Side Part Sew In Styles

long curly sew in side part


How-To: Side Part Sew In Tutorial & Styles

Weaves are great protective styles that allow you to give your natural hair a break and try new styles without a long-term commitment. A sew-in weave is usually less damaging to your hair than a glue-in weave, as long as it’s installed and maintained properly. If you’re going for the most realistic look, you might consider a sew-in weave with a side part. When done correctly, this method can produce an incredibly natural look. Let’s take a look at how to do a side part sew-in weave and explore some styles you can create with this method.

1Before You Begin

As with any style, you’ll want to prep by washing and deep conditioning your hair. This is especially important for protective styles since your natural hair will be braided down and inaccessible for a longer period of time than usual. You always want to start with a clean and moisturized head of hair and scalp. Shampoo with your favorite sulfate-free shampoo and hydrating deep conditioner and make sure your hair is thoroughly detangled. Follow up with a moisturizing leave-in conditioner. To make preparation easier, you may want to blow dry your hair or use a heat-less method that will stretch your hair while it dries. If you decide to have a leave out (this helps create the most natural look), make sure your hair will match the texture of your weave as closely as possible. If you decide to blow dry and flat iron your hair, apply a heat protectant first.

2Braiding Your Hair

Create your part on whichever side of your head that you prefer, then begin cornrowing your hair into a beehive pattern, as shown here. Using the right braid pattern is a really important foundational step that ensures that the hair will be flat and natural-looking. To prevent a lumpy-looking sew-in, make sure your braids are flat and smooth. The majority of your hair will be in cornrows; section of the portion of your hair that you’ll be using for your leave out and either braid it or put it in a Bantu knot to keep it separated and out of the way. If your hair is too short to braid, you can use a cornrow cap, as long as you’re able to find one with the right braid pattern. However, you’ll likely need to use a closure with this method.

3Side Part Sew In Installation

mesh weave cap is recommended as it will make the sewing process a little easier and will avoid putting too much tension on your natural hair. Start sewing horizontally across the back of your head, starting at the nape of the neck and work your way up. When you get to the end of a row, fold the weft of hair (don’t cut it) and start on the next row. When you’re done, be sure to cut off any remaining part of the weft and cut and tie off the thread. Then style your leave out and blend it with your sew-in. There are video tutorials available on YouTube that will demonstrate how to install a weave using this method. It is helpful to see it in action, particularly the fold-over method, which will minimize any bulkiness and help your weave lie flat.

4Side Part Sew In Tips

For the most natural look possible, use human hair extensions that match your current hair color. Also, try to match the hair as closely as possible to your natural hair texture: this can also be done with a flat iron or curling iron and styling products, depending on the texture you choose. Using the fold over method mentioned earlier is easier than cutting the weft after each row; it will also make it easier to take down and reuse the bundles because they will pretty much stay intact, aside from where you cut it when you get to the front of your head. If you want a layered look or bangs, buy bundles of more than one length. Here are some different ways you can style a side part sew-in. Whether you want long, flowing locks, a chic short style, or a new hair color, there are many different looks to choose from.

5Long Curly Sew-In With Side Part

This long, curly sew-in is a pretty style if you’re going for a look with a little texture to it. The volume at the roots gives this style a really natural-looking appearance.

6Sleek Low Ponytail With Side Part

This straight sew-in has a particularly sleek look when pulled back into a simple low ponytail. It’s a simple, effortless look for pretty much any occasion.

7Body Wave With Highlights

Brown highlights make this style stand out and the texture of the hair provides styling versatility. This type of hair can easily be straightened or curled in loose waves or tight curls using a curling iron.

8Red Waves

The highlight of this style is its deep, rich red color. The side part with a little bump of volume at the roots and loose cascading waves create a really beautiful style.

9Long Bouncy Curls

This style combines large barrel curls and a swoop bang in the front. The result is sleek, shiny hair with lots of body and bounce.

10Medium-Length Curly Sew-In With Side Part

If you’re looking for a length that falls right below the shoulders, this is the perfect style for you. The side part and tight curls create a really natural, carefree look.

11Side Part With Loose Waves

This look is simple but cute and great as an everyday style. It can also be easily styled into a ponytail or bun.

12Bone Straight Tresses With Highlights

If you prefer bone straight hair, this might be the look for you. This sleek style is simple but pretty, and brown highlights give it a little something extra.

13Sleek Medium Length Sew-In

This style is so simple and natural-looking, you’d never even guess it was a sew-in. This is a great option if you enjoy this sleek look but want to give your natural hair a break from heat styling.

14Swoop Bang With Highlights

This style combines loose waves and highlights with a chic swoop bang in the front. Bangs are always a nice way to embellish a simple hairstyle.

15Asymmetrical Long Bob

This asymmetrical cut has a chic, sophisticated look. It’s sleek and shiny and the best part is that you don’t have to commit to cutting one side of your natural hair shorter than the other.

16Red Ombré

This sleek style perfects the art of a natural-looking side part sew-in. Red color and loose curls on the ends contrast the dark color and straight texture near the roots.

17Simple, Straight Side Sew-In

If you want a simple, natural look, this style will get the job done. This look can either be low-maintenance and left down or fancied up with curls or a bun.

18Textured Long Bob Side Part Sew In

Loose waves add texture and body to this classic long bob. A great choice if you prefer a shorter look that’s easy to maintain.

19Side Part Sew-In With Cornrows

This cornrow pattern on one side of the head adds a unique touch to an otherwise simple straight style with loosely curled ends.

20Asymmetrical Side Part Sew In Bob

This asymmetrical bob is trendy and sleek. Whether you want to try out a short style without cutting your hair or a longer style while your natural hair grows out, this style is a great choice.

21Medium-Length Body Wave

This medium-length body wave sew-in has a natural look that would also look great styled into a low side-bun or chignon.

22Chic Classic Bob

A classic bob never goes out of style. It’s a great low-maintenance everyday look for those looking for a simple, chic look.

23Loose Long Curls

These effortless, flowing loose curls are simple but beautiful. This look is great if you want a style with body and shine.

24Classic Side Part Style

This look could easily be mistaken for a silk press on natural hair. The ends are loosely curled and styled for body and movement and the length falls right below the shoulders.

25Blonde Highlights And Cornrows

Two cornrows on one side of the head add a nice touch of detail to this beautiful style of barrel curls tinged with blonde highlights.

26Green Ombré Side Part Sew In

Green color on the ends takes this shoulder-length style to the next level. The hair is styled in loose waves to add body and bounce.

27Side Part With Single Braid

This simple bone-straight sew-in with a side part is dressed up with a single braid right along the hairline in the front of the head. This style would also look great pulled back into a simple ponytail.

28Super Curly Sew-In With Flat Twist

For this style, part of the hair is pulled back with the help of a single flat twist on one side. The rest of the hair hangs loose in a cascade of tight curls. This style keeps the hair from falling into your face.

29Shoulder-Length Tousled Curls

This shoulder-length style is highlighted by a mass of gorgous tousled curls which give it texture and lots of body.