Quick Weave Hairstyles

long wavy quick weave

Long and Short Quick Weave Styles

Not all of us have the time to spend hours in the salon getting a weave sewn in or in front of the mirror melting our lace fronts into your foreheads. If you want to change your hair up really quickly without having to bring any heat, color, or pulling to your natural hair then you’re going to love the quick weave.

What makes a quick weave so quick is that your hair weave is bonded to a weave cap on your head, instead of sewn into your cornrows or added as clip on extensions. If done properly, your natural hair and scalp should be protected with the hair glue and very soon you’ll be out the door with a beautiful new hairdo. You can use any colour, texture and length you would like to achieve this low maintenance style. These styles usually only have a life span of a month at most, less than the traditional sew-in, so it’s great if you’re a style chameleon who doesn’t like to commit to anything for too long.

The best part about quick weaves is how easy and accessible they are to do yourself. They’re generally much cheaper than normal weaves and wigs and all the tools you need are readily available at any beauty supply store. You won’t end up pulling on your natural hair as much, breaking the bank or taking up too much time.

Convinced? Then check out these amazing quick weave styles you can do today!

1Layered long bob

This beautiful style is great because of how natural and, most importantly, simple it looks. You can get the same thing by opting for a leave-out or a lace closure with your quick weave installation.

2Blunt cut bob

A sleek and straight blunt cut bob is the quintessential sophisticated yet low maintenance style. It works for pretty much every face shape and transitions seamlessly from day to night.

3The invisible part

If you’ve ever wondered how people get their weave closures to look so real and scalp like without expensive lace closures or leaving out their own hair, then look no further than the invisible part. In this closure, the weave is carefully glued to your head to make it appear as though it is coming out of your scalp while leaving your natural hair protected.

4Wavy layers

This bouncy, feathery style makes use of lots and lots of layers to achieve these swooping curls. All you’ll need is a round, ceramic brush and a hair drying once you’ve trimmed all the hair to varying layers, with the longest at the bottom and shortest towards the top. Alternatively, you can use a curling iron but a blow dryer really helps with bounce.

5Middle part with waves

Just as simple and low maintenance as your quick weave installation, this beautiful style really doesn’t take too much. If your weave hair isn’t naturally wavy, you can just run a flat iron and a brush through it for this easy, breezy look. You can opt for leave out or a lace closure at the middle part.

6Long water waves

The shiny deep waves in this beautiful, curly ‘do is a great style for all faces and all seasons. If you’re opting for leaving your hair out then slicking down your parting is a great way to blend your hair into the weave. Either way, it’s still a fabulous way to style your curls.

7Angular ombre bob

One of the chicest takes on a bob is having it cut shorter in the back and leaving it longer towards the front, creating an angular line at the ends. It’s striking yet still very simple and works whether you like to curl or straighten your hair.

8Electric blue pixie cut

This shocking burst of color is such a fun and eccentric style that anyone can experiment with. The darkness of the blue keeps it rather toned down and prevents it from looking like a Party City wig. The tiny little burst of pink also adds another layer of fun and punk to the overall look.

9Teal and blue bob

If you have been wanting to experiment with crazy color but without damaging your hair, then this style is for you! This dye job features different jewel tone shades of teal, blue and other greens with darker roots to tone it down. Keeping it in an angular bob keeps the look chic and classy.

10Chocolate brown bob

This rich shade of brown is a dreamy, soft take on the brunette spectrum with just a few hints of red. It’s simple yet very striking and perfect to warm up any skin tone.

11Platinum blonde waves

A go-to for any Barbie doll, platinum blonde is a great color to try at least once in your life. It’s recommended that you choose either a lace closure or invisible part so that you’re not damaging your own hair trying to match this incredibly light shade of blonde. Of course, you can always use your hair for an ombre effect if it’s not too long.

12Swoop bang

The classic swoop bang is all the range right now in hair styling. It’s a great throwback to the early 2000s while also being a universally flattering style. It’s especially great because of how simple it is to achieve. You don’t even have to trim your hair, just part it at the side and pin it back on the other.

13Curtain bangs

If closures are just a little too much stress for you, then go with a bang! This style features medium weight curtain bangs that extend just a little bit over the eyebrows without obstructing the eyes. This is a great style for oval, heart and long shaped faces especially.

14Long, bouncy waves

This absolutely gorgeous style is just made up of a middle part and long, voluminous curls. You can go with your choice of curling iron or curl rollers to get these big, loose waves. The style is best finished off with a little baby hair styling.

15Deep wave bob

Getting very tight set curls in this bob length is not only a lovely style but it will also give you the illusion of a thinner or longer face. The combination of curls and shoulder-length strengths will also make you look more youthful and vibrant.

16Deep curly tresses

Another variation on the curly option is these deep, tight curls at a lovely bra length or longer if you’d like. This is both elegant and incredibly fashion-forward.

17Black to sapphire ombre

This stunning sapphire color has hints of violet and is a beautiful contrast against brown skin. You can keep the rest simple with a middle part and simple cut to really let the color take the reigns.

18Blunt cut bob with bangs

These feathery bangs extend a little over the eyes without obscuring them for the ultimate sultry, mysterious look. The short cut is very sophisticated and very easy to pull off for anyone.

19Candy pink pixie

This fun and flirty pixie is absolutely pretty in pink. The little streets of blonde throughout tone the color down and help add warmth and depth. You can opt for a 27 piece weave set if you’d like to save even more time.

20Flexi rod curls

Flexi-rods or bendy rollers as they are sometimes called are a great way to curl hair without heat. There are also few other curling methods that achieve this dense, defined curl. All you have to do is set your hair in the rods and either leave them in overnight or sit under a dryer for a while and you’re done!

21Auburn afro

Just because you’re getting a weave doesn’t mean you can’t still rock that natural look. This style is achieved by densely stacking short, tightly curl hair in a circular pattern and then running a wide-tooth comb through them for springiness.

22Skunk highlights

Skunk highlights, a way of coloring hair where the hair at the hairline is a different color to the rest of the head, are a big trend right now and you can see why. The style is just the right amount of edgy and opens the door to all sorts of color combinations like the lovely black and brown pictured.

23Extra long, loose waves

What’s better than waves? More waves! This gorgeous style features waist-length waves that fall in the most romantic and pretty ways. You can go with either an invisible part, leave out or lace closure and look amazing either way.

24Side part curls and burgundy highlights

It’s always a good idea to experiment with a little color from time to time and what’s better than the classic black girl red: burgundy. It’s dark enough to remain sophisticated but just bright enough to be fun. It’s a great alternative to the usual blonde highlights.

25Two tone afro

Another take on an Afro style is this gorgeous look which features curls that are on the looser end of the spectrum as well as a brown and black colorway, with the brown at the front and black at the nape. This creates lovely dimension and depth as well as being more interesting than just going with one color.

26Platinum skunk highlights

Skunk highlights are a fantastic way to bring a little edge to the sophisticated blunt cut bob. This style is all the better because of the high contrast between the jet black tresses and platinum blonde streaks.

27Straight and long

The classic go-to weave is sleek, straight long hair. It’s simple and works every time. If you’d like to dress the style up for more formal events, all you need is some bedazzled clips or a sparkly headband and you’re ready to go in less than five minutes.

28Big, big curls

If you’re going to curly, why not go super big? This beautiful style uses lots and lots of layers of tight, deep curls to achieve the fullness and height we see here. You don’t have to worry about a closure either because you can create a layer of bangs when trimming the hair into these halo-like layers.