Sew In Bobs

sew in bob hairstyles


Sew In Bob Hairstyles

The bob is one of the most popular and classic hairstyles around. The bob looks great on all hair types and you can create this style on your natural hair or with the help of extensions. A sew-in bob is a great option for those who like the style but don’t want to commit to the look long-term. Getting a sew-in bob also gives you the most styling versatility when it comes to color, texture, and length. Sew-in bobs give you the freedom to switch up your look while giving your natural hair a break from daily styling. Here’s all you need to know before getting a sew-in bob, plus 25 great sew in bob styles.

1Pre Installation Sew In Bob

Before getting any sew-in style, be sure to wash and deep condition your hair. You want to make sure you start on clean, moisturized hair so that you can make the style last as long as possible. If you haven’t clarified your hair in a while, now is a good time to do so. After deep conditioning, follow up with a hydrating leave-in conditioner; you can also do the LOC or LCO method for maximum moisture retention. You can also oil your scalp with a light oil like jojoba oil. Be careful not to go overboard with the products though, as it can cause product build-up.

2Getting A Sew In Bob

The installation process for a sew-in bob isn’t much different from other sew-in styles – the extensions are just short. Generally, a stylist will install the hair and then trim it into a bob that best frames your face. But you can also start with shorter bundles that are already the right length for a bob. Before installation, your hair will be cornrowed into a specific braid pattern, then covered with a mesh cap. The addition of the mesh cap is optional, but it is recommended because it provides more protection and puts less stress on your natural hair.

3Choosing The Best Weave For A Bob Sew In

Choosing the right hair is an essential part of getting a sew-in bob. With all the options available, it can be difficult to know which type of hair is best. Ultimately, it comes down to the look you’re going for. For example, if you’re going for a natural look, you want to choose hair that is similar to your natural texture. However, if that’s not a factor, you have much more flexibility. Human hair extensions will always look more natural, have better movement, and last longer than synthetic hair. Brazilian hair extensions are really popular because they come in multiple textures that are easy to straighten and curl using a curling iron, giving you lots of styling versatility. If you plan to have a leave-out, choose the hair texture wisely; you want a texture that will be easy to blend with your natural hair without having to use excessive heat to get the job done.

Some of the Best Hair Available For Bob Sew Ins

4Straight Brazilian Virgin Human Hair

These Brazilian Virgin Human hair extensions are a great choice for a sew-in bob because you can wear it straight or easily add curls. The hair is soft and shiny and you can cut and style it any way you like.

5Bestsojoy Brazilian Virgin Hair

The Bestsojoy Brazilian Virgin Hair Body Wave is another great option if you’re looking for a curlier texture hair. This hair will give your sew-in bob lots of body and natural movement.

6Brazilian Virgin Bob Sew In

This Brazilian Virgin Hair bundles is the perfect length for a sew-in bob, but you can always trim it if you want to go shorter (or create an asymmetrical style).

7Annelbel Brazilian Body Wave

Annelbel Brazilian Hair Body Wave hair is another great choice if you want styling versatility for your sew-in bob. This texture holds curls well and can also easily be straightened and dyed (if you want to go with a bolder color).

Keep reading for some great sew-in bob style ideas.

8Sleek Middle Part Bob Sew In

Sew-ins with a leave-out generally result in the most natural-looking final look, however, with the right closure, a full sew-in can look just as good. Take this sleek, straight bob for example. This style is a great way to get that bone straight look without subjecting your natural hair to high heat from a flat iron.

9Curly Side Part Bob Sew In 

This gorgeous curly sew-in bob has a really natural look that resembles a braid-out on stretched hair. This style is a great choice if you normally wear your hair curly and want a bob that looks like your natural texture.

10Bob Sew In With Bangs


This cute sew-in bob is styled with a side part and bangs, giving it a really natural look. The layers and bangs also give this look more texture and movement. If you want a simple, classic bob that has body and movement, this look is a great option.

11Full, Textured Sew-In Bob

If you want a full, textured look like the one pictured here, try doing a roller set on your bob sew in. Roller sets give human hair extensions lots of body and movement, and they’re easy to do at home.

12Sew In Bob With Flipped Bangs

This simple sew-in bob stops right above the shoulders. The bangs are curled outwards to create a cute flip. This little detail helps this style stand out and it’s easy to maintain and recreate at home with a curling iron.           

13Pink Ombre Sew-In Bob

If you want to experiment with a fun new hair color, a style like this cute pink ombre sew-in bob is a great choice. One of the best parts of sew in weaves is the option to temporarily change your hair color without subjecting your natural hair to the harsh effects of bleaching and hair dyes.

14Sew-In Bob With a Touch of Blue

This side part sew-in bob is another great way to experiment with color. This dark blue shade is great if you want a more subtle color change; it’s also a shade that looks good on everyone. The sleek, silky texture of the hair makes the color really pop.

15Simple Layered Bob

If you want a simple, natural look, this straight bob sew in is just right. Styled with a simple side part and subtle layers, this is a great everyday look that allows you to give your natural hair a break from daily styling.

16Green Long Bob Sew In

This sleek, forest green sew-in bob is absolutely gorgeous. The rich but subtle color is a surefire way to ensure that you’ll never get bored with this look. The hair is styled into a stacked bob: longer in the front and shorter in the back.

17Blonde Layered Sew-In Bob

For this style, blonde hair is layered underneath brown hair for a pretty, highlighted effect. This classic chin-length bob also has lots of body and movement and it’s a great option if you want to try out a blonde color without going full-out blonde.          

18Golden Ombre Asymmetrical Bob

This sew-in bob has a lot going for it: the gorgeous golden ombré color, the asymmetrical shape, and the body and bounce created by the layers and soft curls.

19Short Bob Sew In With Swoop Bang 

This simple yet gorgeous sew-in bob takes your classic chin-length bob and adds a little flair to it with a side part and swooped bangs. This is a great everyday look that’s easy to maintain.

20Highlighted Stacked Sew-In Bob

The stacked bob (longer in the front and shorter in the back) is always a great look. For this style, brown highlights help accentuate the shape and texture of this cut. Using extensions allows you to rock a gorgeous new color short-term without committing to it long-term.

21Curly Bob Sew In

This sew-in bob is styled with a side part and loose bouncy curls. Brazilian and Peruvian hair are both great choices for a style like this because they hold curls easily.

22Curly Sew-In Bob 

This is another great curly sew-in bob. This style features tighter curls that resemble a flexi rod set on natural hair, making it the perfect choice if you wear your hair natural and want a protective style that resembles your natural texture.

23Two-Toned Curly Bob

This sew-in bob combines two-toned color and bouncy curls, resulting in an amazing final look. The color really offset the layers and texture of this hair and provides great movement.

24Red Sew-In Bob

If red is your color, then this straight sew-in bob is right up your alley. Styled with a deep side part, this shoulder-length bob just brushes the shoulders and you can easily add curls to it when you’re ready to switch it up.

25Golden Brown Bob Sew In With Bangs

This beautiful golden brown sew-in bob is styled into loose curls for body and movement and features a deep side part and dramatic swoop bangs.

26Blonde Asymmetrical Long Bob Sew In

This blunt cut, straight sew-in bob will have you feeling like a blonde bombshell. The best part is that you don’t have to cut your hair or bleach it to achieve this look.

27Asymmetrical Sew In Bob with Side Part

This dramatic asymmetrical cut is chin-length on one side with dramatic swoop bangs on the other. This is a great choice if you’re having a hard time deciding what length you want your sew-in to be.

28A-Line Sew-In Bob

This classic A-line sew-in bob is a great option if you want a dramatic cut on straight hair that still has lots of body and movement.

29Sew-In Bob With Middle Part

Sew-in bobs with middle parts are harder to pull off, but with the right closure, you can achieve a flawless finish.

30Body Wave Short Bob Sew In

This cute, curly sew-in bob is great for those who prefer curlier textures. You can use Brazilian or Peruvian body wave extensions to achieve this look.

31Two -Toned Wavy Sew-In Bob

This gorgeous two-toned sew-in bob is sure to turn heads wherever you go. Use flexi rods or a curling iron to create these carefree beach waves.

32Chic Curly Sew-In Bob

This side part sew-in bob is an absolutely beautiful choice for your next protective style. Choose the highest quality hair available to ensure a chic look that will last.

33Deep Side Part Bob

For those who prefer super straight texture, this is another straight asymmetrical bob with a deep side part sew in. This style has lots of volume at the back side, and the deep side part adds more texture and creates an effortless yet sophisticated look.