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The twist out is every natural girl’s best friend. Easily the most popular natural style out there, the twist out is easy to do and versatile enough to work on almost all natural hair textures and lengths. A twist out is a great way to keep your hair in a slightly stretched state, making it an ideal style for those who experience a lot of shrinkage. Wearing your hair in a twist out can also help prevent tangles and single strand knots. With the right products, a twist out will leave your hair soft and defined. Keep reading to learn how to do a twist out and take a look at some great twist out styles.

1How To Do A Twist Out On Natural Hair

For the best results, start your twist out on damp hair. Freshly washed and conditioned hair typically yields the best results, but you can also do a twist out to revive an old style as well (more on that later). Working in sections, apply a moisturizer, followed by a styling product with soft hold. Twisting creams or butters tend to work best, but you can also opt for a styling gel if you want stronger hold. Split each section in two and starting at the roots, twist the two sections around one another. Try to twist as tightly as comfortably possible and twirl the ends around your finger so that the twists don’t unravel. As an alternative, you can also curl your ends with perm rods. Use a hooded dryer or let your twists air dry.

2Twist Out On Dry Hair

Although twist outs on damp hair tend to come out best, you can also start on dry hair. For example, many ladies like to do a twist out on stretched hair for even more elongation. If you blow dry your hair straight, wetting it will cause it to revert; instead, make sure you moisturize your hair before you blow dry it and apply a hair butter and twist your hair as you normally would. Twist outs on dry hair look great too, so it’s really up to you to decide which look you prefer. Make your twists small if you want more definition; make them chunky if you want more volume: this applies to twist outs on both damp and dry hair.

3Taking Down Your Twists

Once your twists are completely dry, coat your fingertips in a light oil (like jojoba oil or argan oil) and gently unravel your twists, starting at the ends and working your way up. Carefully separate each section, just slightly; you don’t want to separate too much or you’ll lose some definition. Always make sure your hair is totally dry before unraveling your twists. Separating damp twists is a recipe for frizz. You can use your oiled fingertips and/or a pick to gently lift your roots and help get rid of any parts or gaps in your hair. Preserve your twists at night by doing the pineapple method and covering your hair with a satin scarf. This will help your twist outs last longer and eliminate the need to retwist your hair every night.

4Best Products For Twist Outs

There are two things you should look for when choosing products for your twist out: moisture and hold. Some products, such as Camille Rose Naturals Aloe Whipped Butter Gel, double as both a moisturizer and a styler, which is a plus. Another popular product for twist outs is Aunt Jackie’s Don’t Shrink Flaxseed Curl Elongating Gel. This product provides pretty strong hold and ingredients like flaxseed, shea butter, and olive oil help nourish and moisturize your hair. The As I Am Twist Defining Cream is another great product for twist outs; this cream is especially popular among type 4 naturals whose strands crave extra moisture. The TGIN Butter Cream Daily Moisturizer is another two-in-one moisturizer and styler that is beloved by many naturals for its ability to create beautifully defined, moisturized twist outs. Keep reading to take a look at 25 great twist out styles.

5Chunky Twist And Curl

This gorgeous chunky twist and curl is a great option if you want body and volume. Adding perm rods to the ends of your twists is a great way to add a little more curl definition to your twist outs.

6Flat Twist Out On TWA

Flat twists are a great way to do a twist out on short hair. Add a deep side part to create a cute asymmetrical look.

7Defined Flat Twist Out

This super defined twist out is absolutely gorgeous. Make your twists small and use a moisturizing styler with hold for the most definition.

8Chunky Twist Out On Medium Length Hair

While some consider this length to be the “awkward stage,” this is actually a really great length to work with: not too short and not too long. This is also the perfect length for a cute chunky twist out.

9Sun-Kissed Flat Twist Out

A defined flat twist out is a great way to show off your gorgeous sun-kissed highlights. Flat twists also allow you to better control which direction your hair falls.

10Soft Defined Twist Out

Moisture is the key to a defined twist out that feels as soft as it looks. Be sure to separate your twists carefully to maintain that frizz-free definition.

11Twist Out On Medium Length Hair

This gorgeous twist out can be achieved by making your twists small and using the right products for your hair’s unique needs. Add a few Bantu knots on one side for an even more chic look.

12Purple Flat Twist Out

These gorgeous purple curls look great styled into a defined twist out. Parting and twisting your hair as pictured here is a sure-fire way to get the shape and volume you’re looking for.

13Crochet Twist Out

Crochet braids give you the freedom and flexibiity to give your natural hair a break while still being able to rock the look of a twist out.

14Chunky Twist Out

To achieve this gorgeous look, do a chunky twist out on stretched hair: this will give your hair volume, definition, and body.

15Fluffy Twist Out

Sometimes twist outs just seem to get better with age. Resist the urge to retwist your hair every night and watch your twist out get fluffier and more fabulous as each day goes by.

16Flat Twist And Curl

Doing a flat twist out with perm rods on the ends is a great way to get a huge curly fro.

17Super Defined Twist Out

For a gorgeous, super defined twist out like this one, use a hydrating twisting butter and add small perm rods to help curl the ends.

18Flat Twist Out With Side Part

If you want less shrinkage, do your flat twist out on blow dried hair. Flat twist outs, in general, are easier to style because you have greater control over how the hair falls once you unravel your twists.

19Shoulder-Length Twist Out

This beautiful chunky twist out is classic and chic; it’s the perfect go-to style for shoulder length curls.

20Twist Out Bob

A twist out is one of those styles that looks great on any length of hair: including bob-length curls.

21Twist Out High Bun

This beautiful twist out is styled into a half up, half down high bun for an effortlessly chic look.

22Twist Out On 4C Hair

4C hair is arguably the most versatile curl type because it tends to hold styles exceptionally well. A twist out is a great way to keep 4C hair stretched and keep tangles at bay.

23Voluminous Twist Out

For the most volume, add a slightly off-center part and gently pick out your twists when you’re done separating them.

24Twist Out With Deep Side Part

Although you can part your hair any way you like, a deep side part helps create a nice shape for your twist out.

25Twist Out On Short Hair

You might think that if you have short hair, your styling options are limited. But you actually have quite a bit of styling versatility. If your hair is short, you can do a flat twist out to get the same results as individual twists.

26Twist Out With Volume

You can use a pick to help lift the roots and add more volume to your twist out without sacrificing curl definition.

27Twist Out On Blown Out Hair

If you struggle with tangles and frizz when doing a twist out, consider blow drying your hair straight first, then twisting your hair with a twisting butter or cream. Always use caution when blow drying natural hair: use the lowest heat setting possible and dry your hair using the tension method.

28Twist Out With Flat Twist Headband

This gorgeous style is achieved by flat twisting the hair in the front from ear to ear and flat twisting the rest of the hair from front to back. Leave the front flat twist intact and unravel the rest for beautifully defined curls.

29Flat Twist Out On Short Natural Hair

Last, but certainly not least, here is another beautiful example of how you can use flat twists to create a super defined twist out on short natural hair.