Remy Hair Extensions 101

Remy Sew In With Loose Waves


What is Remy Hair? Remy Hair Extensions Guide

When it comes to human hair extensions, Remy hair is always a popular choice because of its reputation for being high-quality. You’ve probably heard the term before, but you might be wondering, “what exactly is Remy hair?” The term is sometimes used interchangeably with “virgin hair” or “Virgin Remy Hair”, but the truth is that the two are not one in the same. Virgin hair refers to human hair that has not been chemically processed in any way. The term Remy hair refers to the collection method more than anything else. So while it’s possible and common for Remy hair to be virgin hair, it’s important to note that not all Remy hair is virgin hair.

1Remy Hair vs. Human Hair

Remy hair by definition is human hair, but not all human hair extensions qualify as Remy human hair. Some human hair extensions are created from hair that’s swept up from the floors of salons or temples and/or come from multiple donors. Remy human hair is carefully collected so that all the cuticles run in the same direction, usually by putting the hair into a ponytail before cutting it. This collection method helps prevent tangling and helps the extensions last longer. It also ensures that the texture is even and consistent throughout. 

2Non Remy Hair

As previously mentioned, some non-Remy hair extensions are collected from multiple donors, making it difficult to assure that the cuticles all run in the same direction, which can result in extensions that tangle and mat easily. To avoid this, many non-Remy hair extensions are chemically processed to strip the hair of its cuticles, then coated in silicone, which can give the hair a silky appearance and texture. However, with wash and wear, the silicone coating eventually comes off, drastically changing the look and feel of the hair. This is why Remy hair is so in demand; the strict collection method also makes it rarer and therefore more expensive.

3Remy Textures

Not all Remy hair is alike. Depending on the source and the processing method, Remy hair can range from bone straight to curly. Remy hair is also available in a range of colors, making it easy to match to your natural hair color. The density of the hair will also vary depending on the donor; this is important to consider because you won’t need as many bundles if you go with a denser texture. Brazilian Remy hair and Indian Remy hair are generally the most popular choices, but Peruvian and Mongolian Remy are top sellers as well. Choosing the best type of Remy hair will ultimately come down to the look you’re going for and how well you want it to match your natural texture.

4How Much Does Remy Hair Cost?

A few different factors will affect the cost of Remy hair: which vendor you buy it from, the origin of the hair, the length of the hair, and of course the quality of the hair. Expect to pay at least $50 a pack, but high-quality hair can cost anywhere up to $200. Be sure to read the descriptions carefully and do your research on the vendor before you buy. Some vendors use deceptive language and descriptions to sell lower quality hair for higher prices and pass off non-Remy extensions as the real thing. As previously mentioned, hair with the cuticles intact will last longer, therefore they are a better investment. This Remy hair vendor has consistently good reviews.

5Styling Remy Hair

One of the greatest benefits of high-quality Remy hair is styling versatility and longevity. Investing in good Remy hair will allow you to style it many different ways and wash and reuse it several times. You’ll be able to curl your Remy hair, straighten it, and cut it to frame your face. When using heat styling tools such as flat irons and curling wands, be sure to apply a heat protectant and use the lowest possible temperature setting. Remy hair does not require an excessive amount of heat to style. If you’re getting a sew-in, using the fold-over method will not only help your weave lay flat, but it will eliminate the need to cut the weft of hair until you get to the end of the installation process.

6Caring For Remy Hair

To extend the life of your Remy hair extensions, be sure to care for it as you would your natural hair by gently combing and brushing it to keep it tangle-free. Since Remy hair is human hair, you can use some of the same products you would use on your own hair. Using heatless methods of curling your hair, such as flexi rods sets and rollers sets, may extend the life of your extensions. Here are 20 ways to style Remy hair.

7Curly Remy Sew-In

This curly Remy hair sew-in is a simple but gorgeous look that’s easy to maintain. Just detangle it gently and keep the hair moisturized and this style is sure to last.

8Ombre Body Wave Remy

The texture and color of this Remy body wave hair provide a shiny appearance and a style that’s full of body and bounce.

9Silky Straight Burgundy Remy Sew-In

This stunning burgundy color looks great with many different skin tones. A protective style like a sew-in is the perfect way to experiment with color without a long-term commitment.

10Mongolian Kinky Curly Remy

If you’re looking for extensions that resemble your natural texture, Mongolian kinky-curly extensions like these are a great choice.

11Kinky Curly Ombre Remy

This kinky curly Remy hair provides the best of both worlds: a natural-looking texture that’s easy to style and a chance to experiment with a little color.

12Curly Indian Remy hair Sew-In

While silky straight sew-ins will probably always be popular, curly extensions are becoming more and more popular every year. One of the best features of Remy hair is its ability to be straightened and curled for maximum styling versatility.

13Extra Long Remy Sew-In

If you like your locks long and flowing, this style is a great choice. You can wear it straight or use a curling iron or flexi rods to add loose waves and curls.

14Remy Sew-In With Loose Waves

This sew-in is styled with a side part for an extremely natural look. The hair cascades past the shoulders in loose, effortless waves.

15Ombre Stacked Bob Sew-In

Not all sew-ins need to give Rapunzel a run for her money. Remy extensions are a great way to experiment with short styles too, like this gorgeous ombre stacked bob that’s styled in loose curls and waves.

16Burgundy Ombre Sew-In

This beautiful shoulder length sew-in is a great choice if you’re going for a really natural look. Use a curling wand to style and curl the ends of the hair and make the pretty burgundy ombre color pop.

17Remy Sew-In Curly Bob

A bob is a classic style that never gets old and this curly sew-in bob is no exception.

18Ombre Remy Sew-In With Loose Waves

This Remy sew-in is a great look that’s easy to maintain. The light brown color on the ends gives this otherwise simple style a little something extra.

19Body Wave Remy Sew-In With Side Part

This silky smooth Remy hair has a shiny, bouncy appearance that’s sure to turn heads wherever you go. A simple side part and gentle finger styling are all you need to show off this gorgeous look.

20Ombre Body Wave Remy With Side Part

This ombre body wave Remy sew-in is a great protective style that allows you to play with color. The length and volume is also ideal for updos like buns and topknots.

21Ombre Red Remy Sew-In

The ombre trend shows no signs of fading anytime soon, and it’s easy to see why. The color contrast this pretty red shade provides is stunning and it’s a more conservative leap into color that works well on so many people.

22Brazilian Remy Hair Middle Part Sew-In

If you want long, voluminous hair with styling versatility, look no further than this Brazilian Remy hair sew-in. A middle part is a great foundation for many styles including ponytails and buns. It looks just as stunning when you wear it down and free in a cascade of loose waves.

23Wavy Remy Sew-In

This tight wavy Remy hair is ideal if you want a protective style with a little more texture. It looks great down and it can be styled into other great styles like a textured topknot or a fun half up, half down style.

24Remy Sew-In With Braided Bun

This gorgeous loose curly Remy sew-in is styled into a cute half up, half down style. The hair in the front is braided into a bun, to give the style a unique look.

25Remy Body Wave With Bangs

This stunning style can be created with Remy body wave extensions. The hair is pulled up into a half up high pony with bangs. If you use your natural hair for the bangs, you can use a flat iron to blend it with your sew-in. Don’t forget that heat protectant!

26Remy Sew-In With Middle Part

This is a pretty style that’s perfect for any occassion. You can use magnetic rollers to create these large, bouncy curls.

27Curly Remy hair updo

Remy hair is so versitile and you can achive with it a gorgeous curly updo like this one, a gorgeous choice for weddings and special occasions.

28Curly upside down braid

Another gorgeous and natural looking curly updo!