Top 20 Trendiest Weave Hairstyles


Top 20 Quick Weave Hairstyles

Thick, shiny, healthy, full of volume – this is the kind of hair, we women have always dreamed of having. Various advertisements of hair shampoo showcase women with these types of hair, which normal women like us believe have no chance of getting.
Good news is there are many ways to achieve our desired hair. For most of us, we have been endowed with very distinctive hair, thus, what we only need is enhancement.
I’m pretty sure you’ve come across the idea of hair weaving. This is a hairstyle by which pieces of actual or synthetic hair are weaved through the real hair thereby achieving longer and full-volume hair. This is similarly one of the most sought-after hairstyles, which is likewise categorized as very fashionable.

Here are 20 types of the most popular and chic hair weave styles in different lengths and tetures. So take a peek for some inspiration!

1Long Beach Waves

True to its hairstyle name, this wavy style will definitely make your beach experience more hmmm picture-perfect? No wonder movies and TV shows with beach locations always have their actors wearing this hairstyle. It makes the entire scene even hotter!

2Tousled Hair with Bangs

And if I were to select one hairstyle to wear everyday, this has got to be one of my top 3. I love bangs; I love how it instantly makes a fashion statement.
Ever wonder how Hollywood stars still look camera-perfect even in distressed jeans and plain big shirt? It must be the hair!

3Mid-Length Layers Quick Weave

Anything mid-layer is lovely. I am personally drawn to mid-length hairstyles; it just kind of balances the really long ones and the really short ones – makes sense.
Zoe pulled off this mid-length layer hairstyle flawlessly. With a little help from few hair locks weaved at the back part of her hair, her hair looks even more beautiful.

4Naughty Spirals Quick Weave

I wonder why this was named Naughty Spirals? Does something else come to mind when you see this hairstyle? Anyway, it looks really funky to me; most likely the hairstyle of choice for younger black women.
If you’re not into the midline partition of your bangs, you can sweep it to either side whichever works best for your face shape.

5Swept Away

And I was absolutely swept away when I came across this hairstyle. Chic, classy and modern combined altogether. This will surely look good on everyone gifted with shiny straight locks.

6Ombre Hair Weave

Colors and especially ombre are the number one to-go-to enhancement nowadays. Regardless of the hairstyle, a little touch of color makes the entire package a bit sassier.
If you are one who’s adventurous enough to take on bolder colors, I say give it a shot! After all, hairstyles are all about confidence and adventure.

7Rock It! Long Curly Quick Weave

This beautiful girl has been endowed with thick curly locks, which she enhanced by weaving more locks to add definition and volume. With the proper outfit and accessories, this hairstyle can propel you to another level of fashion realm.
While this style may be experimented with other colors, I say pitch black rocked it!

8Wavy Long Weave

Remember those ladies featured in shampoo commercials that exude really healthy, long and shiny locks? This is exactly what I’m talking about here.
This gorgeous weave style is achieved by enhancing it with weaves. You see the goal is for your hair to look natural and not fake. Goal achieved for this pretty girl.

9V-Cut Weave

There are many ways to design your weaved hair but the way you trim it can speak volumes of the total package.
A V-cut trim is a safer way to showcase the flow of the locks and to combine the woven hair to your natural one. This cut will always have a prettier effect should you decide to bring it to a high ponytail.

10Mid-Part Long Weave

Few ladies part their hair mid-section just because few actually can pull it off flawlessly. If you’re looking at doing this hairstyle, you need to consider the shape of your face first. For instance, this style doesn’t really give justice to women with rounder face shape. So you might need to consider studying your features first before wearing this hairstyle.

11Big Curls on Afro Bob Weave

Even Afros and bobs can use a little help from weaving. Again, the aim is to produce fuller hair. So if your hair is too thin or flat, weaving a few locks can do the trick for you.
Most women with short hair think they have limited ways to style their short hair, but hey this is proof that you can actually experiment of a few nice ones, like weaving.

12Kinky Quick Weave

Many of us have naturally kinky, wavy and curly hair, all varying in texture and volume. If you still wish to achieve fuller hair, weaving can always do the work for you. I like women with thick hair; I admire how they somehow seem to enhance the natural beauty.

13Cornrow with a short curly weave

We love this braided side part curly weave. And because cornrows are a staple hairstyle for us, even in the category of weaves, they still hold a very respected position.
Cornrows and weaves work well together, they somehow seem to fill the void in each other’s character.

14Very Short Curly Weave

This really short woven hair just had me wow-ing!
Perfect for women with petite facial features, the short curly weave hairstyle may just be the one you have been looking for.
I do not know with you but how I see it, the more hair a short hairstyle has, the prettier it is.

15Pixie Weave

Only a few women can pull off this pixie do, just because it only works for a few. This has become a popular Hollywood trend a couple of years back and the stars who pulled off the look totally left a mark in the fashion slash style industry.

16Full Volume

We are absolutely in love with this elegant and chic long wavy style. This is another photo of a shampoo commercial hair I was talking about earlier. Need I say more?

17Color Me Bad

The technique to achieving bold styles is sometime taking bold moves just like the really bold hair color that made a really bold statement.
If you believe a certain colors works well for you then go for it.

18Chunky Braids

This big top knot braid ponytail is too chunky not to notice but if you think this is all natural hair, think again. These chunky locks were actually achieved by weaving a few more hair extensions into the model’s natural one.
And right after weaving and braiding the hair altogether, it was brought up to a really high ponytail, which completed a very sophisticated look.

19Two-Tone Weave

Because a plain colored hair is too mainstream, women have found a way to revolutionize hairstyles. Number one on the list is to play with colors.
While some adventurous women settle for lots of colors, most of them still stick to basic rules like using browns and blacks.

20Dread Locks Weave

One of the most common uses of weaves is achieving the dread locks look because it generally requires a lot of hair to achieve a lock of dreads.
Dread locks fans have a lot to thank weaving for because it just made their dream hair even more realistic.