40 Short Natural Hairstyles for Black Women

short natural hair

40 Short Natural Hairstyles for Black Women

Think there are not a lot of styling options for short, natural hair? Think again. Countless hairdos can be crafted to match your personality. Wear your hair up or braid your hair with intricate designs. Sleek back your hair for an ultra-slicked back look. Feelin’ a little spunky? Cute coils give you a spirited vibe. Short, natural hair does not limit the styles you can create.
Gone are the days of basic, short hairstyles. Voluminous looks can be achieved with a natural hairdo even at a short length. Take the time to grow your natural hair out and you will soon find yourself adoring the results.

1Tight Curls

As you start to grow your natural hair, you may wonder where to begin. Tight curls are a wonderful hairstyle to start your natural hair journey. Really short hair can be tightly curled with a texturizer.

2Flat Twist Paired with a Twist-Out

To achieve full curls without heat, style your short hair in a twist-out. A protective style, this look is paired with a flat twist to further safeguard the edges of your hair.

3Rolled Bun with a Side-Part

For a cute and classic look, go with a rolled bun featuring a side-part. Enjoy every event throughout the day as you stroll along wearing a timeless style.

4Modified Mohawk

Wearing your natural hair short in a modified Mohawk is a neat way to showcase how splendid natural hair color can look during the growing out process.

5Voluminous Pixie Hair

Naturally curly hair is a look of grandeur in a pixie cut. Voluminous curls add height to your hair along with personality.

6Pin-up Style

Create a classic meets modern hairdo when you wear your short, natural hair pin-up style. Accessorizing with a bandana and a popular front-bump adds to the tradition of a pin-up style. Having a contrast of curls on top paired with smoothed sides is stylin’.

7Individual Braided Style

Individual braids provide more versatility than cornrows or twists and are a natural protective hairstyle. When wearing a short style with braids, accessorize it with a thick headband for a complete look.

8Super Short Fade

Try a super short fade hairstyle as you enjoy the perks of natural hair. Tight waves will sit atop your head as you wear a bold hairdo.

9Finger Coils

Be quite charming with glossy finger coils throughout your hair. Enjoy a day in the park basking in the sunlight with a cute and carefree look.

10Two-Tone Cut with Design

Stand out with a two-tone cut paired with a detailed design. Having a blonde coloring on top brings some pizzazz to the style while a parted design only adds to this unique hairdo.

11Messy Short Hair

Having naturally curly short hair gives you the freedom to let your curls just be. Your curls can go in whatever direction they choose and still look fabulous.

12Afro American Frohawk

The afro American frohawk is a stylish alternative to match the uniqueness of a Mohawk. Fashionable edge is communicated through this individualized look.

13Asymmetry with Flat Twists

A dignified, refined look for formal events can be achieved through asymmetry paired with a flat twist. One side of your hair is sleek with flat twists while guiding your curls to the other side of your head.

14Short Hair with Tapered Back

For those who prefer to have length at the front of your hair, but desire to have a shorter length in the back, try a tapered cut in the back. In the morning, just get up and go about your day.

15Short Hair with Caramel Highlights

Stay on top of hair trends by adding caramel highlights to your hairdo. Caramel highlights are not as drastic as other colors, but still give you some variation to your hair.

16Short Bob Twist

Highlight your femininity through a short bob with a two-strand twist. Pure sophistication exudes from this look as you make this style your own.

17Braided Crown

An appealing look is the braided crown which can be worn for days. If you do not want to worry about varying your hairstyle throughout the week, the braided crown is a wonderful look.

18Straw Set for Natural Hair

For tiny spirals, wrap your hair tightly around straws or small flexirods and let your hair air dry overnight. You can even separate your curls to make more curls or wear your hair tight and compact.

19Dark Blonde Hair with Side Part

Coloring your natural hair is always a way to spice up your style. Try a dark blonde hue paired with a side part. You will have an ultimate fashion forward look.

20Really Short Pixie

A short pixie provides you with the cute hairstyle to match any occasion. Natural curls help make this look delicate and feminine.

21Natural Up-do

The possibilities for elegant up-dos with natural curly hair are endless. You can braid or twist your hair into a sleek up-do with soft waves for a lovely evening.

22Afro Hair

The classic timeless style of afro hair has made a comeback these days. Look and feel like a goddess as you move forward through the day.

23Natural Jumbo Bob

An ultra-chic bob combined with jumbo twists is an all-around flattering look for women. This protective style keeps your hair healthy and saves you time on daily maintenance.

24Funky Mohawk

For a funky, fresh vibe be adventurous with a Mohawk that is truly unique. Have a fresh cut along the sides of your head with a curly fro as a natural Mohawk. Add color and parts for extra style points.

25Short Violet Hair

Who doesn’t want to try a daring new color on their hair? Violet stands out in a crowd and you are able to showcase a fun side of your style.

26Bob with Side Bangs

A bob with side bangs lets people know you mean business as you pair it with a pant or dress suit. Add some confidence to your step with this hairstyle.

27Braids and Double Bun

An up-do that will last all day is the braids and double bun hairstyle. Chunky cornrows are paired with two adjacent front buns for a simple, yet innovative style.

28Layered and Curly Hairstyle

Layer your curls throughout your hair for a lively look that exudes fun and excitement. A jet-black color adds definition to the luxurious coils for a look that stands throughout the day.

29Straight Bob with Middle Part

Bring a touch of class with you wherever you go when you wear a straight bob that has a middle part. Style this hairdo with a sophisticated dress for a professional look.

30Swept Up-do

For a poised style to wear to special events, wear your hair in a swept up-do. Sleekly sweep up the sides of your hair so they are high atop the forehead, or sweep he hair to one side, similar to a Pompadour up-do.

31Braided Mohawk

Wear a braided hairstyle that has an extra touch of flavor by incorporating a fun roll with a royal bouffant. Go from the workplace to a night on the town with this interesting hairstyle.

32Lively Temple

Braiding or twisting your hair at one temple provides an easy and fancy asymmetric hairstyle option. The lively temple hairdo is a perfect solution for women who are wondering how to shape their coils as they lengthen.

33Short Layered Bob

The short layered bob features diverse lengths of hair. One side of your hair is cut short, while the other side is somewhat longer to add a voluminous effect. Layering brings a fashionable vibe to any outfit.

34Puff with Defined Ringlets

Wear your natural puff towards your forehead and dress it with defined ringlets for an elegant approach to bangs. Exquisite texture set this puff above the others.

35Short Curls in High Bun

Look and feel snazzy as you wear your hair in a cute high bun. This particular hairstyle works best for those with thick, curly hair.

36Twisted Roll and Side Bang

An appropriate look that will still be in style for weeks is the twisted roll paired with versatile side bangs. You can pin back your bangs or wear them down for a hip casual look.

37Sectioned Mohawk with Small Coils

Pin your hair into a Mohawk going down the middle of your head and add in a parted design to individualize your look. Small coils add a kick of character.

38Inverted Bob

For a cute yet elegant look, style your hair in an inverted bob which pairs well with comfy clothes or a sleek cocktail dress.

39Corkscrew Ringlets

A chic asymmetric hairdo with bouncy ringlets all swept to one side bring a bit of edge to your natural hairstyle.

40Natural Waves

Soft waves are still fashionable for the modern woman. Brush your curls out to emphasize body and length as you dance the night away.