Two Strand Twist Styles

Two Strand Twist styles

Two Strand Twist Styles

Two strand twist styles are hip and fabulous. The versatility provided with this natural style is one of its best features. A two-strand twist hairdo looks amazing no matter what type of tresses you have. Stay in tune with the latest fashion, and check out the trendiest two strand twist styles.

1How to do Two Strand Twist

To create this gorgeous style, you will need a wide tooth comb, hair ties, curl mousse, curly pudding, and raw coconut oil.
Step One: Wash your hair. Part your tresses into four sections using the t-part method. You can also create a side or middle part depending on how you want your tresses to lay.
Step Two: Use the coconut oil to gently untangle your hair. The wide tooth comb can also untangle your hair.
Step Three: Separate a small section of your hair into two pieces. Put the mousse and curly pudding on your fingertips. Run your fingertip on your hair from root to end. Next, begin twisting your tresses.
Step Four: Create small twists throughout your tresses as these will stay in place better. As you reach the tips of your hair, use coconut oil to moisturize and lock the ends.
Step Five: Continue this process throughout your hair. As you move through each section of hair, continue to style the twists.

2Timeless Two Strand Twists

A classic, vintage look is created with these fancy two strand twists. Sweep the front of your hair to one side for an ultra-chic look. Gorgeous attire matches the sophistication of this ‘do.

3Cute Half Up-Do

For a cute, hip look, style a half up-do with two strand twists. This half up-do is perfect for a casual gathering with friends or a night at the coolest club.

4Brown Two Strand Twists

Add some color to your twist style! This brown color adds warmth and shine, and if you’d like to have something edgier and stylish go for ombre, or even purple.

5Two Strand Twist with a Flat Twist

Combine two strand twists with a flat twist for a hip, fun look. The combination of these two styles creates one gorgeous ‘do.

6Two Strand Twists with Curls

Stylin’ curls at the end of your two strand twists creates a fabulous ‘do. Shorter tresses crafted into two strand twists are cute, hip looks.

7Side-Swept Twists Up-Do

An elegant look is created when you sweep your two strand twists to one side of your head. Beautiful up-dos are designed with these twists. Wear this gorgeous hairdo to the next formal event you attend for a classy look.

8Pin Curl Two Strand Twists

After you have styled your two strand twists, pin curl the strands atop your head for a retro fabulous ‘do. Reminiscent of the ‘20s style, this hairdo is excellent for classy occasions.

9Two Strand Twists Mohawk

An edgy, distinct look is created when you shape your two strand twists into a stunning Mohawk. Braids are created on the sides of your head, while the two strand twists are styled into a cool Mohawk.

10Highlighted Twists

Highlighted two strand twists are an awesome look for any woman to wear. The ends of these strands are a gorgeous shade of blonde. A happenin’ hairdo is skillfully created with highlights.

11Unique Two Strand Twists

For a one of a kind hairdo, don these unique two strand twists. The designed parts throughout this hairstyle is distinct and cool. The various colors throughout the tresses add to the uniqueness of this look.

12Short Two Strand Twists

Twist hairstyles can be achieved on short tresses. Style your natural tresses into short two strand twists for a cool, hip look. As you attend a backyard barbecue, don this ‘do and enjoy the evening.

13Red Two Strand Twists

A sophisticated shade of red added to two strand twists creates an elegant, ultra-chic hairdo. This deep shade of red is a hip, edgy color to add to your tresses.

14Two Strand Twists with Waves

A simple, beautiful hairdo is created when you pair two strand twists with waves throughout your tresses. As the waves cascade down your shoulders, you achieve an elegant, sophisticated look for formal events.

15Long Two Strand Twists

Long two strand twists create a luxurious look for casual and formal attire. A gorgeous ‘do is achieved with the length of these tresses.

16Two Strand Twists with Cornrows

A sleek, elegant look is achieved as two strand twists are paired with cornrows. Neat cornrows are braided over half your crown as the rest of your tresses are styled in twists. Don this beautiful ‘do for any occasion.

17Two Strand Twists in a Bun

As you shape your two strand twists into a bun, you will exude beauty and grace. Tresses are swept to one side of your head, and then styled into a gorgeous bun. Elegant dresses are perfect for this ‘do.

18Two Strand Twists with a Hat

Adding a hat to your two-strand twist hairstyle creates an ultra-chic look. Wear a knit cap, fedora, or sun hat to match your amazing sense of fashion.

19Shoulder Length Two Strand Twists

For a look that is perfect for every season, don shoulder length two strand twists. A beautiful hairdo is created that can be worn to the office during the day or to the hippest club at night.

20Two Strand Pompadour

A pompadour is a classy, timeless hairdo that is perfect for the most elegant occasions. A two-strand pompadour has a classic, urbane vibe. The color of this ‘do creates a sleek look.

21Sophisticated Up-Do

This sophisticated up-do showcases the versatility of two strand twists. Tresses are styled into twists, and then shaped into an ultra-chic up-do. Flat twists are on the sides, while a bun is shaped at the front.

22Two Strand Twist Bob

Put a smile on your face as you don this beautiful two strand twist bob ‘do. This gorgeous hairstyle is excellent to wear during the day and transition into a night of dancing with your friends.

23Ombré Twists

Add an ombré effect to your two strand twists for a refreshing, hip look. Color is a great way to rejuvenate and revitalize your hairstyle.

24Elegant Half Up-Do

An elegant style is achieved as you don a fancy half up-do designed with two strand twists. Sweep your bangs over your forehead, and pull the remaining strands back into a half up-do. A perfect ‘do for formal events.

25Stylish Up-Do

The versatility of two strand twists allows you to design hairdos that match your wonderful sense of fashion. This stylish up-do is classy and gorgeous. Wear this ‘do to a fancy dinner party.

26Two Strand Twists in a High Bun

Two strand twists shaped into a high bun is an elegant up-do that can be worn every day. A high bun is a lovely ‘do for any occasion you attend during the day.

27Side Ponytail

A hip, cute hairstyle is created as you don two strand twists in a high, side ponytail. For those with an adventurous spirit, the side ponytail is a great up-do to ensure your tresses are off your face.

28Side-Swept Two Strand Twists

Sweeping all your two strand twists to one side creates a gorgeous, alluring look for the classy dinners you attend. As you put on your most beautiful dress, this ‘do will match the vibe of the evening perfectly.

29Two Strand Twists with Shaved Sides

An elegant, modern look is created when two strand twists are shaped into a beautiful up-do and paired with shaved sides. Including shaved sides in this ‘do adds a bit of edge.

30Hip Half Up-Do

For a youthful, cute style, don this hip half up-do created with two strand twists. The versatility provided with these twists allows you to design ‘dos that match your cool personality.

31Neat Two Strand Twists

Two strand twists can be crafted into beautiful protective styles for you to wear all year round. A cute, neat ‘do is created with these twists. The deep side part is distinct and fashionable.

32Two Strand Side Twist

A two-strand side twist can be created when you gather all your tresses together and create two twists. Pull your strands into a stylish ponytail for a beautiful look you can wear day or night.

33Two Strand Micro Twists

Thin two strand twists can be styled into gorgeous hairdos. Micro twists are a neat ‘do with plenty of versatility. Create an ultra-chic half up-do with thinner strands.

34Three Tone Twists

A super cool hairdo is created when you add a three-tone color pizzazz to your twists. The combination of black, brown, and red will spice up any ‘do.

35Two Strand Twists with Hair Jewelry

Adorn your two strand twists with elegant pieces of jewelry for a gorgeous look. A lovely headpiece adds a touch of sparkle to your beautiful ‘do. Gold cuffs throughout your tresses are a nice touch.

36Cinnamon Two Strand Twists

Cinnamon two strand twists are a delightful hairstyle that shines throughout the day. Cinnamon is a wonderful color to add to your tresses. Create a gorgeous hairdo as you don a beautiful hue.