

Yarn twists can be shaped to create a beautifully simple style. Just pull a few strands back, away from the face, for a nice update.

5The Bob

A lustrous yarn twist bob proves the versatility of yarn twists and that short hair can be just as sassy as long. Bobs made of yarn twists are a fun way to add edge to your look.


As with real hair, yarn twists can also be curled and customized for added volume an interest. Yarn twists can be set with curling rods when damp, for a curly set.

7Shoulder Length Twist

Shoulder length hair has an appeal all its own, but medium size yarn twists add something extra. Softly sealed tips and perfectly gelled edges is a nice go-to for added sultriness.

8Yarn Updo

Small yarn twist are gathered into stunning perfection. With the help of bobby pins to keep hair in place, yarn twists add extra height.

9Long and Thick

Long and thick are popular ways to go when utilizing yarn twists. The added bulk and length creates a goddess-style that turns heads and keeps you looking on point.

10Updo with Bangs

Twisted and wrapped, all in one, shows off the versatility of using yarn in hair care. For the look, hair on the sides and crown are molded into two-strand twists, while the bangs are wrapped, for a truly interesting duo.

11Blonde Yarn Braids

Platinum yarn twists are already head-turning on their own, but when placed within a hot updo, the look is unbeatable. The hair on the sides is braided into an updo of carefully curated platinum blonde yarn twists, for added edge.

12Subtle Color Yarn Twist

Jumbo yarn twists are given the ever-so-slight color treatment at the tips, with subtle highlights that softly frame the face. An even more natural look is imparted as the large twists are controlled into smaller tips.

13Back Bun

The back bun ads regality to any look. With a simple and secure wrap, the style can be heightened from playful to elegant within seconds.

14Dual Tone

Blue twists are front and center, supported by black strands, for a standout style. Highlights don’t always have to be a natural color. Take it up a notch with a fun, quirky hue.

15Short Yarn Twist

Short hair gets the yarn treatment, for extra volume and a funky effect. Twisted at the ends, yarn twists are cut off, adding a fun take on a classy style.

16Colorful Bantu Knots

Bantu knots are a great protective style, but why not dress it up in a rainbow of color? Braid yarn into your own hair, then wrap it around itself to create the stunningly fun creation.

17Front Bun

Yarn twists can be as funky as you want to be. Dress them up with a front bun and ponytail for an extra zesty day to night look.

18Top Knot yarn Dreads

With the ease of creating longer hair, top knots are a great way to have fun with your do without all the fuss. A simple, low maintenance bun or a formal look will take you to chic in a pinch.

19Shaved Sides

Shaved sides are all the rage right now. There’s no greater way to turn on the edge with your yarn twists than to create great contrast between your hair and showing some skin.

20Ultra Long Yarn Braids

You don’t have to go to great lengths to achieve effortless style. With the use of yarn twists, creating extended locks is easier than ever.

21Chignon Yarn Twist

Create an elegant look with a low bun, also known as a chignon. Elegant and cool texture all in one makes it easy to turn heads.

22Pompadour Yarn Twist

A Yarn twist pompadour is a modern take on an old classic. Push everything forward to push your do’ to new heights.

23Milkmaid Braids

Milkmaid braids add instant femininity to your hairstyle. To achieve the look, braid your yarn twists over the perimeter of your head, leaving remaining hair loose, or go all the way to achieve a crown.

24Half Up Half Down

Wear your yarn twists half up and half down for an instantly beautiful look. A center part adds extra emphasis to the style.

25Ombre Yarn Twist

Ombre yarn twists are a double whammy of cool color and texture. Create the look with two toned yarn for instantly enviable style.

26Side Part Yarn Twist Out

A side, face-framing part looks great on anyone. Simple shoulder-length yarn twists are created for a soft, even finish.

27Platinum Yarn Braids

There’s a saying that blondes have more fun. With platinum twists, you can put that theory to the test. Create contrasting looks with darker roots adds extra coolness.

28Flower Power

Yarn twists can obviously hold their own, yet a flower crown adds more hippie chic to the mix. Throw in colorful twists to add to the style, and you’ve got a winner.

29Flat Twists

If you’re not daring enough to shave your hair, another alternative are flat twists, which is just as nice. Yarn can twisted or braided to give the illusion of shaved hair, without going the distance.

30Colorful Wraps

Yarn twists don’t have to stand alone. There are many ways to dress them up, by adding colorful string and wraps to add extra dimension.

31Pigtail Buns

A throwback to the 90’s, pigtail buns add retro flare and can be achieved by parting hair down the middle, then wrapping hair around itself and securing with bobby pins.

32To the Side

Flipping all hair to one side creates sultry appeal to yarn braids. Add extra texture by curling the ends for subtle sexiness.

33Wrapped Hair

An alternative to the bun and pompadour is the wrap. Take the top half of your yarn twists, near the crown and double wrap them around the crown, for a stunningly unique creation.

34Side Ponytail

Take a playful turn on the classic ponytail and wear it high. Create a high yarn twist ponytail at the crown and let it cascade down.

35High Ponytail

Create another version of the high ponytail, by allowing the hair to fall around the head, which resembles a bob. The style can be created with thick or thin twists.

36Half Bun

Create a half-bun style by gathering hair just lower than the crown, and leaving a strand or two at the sides, creating a bun, leaving the rest of the tresses to fall over the shoulders.

37High Volume Half Bun

Add volume and style to your yarn twists with a braided high bun. This look is supper casual but absolutely chic!

38Short Chunky Yarn Dreads


Yarn braids take on a sweet vibe with shortened dreads, creating a face-framing, A-bob-like style.

39Bob with Volume

Yarn twists can produce an array of styles, including a sassy, volume-filled bob. For added edge, the look can be elevated with contrasting yarn, for hightlights.

40Colorful with Streaks

Yarn twists can be implemented in a variety of ways to create varying color combinations. Add a streak of contrasting color for not-so-subtle dimension.