40 Protective Hairstyles for Natural Hair

Protective Hairstyles


40 Protective Hairstyles for Natural Hair

Natural Hair is one of the most versatile forms of hair. With natural hair comes proper care one being in the form of protective styling. Protective styling enables you to protect your natural hair by putting it in a style that requires little to no manipulation. Keeping your hands out of your hair means you will see more length retention and faster growth. Coming up with these styles can be a challenge, so we have sourced 40 different and unique protective styles that we know you will love.

1Flat Twist with twisted bang

This is a simple flat twist style that is given a touch of elegance with a twisted swoop bang. This style is perfect for the woman who works in a fast paced environment. It is not only stylish but also convenient because it requires zero manipulation in the mornings.

2Fishtail high bun

We love this new take on the typical fishtail braid. This style is mini fishtail braids secured in a bun which is great for keeping moisture on your ends. This style is edgy but can be formal if paired with elegant jewels and a formal dress.

3Layered Faux twist

Get the look of two strand twist with no maintenance by adding marley hair into your hair care. Marley hair gives you the look and feel of natural hair, meaning it looks super natural. The best part of marley hair is that it holds it shapes so you are able to curl it as well.

4Side pinned wash and go

If you are suffering from dry hair or split ends wash and go’s are perfect to restore moisture in your hair. Leaving your hair in its natural state combined with the LOC method will surely have your hair moisturized in no time.

5Textured bun with textured bang

 Revamp the boring bun. Take your old twist out and braid out and turn it into this stunning textured bun. The textured bang really tops off this look giving it more depth and edge. To change up the look opt to pin the bang to the side or back.

6Sleek low bun

If you are into the sleek look then go for this simple low bun. To achieve this style without heat style on freshly washed and wet hair. Apply your favorite moisturizer and gel which will keep your hair moisturized.

7Twisted curly puff

Are you tired of the simple sleek puff? Jazz it up by adding two flat twist in the front. This is a simple touch but will surely transform your entire look. Pair it with large gold hoops to complete the look.

8Spiral Curled Mohawk

We are so loving this fun and funky spiral curled mohawk. Achieve this style by setting your hair with medium to large foam rollers then sleek your sides with your favorite gel or edge control. This is perfect for a fun night out with your girlfriends.

9Jumbo side twist

Fall in love with this romantic jumbo side twist. This style is both simple and elegant. It is perfect those special events or even a date night with your honey. To protect your ends more tuck your twist to the back creating a halo.

10Chunky twist

Chunky twist are by far the easiest protective style to maintain. This style can last about 2 weeks in twist and can be taken down to rock a twist out style. These twist help to keep moisture locked in for longer periods of time.

11Low textured Bun

This textured low bun is perfect for the girl on the go. Keep our hair in its natural state and pin it in a low bun to create this effortless look. Add your favorite headband to match your outfit of the day.

12Curly twists

If you have finer textured hair give these curly twist a try. Instead of twisting to the ends of your hair stop midway and finger coil the rest. This makes for a cute style and more volume once you take your hair down.

13Double bun with middle part

The double bun trend has been all the talk lately. This style has been rocked on runways and even by celebrities. This is a cute protective style and also gives you a unique look that is not seen everyday. To give it some flair pull out your baby hair.

14Half up bun

We love the combination of sleek and texture in this half up and half down bun style. This style allows you to be stylish while still protecting your hair. To maintain this look is as simple as putting your hair in chunky twist and your bun in a pineapple.

15Curly pinned back twist

shake up your wash and go style by adding a simple flat twist and pulling it back. Instead of using your traditional bobby pin opt for one that is decorated or be creative a make your own.

16Faux locs

One of the most popular trends at the moment are faux locs. Faux locs are great for those who like the look of dread locs but are not ready to commit to them just yet. You can achieve this look with added extensions or your own hair, just avoid using locking products.

17Jumbo flat twist curly puff

How cute are these jumbo flat twists? These twists create a fun style that is appropriate for all occasions. Style your puff in a simple twist out or braid out. Give this look a pop with a bold lipstick of your choice.

18Curly natural bun

We do not think there is anything better than a lazy curly bun. This curly bun is super simple and takes no time to do. Secure your bun with elastic hair ties to avoid unnecessary hair snagging and pulling.

19Flat twist with a curly fro

Give your typical curly fro a bit of a change by adding simple cornrows to the front of your hair. This will allow you to refresh with a water and conditioner mix and go. This low manipulation style with definitely have your curls thriving.

20Spiral set

We are so loving the pop or fire orange color in this spiral rod set. You can get this look by using medium rollers on damp or stretched out hair. Avoid using heavy products and stick to something light like an oil to ensure maximum volume.

21Roll and tuck Sweetheart bun

This twisted roll and tuck style is the perfect vacation protective style. This style requires no other maintenance other than a light spritz of water and oil. This style keeps your ends secure and out of your face.

22Textured frohawk

Turn your old braid out or twist out into this super edgy frohawk. Pair this look with your favorite pair of retro sunglasses and a vintage jean jacket. To get more volume pic your hair with an afro pick until you’re satisfied.

23Sleek french roll

This protective style is a bit more elegant making it perfect for those events where you want to look your best without damaging your hair. This classic french roll style is super simple but its aesthetic speaks volumes.

24Princess curls

We are so loving these extensions complete with lush princess curls. When installing extensions you must keep your hair moisturized under the weave. Also remember not to install any extensions too tight. If not properly taken care of weaves can do more harm than good.

25French twists to twist out

Who does not like a two for one deal? Save yourself so much time by rocking this super cute double flat twist style for a few days. When you’re tired of rocking the twist opt for this fluffy twist out. Your hair will be soft and defined.

26Pin curled fro

Curls are so in ! Do you want super bouncy curls without the risk of using heat? Achieve this look by using pin curls instead of heat tools. This method ensures that you will received not heat damage.

27Large ballerina bun

Put a twist on the simple ballerina bun. If you have thick natural hair create this look by placing your hair in a high ponytail and wrapping and pinning in place. The choice of not using a sock or bun maker allows your bun to be larger.

28African Threaded low ponytail

This simple low ponytail embodies the African culture by infusing the threading technique. Threading is a great way to reduce breakage and keep moisture in your hair for days at a time.

29Mini bantu Knots

Bantu knots are a great style for those with a hipster flair. These are convenient and are great for those recovering from heat damage or split ends. When recovering from these it is best to keep your hair tucked away.

30Angled half twisted fro

Adding shape to your hair can make a huge difference. If you are not ready for a drastic cut then try an A-line look. keep your hair protected by wearing it in this cute half twisted style.

31Mini Twist

Jazz up your typical mini twist by adding flat twist to the front. Adding flat twist to the front not only creates a fun style but also helps your twists last for a longer period of time.

32Loose double puff

For those women in the in between stage of their natural hair these loose double puffs are a fun funky protective style. Be sure to opt for curly puffs in order to protect your strands. Refresh with a water and conditioner mix.

33Classic french braids

One of our favorite styles is the classic french braids. These require no maintaining and can be dressed up or down. Throw on your favorite pair of studs or hoop earrings to top off the look.

34Jumbo crown braid

If you are a hat type of girl change up your look by adding this chunky crown braid. It will keep your look, looking feminine. Pair with a glowing earth tone look to really bring out your features.

35Faux Locs bob

Ditch the typical bob and try out this faux loc bob. It is a combination of classic well loved style mixed with a style that is very trendy right now. Add different accessories such as loc jewels.

36Printed Head wraps

Head wraps are a great way to protect your hair in a fashionable way. The best part about this is that you are able to match it to whatever outfit you are wearing. Keep your hair braided or twisted for the best protection.

37Cornrow bob

We love the idea of the cornrow bob. It not only lasts longer but keeps more moisture in your hair than the traditional bob. Add some personal style by adding pops of color to this style.

38low double bun

We are used to seeing the high double bun but we are loving the relaxed vibe of this look. Pair with an over sized t shirt, your favorite denim shorts, and a cute pair of kicks.

39Jumbo cornrows

Cornrows are that one style that will always be in style. We love these jumbo cornrows and also the added detail of the threading. Customize with your favorite color strings.

40Simple low curly ponytail

Keep it simple with this sleek low curly ponytail. Really top off the look by keeping a fresh face and minimal accessories. Opt for a small pair of studs and a dainty necklace.