Passion Twist Hairstyles

Sun-kissed Passion Twists

Passion Twists

Passion twists have quickly become a popular protective style trend. Originally created by Miami hair stylist Kailyn Rogers, passion twists are similar to other twisted protective styles, such as Senegalese twists or Marley twists, but they have a unique look that makes them stand out from other styles. Similar to goddess locs, passion twists have curly or wavy ends, which give the twists a really natural look. To create this look, use curly textured braiding hair such as Freetress Water Wave braiding hair. Here are 35 gorgeous passion twist hairstyles to inspire your next look.

1Shoulder Length Passion Twists

This style is a perfect example of the simple beauty of passion twists. These shoulder length twists are the perfect length for those who prefer a lightweight, low-maintenance protective style.

2Two-Toned Shoulder Length Passion Twists

Getting a protective style is the perfect opportunity to experiment with a new hair color. These gorgeous two-toned passion twists are a great choice for those who want a subtle color change without having to permanently alter their natural hair color.

3Medium-Sized Blonde Passion Twists

These beautiful blonde passion twists are sure to turn heads wherever you go. This is the perfect summertime or vacation look and they’ll give you a pretty sun-kissed look any time of year.

4Red Ombre Passion Twists

These gorgeous shoulder-length passion twists have an extremely natural look. The ombre red braiding hair gives this look a bold pop of color on the ends.

5Half Pulled Back Passion Twists

These beautiful passion twists look great in this half pulled back style. This is a quick, easy way to style your passion twists, whether you want to keep your hair out of your face or just switch up your look a bit.

6Blonde Ombre Passion Twists

These pretty passion twists are created with blonde ombre braiding hair. The twists are medium-sized for a look that has volume and lots of texture.

7Burgundy Passion Twists

Burgundy is a popular color for many protective styles like twists and braids, and it’s not hard to see why. This deep, rich but subtle shade looks good on pretty much everyone. This shade of burgundy really helps bring out the texture and beauty of these passion twists.

8Chunky Passion Twists High Ponytail

These chunky passion twists look great pulled up into a simple high ponytail. This is a quick easy way to style your twists and it works great whether you’re working out or on the go.

9Sun-kissed Passion Twists

These two-toned passion twists have a gorgeous sun-kissed look. The way the color is distributed also gives these twists a really natural look.

10Passion Twists With Gold Accessories

Adding hair accessories is a great way to add a little flair to any protective style. These beautiful chunky passion twists are adorned with gold accessories, giving them a fun, elegant look.

11Ombre Shoulder Length Passion Twists

These gorgeous passion twists are created using ombre colored braiding hair for a really striking final look. This is a great way to experiment with color.

12Passion Twists Side Ponytail

This is a super chic way to wear your passion twists. These super long twists look great styled into a cute, simple high ponytail.

13Short Red Ombre Passion Twists

These gorgeous passion twists are created using two-toned braiding hair, resulting in a beautiful ombre effect. This look also makes it looks like you’re growing out permanent hair color on your natural hair.

14Medium-Sized Ombre Passion Twists

Medium sized twists are always a great choice because they take a less time to install and it’s easier to achieve a more voluminous look. These gorgeous ombre passion twists do exactly that.

15Dark Red Passion Twists

Red is a versatile hair color choice because there’s a shade that looks good on everyone. If you’re hesitant about trying a new color or if you just want a subtle hue, these dark red passion twists are a great option.

16Chunky Passion Twists

Chunky twists are always a good look. Using two-toned braiding hair is a great way to emphasize the beautiful texture of passion twists. This is a great way to rock passion twists.

17Side-Swept Passion Twists

These beautiful passion twists look great pulled into this simple but chic side-sweep. This is a great way to help show off colorful earrings or a bold makeup look.

18Two-Toned Passion Twists

These gorgeous passion twists feature a subtle two-toned color that gives the illusion of highlights. These twists are easy to style in a variety of ways.

19Golden Brown Passion Twists

These beautiful golden brown passion twists are a great choice for those who want a subtle color change. These twists will give you a gorgeous sun-kissed look no matter what time of year it may be.

20Shiny Passion Twists

These passion twists have a lovely shine to them. The amount of shine your twists have depends on the color and type of braiding hair you use. Since the final look can range from shiny to a more matte look, it’s important to keep this in mind when selecting braiding hair.

21Ombre Brown Passion Twists

You can never really go wrong with an ombre look. These pretty passion twists look great styled with a simple side part.

22Passion Twists With Blonde Highlights

These pretty passion twists have a sprinkle of blonde throughout, mostly on the ends. This is a great summer and/or vacation look. They look amazing styled up or down.

23Reverse Ombre Passion Twists

These gorgeous passion twists have a reverse ombre look (light color on top and darker color on the ends). This is a great option for those who want a two-toned look that stands out from the rest.

24Passion Twists With a Hint of Grey

These passion twists have a hint of grey color in the front. You can easily create a variety of cute styles with twists this long, including ponytails, updos, and buns. Grey is still a trendy color for protective styles and this look gives you the option to go for a more subtle look.

25Passion Twists High Ponytail

You can never go wrong with a high ponytail. This is a great way to style your passion twists: it’s cute, easy, and chic. It also keeps your hair off your shoulders and back and out of your face. To switch up this look a bit, try pulling half of the twists into a high pony and leave the rest out.

26Long Passion Twists

There’s nothing like the simple beauty of long passion twists. This look allows you to rock a really natural-looking style while keeping your natural hair protected.

27Passion Twists with Subtle Highlights

These beautiful passion twists feature subtle highlights which really help show off their gorgeous texture. They look great styled into this effortless side sweep.

28Long Red Passion Twists

If you’re looking for a style that’s simple but still different from your everyday look, these long red passion twists should get the job done. If you want a more (or less) voluminous look, use more (or fewer) packs of hair.

29Bob-Length Passion Twists

Super long protective styles like twists and braids are great, but short twists have their perks too. In addition to being cute, short twists are more lightweight and they take less time to install. If your natural hair is currently short, take advantage of being able to rock short protective styles while you still can.

30Passion Twists Updo

This cute updo is a great way to style your passion twists. One of the unique advantages of passion twists is that the curly ends give styles like this more texture and a really natural look.

31Long Medium-Sized Passion Twists

These gorgeous medium-sized twists are accessorized with a few gold beads, giving them a regal look. These hip-length twists can be styled in a variety of ways but you can never go wrong just leaving them down, casually pushed to one side.

32Long Black Passion Twists

These gorgeous black passion twists are styled with a simple side part. This look is proof that passion twists look amazing with or without bold colors, accessories, or intricate styling.

33Chunky Passion Twists with Gold Beads

Chunky passion twists have a ethereal look to them. Add a few gold beads to accessorize and take this look to the next level. Chunky twists are a great choice because they tend to put less stress on the roots of your natural hair and they don’t take as long to install as smaller twists.

34Two-Toned Blonde Passion Twists

These two-toned twists are mostly blonde, with darker color at the roots, giving the style a natural look (like you’re growing out your blonde color). This is a great way to rock the blonde color you want without going full-on blonde.

35Multi-Colored Passion Twists

These multi-colored twists are sure to turn heads wherever you go. This style mixes black, red, and blonde color for a truly unique look. This is a fun way to experiment with multiple colors at once.