Rope Twist Tutorial With 30 Gorgeous Rope Twist Styles

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How To Do Rope Twist Braids With 30 Rope Twist Styles

Rope twists are popular among women with naturally kinky/curly hair. Even if you’ve never heard of them, their name alone gives you a pretty good idea what they are. The method is similar to regular two strand twists, but the hair is twirled before twisting, resulting in a look that is reminiscent of a rope, hence the name. Rope twists are a great protective style and as with similar styles, they can be done with or without added braiding hair. Senegalese twists are also known as rope twists. However, the rope twist method itself can be used for other styles as well.

1How To Rope Twist Braids?

The two strand twist method is a simple technique that involves taking a section of hair, splitting it in half, and twisting both halves together. The rope twist method is also simple, but it is a little more time-consuming than regular two strand twists. To do rope twists, take a section of hair, split it in half, then twirl that section hair around itself from root to tip. Repeat with the other section of hair, then two strand twist the coils together. If you are using synthetic braiding hair for your twists, coil the hair downwards as you twist each section.

2Pros Of Rope Twists

  • Rope twists tend to have a neater appearance, which can result in more longevity
  • If you rope twist your natural hair, your twist out will typically be more defined and less prone to frizz
  • If you are installing rope twists with added hair, you may find the rope twisting method easier to do than other styles that involve extensions, like box braids

3Cons Of Rope Twists

  • The rope twist method takes longer than the regular two strand twist method
  • Detangling may be more difficult and/or take more time since the hair will still be in a coiled shape
  • If you’re new to the rope twist method, it may take you several tries to perfect your technique

4Rope Twist Sizes

Like most protective styles that involve extensions, rope twists come in a variety of sizes ranging from thin to medium to chunky, with varying degrees of thickness within each category. Thin twists obviously take the longest to install, but you may find them easier to style. Chunky twists put less tension on your roots (because you’re working with larger sections of hair), which is obviously a huge plus for the health of your hair. However, you may not be able to achieve quite as many styles as you would with thin twists. Here are 30 different ways you can style rope twists.

5Rope Twist Pompadour Bun

These medium-sized rope twists are styled into a high bun with a pompadour in the front. This is a great way to style long rope twists when you’re going for a more formal look and/or whenever you feel like switching up your look.

6Rope Twist Bow Bun

If you want to put a twist on the traditional high bun, try this adorable bow-shaped high bun. This style is versatile enough for work, special occasions, or an everyday look.

7Rope Twists On Natural Hair

Rope twists are a great way to style your natural hair. They can be left in for several days at a time. When you unravel them, the results will be a super-defined twist out.

8Half Up Half Down Purple Rope Twists

These gorgeous purple rope twists are styled into a cute half up half down style. Instead of the traditional high bun, the twists in front are styled into a unique foldover bun.

9Rope Twists With Blonde Highlights

These sleek black rope twists are streaked with a few blonde twists, creating a pretty highlighted effect.

10Red Rope Twists With Shaved Design

These gorgeous red rope twists are piled up into a high ponytail, showing off a cute shaved design at the back of the head. This is also an ideal protective style to wear if you wish to grow out a shaved section of your head because you can easily style your twists in a variety of creative ways to cover up the shaved section.

11Rope Twists With Cornrows

For this style, the hair is cornrowed along the sides of the head, while the rest of the hair is styled into neat rope twists. This style is perfect if you like funky styles that combine braids and twists.

12Rope Twist Ponytail

These neat, skinny rope twists are styled into a ponytail at the crown of the head. This is a cute, easy way to style rope twists.

13Chunky Rope Twists High Bun

These beautiful chunky rope twists are super versatile and they look great styled into a high bun. Use Kanekalon hair for a smooth, shiny look that allows the color to pop.

14Thin Golden Rope Twists

If you prefer the look of thin twists, these golden rope twists may be the perfect choice for you. They are pretty and chic and offer a ton of styling versatility.

15Thick Purple Rope Twists

These stunning purple rope twists are sure to be a show-stopper. Protective styles are always a great way to experiment with color and these chunky twists are no exception.

16Thin Rope Twists With Side Braid

These thin rope twists are styled into a pretty side braid. If you like to style your twists like this, thin rope twists are a great choice because they’re generally easy to braid.

17Rope Twists With Jumbo Twist

These pretty auburn rope twists are styled into a chic half up side ponytail. The ponytail itself is styled into a cute jumbo twist that hangs over one shoulder.

18Chunky Rope Twists With Gold Beads

These gorgeous chunky rope twists are adorned with gold beads and styled into a simple side part style that shows off the twists’ precise box-shaped parts.

19Medium-Sized Rope Twists

These beautiful medium-sized twists are styled into a simple side-part style, proving that sometimes less is more.

20Chunky Rope Twists With Side Part

While chunky rope twists are ideal for buns and updos, they look just as great left down, styled with a simple side part.

21Pulled Back Rope Twists

This is a simple, easy style to wear when you want to quickly change up your look and/or keep your twists out of your face. Just take three twists from each side and loosely tie them together in the back of your head.

22Burgundy Rope Twists With Blonde Highlights

A few blonde twists help offset the gorgeous burgundy color used for these rope twists. They look great styled into a loose half up half down bun.

23Chunky Blue Rope Twists

Half of these chunky rope twists are piled up into a high bun while the rest hang loose in the back, showing off their gorgeous deep blue color.

24Rope Twists With Hair Jewelry

The right hair accessories can add a touch of elegance to even the most simple styles. This pretty gold headpiece adds a little something extra to these medium-sized rope twists.

25Skinny Rope Twists

These skinny rope twists can be styled in a variety of ways, or you can just let them hang freely: it’s the perfect way to show off their gorgeous texture.

26Triangle Part Rope Twists

These rope twists are created with precise triangular parts, which create cute star-like patterns when parted along the side.

27Skinny Rope Twists With Brown Highlights

These thin, neat rope twists alternate in color, creating a pretty highlighted look. Part the twists from ear to ear then secure the front section with a ponytail holder for a cute half pulled back style.

28Rope Twists With Middle Part

These medium-sized rope twists are styled with a simple middle part for a classic, effortless look. They can easily be pulled back into a simple ponytail whenever you want to quickly change up your look.

29Chunky Red Rope Twists

The highlight of this style is its bold color. The vibrant red really brings out the texture of the rope twists. No complicated styles are necessary to make this look stand out.

30Hip-Length Rope Twists

These pretty waist length rope twists are perfect if you like protective styles that offer a lot of length to play with. While updos and buns are easily achievable with this length, you can’t go wrong with a simple side part.

31Rope Twists With Half Up High Bun

These thick, pretty rope twists have a soft, shiny appearance and look great styled into a half up half down bun hairstyle.

32Red Rope Twists High Pony

These skinny red rope twists would look stunning in any style. Even a simple high ponytail has an elegant look to it.

33Thin Rope Twists

These skinny rope twists take longer to install than medium or chunky twists, but they are worth the wait! The look is flawless and the styling possibilities are plenty.

34Blonde Rope Twists

These blonde rope twists are the perfect summertime protective style, but they’re sure to turn heads all year long. Style them with a simple side part and swoop bangs for a chic, carefree look.

35Side Swept Twists

Simple and long twists look even more gorgeous when side swept to one side!

36Chunly Twists

We are inlove with these long chunky twists with baby hair!