Spring Twist Hairstyles

Spring Twists High Bun

Spring Twist Hair

Spring twists have become a really popular protective hairstyle in recent years. The key to spring twists’ unique look is the type of hair used; Spring hair is a type of synthetic curly-coily braiding hair that helps give these twists a look that sets them apart from similar twist styles (like Senegalese twists or Marley twists). The texture of spring hair also closely mimics many curly hair types, which gives spring twists a really natural look. Keep reading to learn more about spring twists.

1How To Do Spring Twists on Natural Hair

Spring twists are pretty easy to install and the process isn’t significantly different from other twisted protective styles. Starting on freshly washed, conditioned, and blow dried hair, divide the hair into small sections and start by braiding the hair at the roots for about an inch or so, then twist the spring hair into your natural hair, making sure the hair doesn’t tangle in the process. One of the great things about spring twists is that since the hair used is curly, there’s no need to use hot water to seal the ends – just give the ends a little twirl and a squeeze. As an alternative method, you can buy spring twist crochet hair and use the crochet method to install the twists. Whichever method you prefer, the end result is a gorgeous protective style. Take a look a 30+ beautiful spring twist hairstyles.

2Shoulder Length Spring Twists

These beautiful spring twists fall right around the shoulders and have a hint of color that really helps them pop. This is a great length for those who don’t like super long twists.

3Side Swept Spring Twists

These stunning spring twists are styled into a cute, effortless side swept look. This is a simple way to show off your twists and your favorite pair of earrings.

4Spring Twists With Half Up High Bun

These spring twists are styled into a casual half up high bun. This is an easy way to keep your twists out of your face and it also doubles as a cute style.

5Spring Twists High Bun

Spring twists look great styled into a high bun like the one pictured here. Leave some of the ends out in the front to create the illusion of bangs for an elegant look.

6Ombre Spring Twists

Use ombre colored braiding hair for a pop of color on the ends of your spring twists. This small detail really makes this style pop.

7Half Pulled Back Spring Twists

You can never go wrong with a half pulled back style. This is a great way to show off these shoulder length spring twists and keep them out of your face.

8Short Two Toned Spring Twists

These gorgeous bob length spring twists are made with two-toned braiding hair for a pretty sun-kissed look. Style them into a half up half down style and add a cute hair accessory like a cowrie shell to create a more personalized look.

9Light Brown Ombre Spring Twists

These beautiful spring twists are made with light brown ombre braiding hair for a really striking final look. The two colors really make the texture of the twists stand out.

10Spring Twists High Bun With Tendrils

To recreate this look, style your twists into a chic high bun and leave two twists out to form face-framing tendrils on each side.

11Shiny Spring Twists

These stunning spring twists have a shiny appearance that really helps show off their unique texture. Having a variety of spring hair colors and textures to choose from makes the styling options almost limitless.

12Half Up Half Down Spring Twists

The classic half up half down style is a great way to wear spring twists. This is a great way to show off these pretty bob length twists.

13Waist Length Spring Twists

If you like your protective styles to be long and luscious, these waist length spring twists are a great choice for you. The length of these twists gives you lots of styling options.

14Black, Blue, and Green Spring Twists

This colorful take on spring twists is created using blue, green, and black braiding hair. This unique look is sure to stand out from all the rest.

15Red Ombre Spring Twists

Deep red/burgundy ombre hair gives these spring twists a fiery pop of color that will complement any skin tone and turn heads wherever you go.

16Spring Twists Top Knot

These medium sized spring twists are styled into a simple half up top knot which really shows off their unique texture and beautifully precise diamond-shaped parts.

17Spring Twists With Brown Highlights

These gorgeous spring twists feature brown highlights for a stunning finish. This protective style lets you play around with color while keeping your own hair safely tucked away.

18Bob Length Spring Twists

These stunning bob length twists are created with brown braiding hair which really helps emphasize the gorgeous texture of these twists.

19Spring Twists Updo

The curly texture of spring twists make them perfect for creating updos. Just pile the twists at the top of your head and secure them in place for a really chic, elegant look.

20Side Swept Brown Spring Twists

These brown spring twists look beautiful styled into a simple side sweep. Whether this shade is close to your natural hair color or something different, it’s a great shade of brown that complements all skin tones.

21Shoulder Length Black Spring Twists

Shoulder length twists are a great length to go for if you’re having a hard time deciding between long or short twists. These spring twists frame the face really nicely.

22Voluminous Spring Twists

These gorgeous spring twists will give your style volume and movement. They also look great styled into an updo.

23Spring Twists Bob

You can never really go wrong with a bob and a spring twists bob is no exception. The unique texture of the twists really helps this style stand out.

24Reddish Brown Spring Twists

Getting a protective style is the perfect opportunity to try out a new hair color. If you want a color that’s more subtle, consider a reddish brown shade like this one. Using more than one color helps create gorgeous highlights.

25Half Up Half Down Black Spring Twists

One of the best things about spring twists is that you can easily style them in a variety of ways so you’ll never get bored. These black spring twists look great arranged in a casual half up half down style.

26Multi-Colored Spring Twists

These stunning multi-colored spring twists are a great choice if you’re looking for a style that will really stand out. With hues of brown, red, and blonde, you’re sure to turn heads wherever you go with this vibrant style.

27Spring Twists High Ponytail With Faux Bangs

This is a really cute way to style your spring twists: arrange them into a high ponytail and let them fall forward to give the appearance of bangs.

28Short Spring Twists With Side Part

These short, cute spring twists are styled with a side part. This is a really great style that looks a lot like two strand twists on natural hair, but they help keep your hair tucked away and protected in the process.

29Short Golden Brown Spring Twists

These beautiful golden brown spring twists frame the face nicely, falling right above the shoulders. This color will give you a natural sun-kissed look and it also helps highlight the natural texture of the twists.

30Black Blue and Purple Spring Twists

These beautiful black spring twists feature a hint of purple and blue color for a really striking contrast. Blue and purple are both vibrant but cool, understated tones that complement a variety of skin tones. This look is also perfect for those who want to experiment with color but don’t want to fully commit to one shade.

31Short Black Spring Twists

It’s common for long protective styles to get all the love, but short styles are just as cute (and don’t take as long to install). Short spring twists look great and they’re also a great alternative for those who haven’t quite perfected their two strand twist technique.

32Reddish Brown Ombre Spring Twists

Ombre color looks amazing on spring twists, partially because of the texture of the twists. Ombre color also creates a great contrast when you style them into a high ponytail or updo.

33Spring Twists With Burgundy Ends

These black spring twists have a hint of burgundy on the ends for a gorgeous pop of color. Burgundy is a great shade because it looks good on everyone and it’s vibrant but not too bold.

34Black, Blonde, and Burgundy Spring Twists

These black spring twists have blonde and burgundy color mixed throughout. The result is a unique multi-colored look that really catches the eye.

35Spring Twist Bob

Spring twists give the classic bob a little something extra. Style the twists with a side part and pin some of them back for a really elegant look that works for both casual and formal days.