Short Wigs for Black Women

Bone Straight Middle Part Bob Wig

Short Wigs for Black Women

Wigs are a great option for when you want to quickly change up your look. They can also give you a break from styling your hair every day, which is a plus for those who like to incorporate protective and low-manipulation styles into their routines. Today, there are a variety of different types of wigs to choose from and with options like lace front wigs, it’s easy to get a look that’s perfectly customized just for you. Short wigs are a great option because they tend to be a little easier to maintain and they allow you to experiment with a shorter style regardless of length of your natural hair. Here are 35 gorgeous short wigs to inspire your next look.

1Blonde Ombre Wig With Loose Curls

This wig features a classic middle part and gorgeous ombre blonde color which gives it a really natural look. The hair is styled into loose curls for a really pretty final look.

2Bob Length Wig With Soft Barrel Curls

This cute bob-length wig is styled with a side part and loose barrel curls for a chic and carefree look.

3Curly Two-Toned Lace Front Wig

This curly lace front includes two light brown streaks in the front and baby hairs for a natural finish. This shoulder length bob is the perfect length if you don’t want to go too short.

4Curly Black Lace Front Wig

This curly lace front wig falls right around the shoulders. A custom install will give you the most natural look possible. Whether this look is close to your natural hair texture or you want to shake up your usual look, this is a great, natural looking style.

5Blonde Ombre Bob Wig

This wig features blonde ombre color, which gives it a look that’s similar to growing out a dye job. Styled with a side part, this is a great length for those who like the look of a lob (long bob).

6Middle Part Lace Front Wig With Barrel Curls

This lace front wig is styled with a classic middle part and soft barrel curls. This look has lots of body and volume and the curls give it a little texture. As with any wig or weave style, using human hair will give you the most natural look possible.

7Red Orange Bob Wig

If you’re looking for a bold, head-turning look, this sleek red orange bob wig is a great option. Cut into a classic middle part bob, this wig frames most face shapes wonderfully and it gives you the opportunity to experiment with a vibrant new hair color without having to alter your natural hair color.

8Burgundy Side Part Bob Wig

This gorgeous wig features a lovely burgundy color and a side part. A classic chin-length bob, this a great look that will allow you to switch up your regular day-to-day style.

9Middle Part Wig With Blonde Highlights

If you want to switch up your hair color and overall look, consider a middle part wig with blonde highlights. Getting a custom installation will help give you the most natural look.

10Platinum Blonde Short Bob Wig

Platinum blonde color gives this bob length wig a bold, chic look. Wearing a wig allows you to rock this bone-straight look without subjecting your hair to high heat from the flat iron.

11Bob-Length Blonde Wig

This cute bob-length blonde wig allows you to rock a sun-kissed look any time of year. The best part is that you don’t have to bleach your own hair to get this look.

12Short Curly Middle Part Lace Front Wig

It’s hard to believe you can achieve such a natural look with a wig, but with the right install, it’s totally possible. This curly bob is a gorgeous way to give your natural hair a break.

13Black Bob Lace Front Wig With Baby Hairs

If you want a chic, classic look like this one, you can easily achieve it with a good wig. This chin-length bob frames the face beautifully.

14Asymmetrical Golden Brown Wig

This pretty asymmetrical bob features lovely golden brown highlights and loose waves. This is a great look if you want a wig that will have natural body and volume.

15Bone Straight Lob Wig With Middle Part

You really can’t go wrong with a lob (a long bob). This bone straight black wig is styled with a middle part and sleek edges for a natural-looking finishing touch.

16Grey Bob Length Wig

Grey hair may be one of the most surprising hair color trends in recent years, but it’s still going strong. Getting a grey wig, like this cute, bouncy bob, is a great way to take advantage of this hair color trend without altering your natural hair.

17Short Ombre Blonde Bob Wig

A pretty honey blonde ombre bob is a chic, timeless style. But if you don’t want to commit to a cut and color on your own hair, a wig is the perfect option.

18Shoulder Length Wig With Loose Waves

This gorgeous shoulder-length wig is styled with loose waves for a natural and classically glam look.

19Middle Part Lace Front short Bob Wig

A bob with a middle part is a timeless look. A lace front wig allows you to achieve a straightened look without having to use heat on your own hair to maintain it.

20Curly Lace Front Wig With Baby Hairs

This curly lace front wig has an exceptionally natural look, thanks to the way it’s parted and the slicked down baby hairs. Whether you normally wear your hair curly or straight, this is a great way to give your natural hair a break.

21Asymmetrical Bob Wig

An asymmetrical bob is a really striking look but it can be awkward to grow out. Luckily, wigs give you the option to enjoy this style on a temporary basis without committing to a haircut.

22Sandy Brown Bob Wig

This gorgeous sandy brown color is a great choice for the summer months or any time of year you want a pretty, sun-kissed look. Sample this shade by getting a wig customized just for you, that way you don’t have to commit to a new hair color long term.

23Chin Length Lace Front Bob Wig

A sleek bob is a look that never goes out of style. This bob wig gives you the convenience to rock this style while keeping your own hair protected underneath.

24Extreme Asymmetrical Bob Wig

This asymmetrical bob is absolutely stunning. If you don’t want to commit to a cut this extreme, a wig is a great option.

25Middle Part Bob Wig With Brown Streaks

Two streaks of light brown color right in the front help this bob style stand out from the rest. Styled with a middle part, this wig is a classic look that’s always on trend.

26Glam Bob Wig

This gorgeous wig is styled with loose, voluminous curls for a classic glam look. This is a great look that’s effortlessly chic and can easily go from day to night.

27Middle Part Lace Front Wig With Loose Waves

This pretty bob is styled with a middle part and loose waves, giving it a nice amount of body and texture. This is a great, natural-looking style that you can wear when you want to take a break from your usual look.

28Bone Straight Middle Part Bob Wig

Maintaining a bone straight, sleek look like this one can take its toll on your natural hair. A wig will give you the same look while keeping your hair protected from heat damage.

29Blunt Cut Bob Wig

A blunt cut can give a bob a really striking look and it can give you a nice amount of volume. A blunt cut wig gives you the freedom to rock this look for as long as you want, without worrying about the grow out process.

30Shoulder Length Body Wave Wig

You can never go wrong with a cute shoulder length style. This wig is styled with loose curls, giving it lots of body and movement.

31Short Burgundy Wig

This gorgeous burgundy bob is a great choice if you want to experiment with a bold but understated color. A cute wig gives you the freedom to easily switch up your look.

32Bob Length Pink Wig

This pretty candy pink wig is a bold choice that is sure to turn heads. This is fun way to switch things up.

33Pixie Cut Wig

Pixie cuts are always in style and they’re a really chic way to rock short hair. A wig can easily give you the same look, all while keeping your natural hair protected underneath.

34Bright Red Bob Wig

If “go bold or go home” is the motto you live by, then a wig like this one is just right for you. Featuring a bold, bright red shade and an extra sleek, straight texture, this is a chic, adventurous look.

35Chic Short Cut Wig

This chic short cut falls right in between a pixie cut and a bob, giving it a more unique look. A wig this length is a great way to change up your usual look.