Senegalese Twists Hairstyles

Best Senegalese twists hairstyles

Natural and Crochet Senegalese Twists Hairstyles

Senegalese twist originated from Senegalese South Africa and are a great low-maintenance protective style. This multifunctional look takes 3-5 hours to achieve and can last for 1-3 months. Thick rope two-strand twists that offer a break from daily hair manipulation for your natural tresses. Committing to a hairdo is a personal decision, but with summer on the horizon, protective styles just work. New season can mean a new look, that allows for versatility and a hiatus from your daily hair routine. Less time doing your hair frees up energy for you to curate your perfect summer wardrobe. Senegalese twist offer unapologetically bold hair that has many styling options you can easily pull off.
Different ways to wear them:

1Senegalese Twists braided updo

This pin up hairstyle is easy to achieve, just take your favorite scarf, fold it into a triangle and tie it around your bun twists, pull it up and you are ready to go! This style helps frame the face and bring attention to your brows and lashes. So you could take this opportunity to add bronze up your brows and add some mascara for drama.

2Scarf Wrap Senegalese Twists

Pull your twist back and tie a scarf around them for a more chic-relaxed look. Still looking naturally beautiful without missing a beat! A look this simple frees up your routine and allows you to get out the door faster.

3Side High Braid Senegalese Twists

Take a small front section of hair and gently braid the two sections into a big twist, then tie them over the remaining hair for a more classic look.

4Twisted Updo

Simply pull your hair up into a top notch ponytail then take sections and wrap into a bun all in the same direction and pin down with bobby pins.

5Colored Senegalese Twist

Don’t want to commit to a color for the season, this vibe can be created with a mix up of many colors and is being rocked more and more by women of all ages.

6Senegalese twist crochet braids Ponytail

Ponytails are a surefire hit this season and all over the runways of fashion week! So however you delve into this trusted long-standing staple, make it work for you from day to evening by keeping it simple or shaking it up with flavor! Make it uniquely you by switching it up and keeping it sleek and glamorous by needing a break from the norm and more widely worn styles, add some randomness if you like to get out of a style rut as well many a celebrity have rocked the Senegalese twist with style and class!

7Loose Side Braid Senegalese Twists

The front section pulled up away from the face and tied loosely with a band around them.
Allow the back twists to flow freely on the sides and you’ve accentuated your facial features, add some lipstick and viola! You are ready to go with minimal effort!

8Split Ponytail Senegalese Twist

Don’t know where to start? With the multitude of style options for your new twist just start simple and make a ponytail to your liking! No instructions needed it’s tried and true for us all! Or just throw on an elastic headband and go, no fuss styling for anyone in a rush but still fierce!

9Braided twisted updo

A pretty casual style to try for any after work or weekend event. Try something new!

102 Twisted Buns Updo

This stunning Updo looks sleek and sexy for any occasion. This look can take a little longer to achieve but perfect for a summer wedding or formal event.

11Flower Power Senegalese Twists

Always a winner for the Boho at heart. Just stick flower pins into your hair or use a headband with flower already attached to get this playful look

12Half Up, Half Down Senegalese Twists

Start at right side of the front of the hairline, take big chunky sections and braid together leaving some hair loosely falling on both sides. This is a look to love when you want to look flawless.

13Face frame Senegalese twists

So many stunning ways to wear Senegalese twist that bring attention to a beautiful smile and freshly painted lips or brows. Just let it hang works as well as fancy. Long twist offer so many options! Giving your natural or relaxed hair a break has never been so easy.

14Red Senegalese twist crochet braids

This Look can make heads turn and add personality. So go ahead and make a statement, try a bold color on your twist! We adore these bright red and super long senegalese twist crochet braids.

15Side Parts Senegalese Twists

Since the hair is weighty everything stays in place nicely. Just take a big section of hair, twist it to the back middle part of the head, then repeat on the other side and braid the remainder of hair. Leave the back free flowing.

16Senegalese Twisted Bun

The style can easily stay put without much effort. First, you can put your hair into a ponytail, then wrap the hair in one direction and use bobby pins to firmly secure it in place.

17Twisted High Bun Baby Hair

Like the high bun, just pull hair to the center of your head, wrap the hair around and use bobby pins to secure. To get a cut baby hair style just apply some gel or edge control and apply while rubbing the hair, style as desired. This look tames even the most refined for a sleek and neat look for the more refined and classic goddess!

18Piled High Ponytail

Look sophisticated while covering your natural with a piled up twist. Separate front pieces and sweep upward into a pile. You can even make it messy and allow a few strands to fall down on your forehead.

19Accessorized Senegalese twists

Decorate your hair with accessories to switch things up occasionally. Create mini-masterpieces by simply adorning hair with jewels, beads or flowers.

20Half Up Top Knot Senegalese Twist

This fan favorite can’t steer you wrong since there is so much hair to work with you can easily create a half up top knot. Whatever your style is this is universally perfect for day-to-night. You will look chic and won’t break the bank.

21Tie Senegalese Twist

Try a tie back look that you can easily achieve at home. Take hair from the right side, pull to the back, take hair from the left side pull to the back, then tie all the hair into a pretty ponytail.

22Half up French Senegalese Twists

This is an easy way to keep the hair off the face. Simply take random pieces from each side and pull them to the back center of your head and twist them together. Then secure with bobby pins or a rubber band. This style is classic looking and simple.

23Celebrity Senegalese twist looks

Celebrities from Rhianna to Janet Jackson to Brandy have rocked this look! You can be red carpet ready with these versatile twist. From runway to reality, they are a bold show stopper!

24Pompadour Senegalese Twists

This is an age-old style that’s been around since the 1700s and always makes a comeback. Try it on for size!

25Vivid Purple Senegalese twists

Add some ump with a bold hue! Go ahead brighten someone’s day!

26Beaded Senegalese twist

While twists are one style for most textures of hair, set your twist off with beads! Style your own twist by accessorizing with colored beads to accentuate your look for the day. Simply take individual twist and add beads to the ends or position in the front section of hair.

These gorgeous twists look chic and unique. Experiment with different styles and colors for making the most of your Senegalese twist. And always remember more is more so make it as big as you can! Put some red lipstick on and dance, dance, dance! The prices may vary from salon to salon, from West Coast to East Coast to the Midwest. So check with your local stylist for optimal pricing. But remember they can last awhile and well worth the end cost and value to your hair’s health. Prices can range depending upon salon or home stylist. The hair cost is, even more, variable and determined by the type, texture, and quality you decide to use. Recommended hair is Marley or Kanekalon.

27Stretch it out Senegalese Twists

Senegalese twist can last 10-12 weeks depending upon your dedication and maintenance skills. At the end of any protective style, some of us want to make it last forever! So to keep your twist looking fresh longer make sure you do everything you can to get some moisture to your natural hair and keep it moisturized. By all means, also make sure your edges look neat. New growth happens but tries to minimize dryness by gently applying product for frizz control. No excuses just make it work! You gave your hair a much-needed rest from chemicals, harsh treatments, and products so be happy about it! So whatever your given hair type just remember, a break from your hair rut can help stimulate hair growth!

28Senegalese Twists – Suggestions For Maintenance

-wash once weekly with diluted shampoo
-avoid creamy conditioners and products (this can cause knots to form)
-use light oil a few times a week to keep scalp from getting too dry
-spray liquid products for daily moisture (like a leave-in conditioner)
-sleep in a scarf tied around the hair.

When all else fails, don’t sweat it you can always wear a hat or head wrap on those days you just want to be incognito. You are naturally beautiful no matter what look you choose!