40 Poetic Justice Braids

Poetic Justice Braids

40 Poetic Justice Braids

Poetic justice braids are commonly known as box braids and have been on the trendsetting rise since Janet Jackson donned them. Such an iconic look has lasted for decades since Janet Jackson wore these braids and fresh new styles are springing up all over. Presenting a spunky, confident vibe, poetic justice braids can be styled into various up-dos.

Poetic justice braids are a popular protective style for your natural hair. Other benefits of these braids include low-maintenance and their ability to last for months. The styling options for poetic justice braids are endless and you can even try an exciting new hair color without damaging your natural locks. With so many hairdos to choose from, you will be wearing poetic justice braids all throughout the year.

1Bow Up-Do

An adorable bow can be crafted in your braids as you channel your inner diva and rock this style wherever you go. Creating this bow is actually simple and you are soon to have a new favorite hairstyle.

2Bob Braids

If you have short hair, you can still wear poetic justice braids as a bob. These braids are simple to maintain and have a spunky look. Having clips throughout your hair is a great way to accessorize.

3Light Brown Braids

One of the neat characteristics of poetic justice braids are the various colors. Light brown is an excellent hue to try if you want a simple, straightforward color.

4Top Bun and Side Swept Bangs

Poetic justice braids can be thin and provide a sleek, elegant look. Tie your hair in a top bun combined with bangs swept to the side and you will be stylin’ in no time.

5Crown Braids

Craft your hair into a braided crown for a sophisticated and ultra-chic look. Wearing your crown braids to formal events paired with a long gown creates a classy style.

6Blonde Justice Braids

Blonde never goes out of style. Poetic justice braids with a blonde hue are chic and charming. Shades of blonde pair well with different skin tones.

7Medium Length Braids

Medium length braids are fashionable and can still be crafted into a variety of styles. You can choose a center or side part to convey a certain look. This is a fabulous way to wear thin box braids.

8High Ponytail

Glam up your tresses into a high ponytail and pair them with an ultra-chic scarf. A retro vibe is immediately given off and you will feel like the fashionista you are.

9Black and Red Ombré Braids

For a look that conveys how passionate you are about hair, combine a black and red ombré braid. Various colors pair well with poetic justice braids and the ombré lets you try colors without such an extreme pop of color.

10Low Bun

As you attend the classiest of events, don your braids in a low bun for a sophisticated style. Save some braids for side-parted fringe and to add even more elegance to your hairdo.

11Twisted Half Up-Do

One of the newest hairstyles to come on the scene is the twisted half up-do. A simple yet beautiful hairdo, you will exude grace as you attend cocktail or dinner parties.

12Octopus-Inspired Braids

For women who have voluminous hair and would like to try a unique hairstyle, the octopus inspired braids are perfect. Such a distinct hairdo can be paired with an elegant dress for a touch of class.

13Jumbo Braids

Poetic justice braids worn long and loose for a jumbo effect are simple, yet refined. The two side sections are pulled back and tied in place, a simple way to keep hair off your face.

14Pink Braids

A pastel shade of pink adds a soft touch to your style and can showcase your femininity. Pink provides a modern, edgy look while still highlighting your more delicate features.

15Poetic Justice Braids with Shaved Sides

Combining poetic justice braids with shaved sides is a rockstar style that brave women don. A contemporary look provides an edgy vibe and takes your style to the next level.

16Over-Sized Beehive

Add height and volume to your hair with an over-sized beehive, a trendy style worn by many. You can add originality to this hairdo by having beads throughout your hair or shaved sides.

17Silver Gray Braids

Silver is a unique color to add to your braids and when you pair it with another shade, an even more distinct look is created. Combine silver with a light shade of gray for an individualized style.

18Sleek Braids and Half Up-Do

This half up-do is perfect for women who wish to highlight their delicate facial features. A sleek hairstyle showcases your cheekbones, eyes, and forehead. Half of your braids are tied around back while the other braids are free to lengthen your face.

19Big Braids with Beads

Add hair jewelry, cuffs, or beads to make your hairdo your own. There are various styles that you can create with accessories. Poetic justice braids are very versatile.

20Box Braids and Double Bun

Having two buns, one on top of your head and the other at the back of your head, is a hip happenin’ look. Establish balance by having the top bun slide slightly forward and the back bun perfectly round.

21Purple Braids

The beauty of the color purples matches the poetic justice braid perfectly. Purple is a bold and brilliant color and you are sure to stand out in a crowd of people.

22Side-Swept Braids

Simply by wearing your braids swept to the side can create a most striking effect. By having all of your braids swept to one side, a romantic feel is conveyed.

23Small Braids

Small poetic justice braids are cute and sweet. For easygoing days, wear these braids to bring out your sweet side. These braids also help to ensure your natural hair is protected.

24Side Ponytails

Try a different hairstyle when you have your braids in two side ponytails. For ladies with an oval facial features and prominent eyes, this is a wonderful hairdo.

25Braided Up-Do with Beads

Rock a fabulous braided up-do when you style beads throughout your hair. An ultra-chic look is created and you can wear this hairstyle various places such as dinner parties or the office.

26Bob Braids and Top Bun

Poetic justice braids come in various shapes and sizes. When you have a thicker variation for your short hair combined with a top bun an effortless style is achieved.

27Long Braids

Wear your poetic justice braids down to your thighs for a stunning and intriguing look. More time and maintenance go into caring for these long braids. You can always create a beautiful up-do with such length.

28Chic Cornrows

Chic cornrows provide the perfect hairstyle for a day at the beach or for your next classy event. When paired with box braids and styled in a high bun, a sense of sophistication and dignity are established.

29Braids with an Undercut

The two main features of this hairstyle may not seem like they go together, but they work well with each other. Long, uncut sections have been styled into poetic justice braids, while the bottom sections are shave into an undercut.

30Two Buns and Middle Parting

Declare your independence by combining two buns and a middle parting. Free-spirited women will enjoy donning such a unique hairstyle.

31Blue Ombré Braids

Multi-tones of blue ombré throughout your braids are stunning and have grown in popularity over the years. Different shades of blue are styled into your braids for a cool look.

32Rasta-Inspired Box Braids

For a look that is truly unique, don the Rasta-inspired box braids. The twisting technique for styling these braids is quite fascinating and distinct.

33Half-Up Ponytail

A half-up ponytail is a perfect hairdo to match your cute, spunky style. Pull the top half of your hair back and style it in a bun, twist, or ponytail.

34Thin Braids and Shaved Part

Create a style that is innovative and modern when one side of your head is completely shaved. Style the hair on the other side into thin, loose, and neat braids.

35Sculpted Up-Do

Sculpturing your braids into an amazing up-do allows you to achieve height and volume. Thinner braids are best for sculpturing and styling unique up-dos.

36White Ombré

Trying new colors in your hair is a wonderful trait of poetic justice braids. An amazing white ombré is a stylish choice to showcase the versatility of this hairdo.

37Two-Tone Braid

Combining two colors throughout your braids creates a multi-dimensional style. Random or structured coloring can be woven into your braids.

38Bulky Box Braids

Bulkier box braids provide you with a more urban hairdo and create a different style. These braids also help to improve your sense of style.

39Caramel Braids

Long, caramel braids are a great protective style for your natural hair. Caramel is a wonderful color for your hair and is simply elegant.

40Deep Brown Braids

For an ultra-chic look achieved through an effortless style, wear deep, brown braids. A deep shade of brown starts at the roots and ends in a lighter shade.