Rubber Band Box Braids: Rubber Band Braids Guide

thick box braids with white beads using rubber band method

Rubber Band Method

So what is the rubber band method? Getting the right grip on your hair when installing box braids can be very tricky. If you pull too tight, you risk pain and damaging your hair but if they’re too loose your braids can fall out. Luckily, the rubber band method makes braiding so much easier. Not only does it help you grip your hair properly but it makes sectioning your hair easier, which can be a challenge when braiding your own hair, and keeps everything neat and sleek. The rubber band method works perfectly for box braids, micro braids, twists, and even crochet styles.

1How to do the rubber band method?

First you need to prep your hair for braiding with a wash, deep condition and moisture treatment beforehand. Then you need to stretch out your hair either by blowing it out or doing twists.

Stretching your hair with twists will make sectioning your hair for the braids much easier. Once you have sectioned your hair, secure each part with a rubber band tied at the root.

Now you can start adding your braiding fibre. You can either loop hair around the rubber brand and braid or twist normally from there or for the knotless look you can use a crochet latch hook to pull hair under the rubber band and braid from there.

2Maintaing your braids

It’s important to use small rubber bands specicially made for hair use or you could end up pulling and breaking your hair. When removing your braids, go very slowly and carefully. Use a rat tail comb to life the rubberband and carefully cut it off with scissors. Take care of your hair as you usually would with braids by washing often and taking care of your scalp.

Read on for the 20 best braid hairstyles all achieved with the rubber band method.

3Angular bob

This angular bun is one of the quicker box braid styles you can do. Adding a hint of color on the one side is a great way to bring your personality with the look while still remaining classic.

4Triangle part box braids

Rubber bands are perfect for helping you to create clean, straight lines for triangle parting. If you’re doing this at home, make sure to have a mirror behind your head so you can see your lines properly.

5Big bun with multi-colored beads

This sleek, knotless style is a cinch when using the rubber band method and a latch hook. By pulling hair with the hook beneath the band, you eliminate the need for a chunky starting knot and these braids will look like they’re growing right out of your scalp.

6Deep side part bun

This fabulous style is easily achieved by sectioning off braids in the front and sweeping them over to the side and the same way you would wrap your hair. Tie the rest up into a bun and decorate with sparkly clips.

7Blonde cornrows and box braids

The rubber band method can also be used to help you section off cornrows for this trendy cornrow and box braid combination. You can achieve the curls at the end by using hot water sensitive fiber.

8Bow puffs

This adorable double bun is very simple and quick to achieve. Braid your hair after sectioning with rubbers but leave the ends unbraided so you can pull them into these bow-shaped buns.

9Jumbo box braids

You just need to section your hair into big parts for this style. You will need lots of hair packs to achieve the weight and length of this stunning look.

10Mohawk ponytail

If you’re looking for an easy and quick rubber band style, you can choose to only section off the sides of your hair into criss crossing braids and pull all your hair into a sleeek ponytail.

11Side part detail

Have fun with rubber bands by opting for brightly colored ones like in this style. The rubber bands are used as a decorative side part for this beautiful bun style.

12Shoulder length bob

This timeless style uses rubber bands at both the root and end of the braids. You can brush out the tips to create the fluffy appearance.

13Half and half colour

This very trendy color way is a great way to experiment with color. You get two looks in one by dividing your hair down the middle and braiding a different color on each side.

14Jumbo braids with cornrow detail

Balance out jumbo braids by adding thinner long cornrows on the sides above your ears. This is a great way to freshen up a classic style.

15Criss cross braids and bun

This lovely style is full of texture and dimension that will certainly turn heads. Rubber bands are used to section braids around the crown which are then criss crossed over each other before being pulled into this voluminous donut bun.

16Middle part braids into low bun

This style is a beautiful alternative to your usual flat twists. Rubber bands are used to cornrow hair at the front and then everything is gelled down into a low bun.

17Blond knotless braids

With a latch hook and rubber bands, you can use your favorite bright color hair fibre and it will look incredibly natural. The fibre blends into your hair very well, giving the appearance of roots that are growing out.

18Jumbo braids with curls

These jumbo braids with loose waves sprinkled in between will be quick and easy to achieve with the rubber band method. These style works best on longer hair as the weight of the braids will pull too hard on short strands.

19Thin braids with curled ends

Adding curls to the end of your braids provides a lot of volume and drama like in this playful yet sexy pigtail look. Rubber bands are very useful in creating smaller sections and thinner braids.

20Blond boho braids

This unique style is perfect for boho, beachy vibes. Softer colors like light browns and golden blonds will really make the relaxed feel pop.

21Classic knotless braids ponytail

Classic, Poetic Justice style box braids aren’t going anywhere any time soon. The rubber band method will just make this style much easier to achieve at home.

22Jumbo braids bun

While this style might be a little heavy, it is certainly breathtaking. Jumbo braids make for lovely buns. Opt for an elastic headband or a headscarf to tie them up.