Passion Twist Crochet Hair Guide

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Passion Twist Crochet Hair Guide

Passion twists have taken the hair community by storm. The beautiful, bohemian two-strand twist style is the perfect mix between goddess locs and Senegalese twists that creates a natural and unique look. Now available for crochet braid, the already lightweight, stress-free style can be installed in under 3 hours! The beauty of passion twists, also known as spring twists, is the lack of uniformity between the twists which mimics the way real curls move and look. If you want all the info on how to install, maintain and make the style all your own, read on this guide on passion twist crochet hair.

1How to do Passion Twists with crochet braids

Installing passion twists on crochet braids is really easy! You can use the traditional braid pattern with several vertical cornrow lines running from your hair line to crown and horizontal (side to side) cornrows at the back of your head. From there, you use a latch hook to loop and knot the passion twists through your cornrows.

The more twists you add in a line, the more fullness you will have. You can also choose to add less or more fullness at your hairline depending on how you like to part your hair.

Another way to install your passion twists for a more individually planted look is to section your hair into several braids, to create more defined sections, and then cornrow them all in lines running from your hairline to nape. This will take more time, but you’ll find the end result worth it when you’re able to part your twists anywhere and everywhere.

2How long do Passion Twists last?

With the right maintenance, you can keep your passion twists in for 6-8 weeks. To keep their shine and curl, apply a leave in conditioner every few days or use a curl defining mousse once a week to reshape an unravelled strand. You can clean your scalp with a little witch hazel on a cotton ball or mix any of your favourite essential oils with water in a spray bottle. Always remember to either pineapple wrap your hair at night, use a satin bonnet or sleep on a silk pillowcase to keep your hair fresh.

Fortunately, passion twists are very water friendly and you won’t have to worry about them unravelling when you go for a swim, take a show or get caught in the rain.

3What hair to use for Passion Twists?

Thanks to how popular the style has gotten, it’s very easy to find pre-looped crochet hair for passion twists. Look for anything of the water wave variety. You can find hair in lengths from anything to 10 inches, 18 inches and much longer. Most packs will contain 4-8 bundles of hair.

For a thinner, more natural style you can use 3-4 bundles. For greater volume and fullness, 7-8 is recommended. Passion twists also come in a variety of colours from 1B, to blonds, plums and wines. Go wild.

4Ombre blond bob passion twists crochet hair

A soft blonde ombre works very well against all skintones. For this amount of volume, use thick passion twists and pack them densely into your cornrows.

5Thick and thin strand bob passion twists

This beautiful style achieves its fullness by using thinner strand passion twists in large amounts. This will take upwards of 6 packs to achieve and can be worn in a middle or side part.

6Extra long passion twists

Make a statement with extra long passion twists in 26 inches or more. Passion twists aren’t heavy at all so the sky is the limit on long and thick you would like them. Styling your baby hairs with look will also highlight the thickness of your twists.

7Super long ombre passion twist crochet hair

This style features different shades of blond strands that will create a boho, carefree look in super long twists. This style can be achieved with 3-5 packs depending on how much fullness you would like. To achieve the boho look though, less is more.

8Chunky ombre passion twist crochet updo

This style uses chunky passion twists in a blonde ombre. This can be achieve by further twisting your passion twists to give them more weight.

9passion twist crochet

Frame your face beautifully with some bangs. By opting for horizontal cornrows that run ear to ear at your hairline, your passion twists will then fall over your face. The thickness of your bang will depend on how may twists you choose to apply at your hairline.

10Half up, half down with top knot

This summery style uses thick, black to blond ombre passion twists. A round knot is placed right at the hairline and the rest of the hair is left down to frame your face.

11Thick and long middle part passion twist crochet hair

A classic and low maintenance style that is packed with individuality. This passion twist crochet hair style uses thick passion twists and adds blonde and red colour sporadically throughout.

12Short and sweet burgundy passion twists

For the “my hair but better” look, this style use short, spring passion twists to mimic the look of a natural hair twist out. The burst of burgundy is a great way to experiment with colour without damaging your natural hair.

13Natural look bob

For a natural look, thinner, shoulder length twists will work. Less density in your cornrows will achieve this style.

14Colorful passion twist crochet hair

Show off your personality with this hairstyle by adding different colors of beads, cuffs and strings of yarn around your passion twist crochet hair. This will work with any length, thickness or colour of twists and you can switch it up by adding more or less whenever you feel like it.


This beautiful style is perfect for anyone who can never settle on one colour or wants to experiment with colour in a minimal, stylish way. This style consists of chunky, black passion twists with shades of red, blond and brown added here and there.

16Low half up, half down

This hairstyle is simple and stunning. Tying up half of your twists at the crown of your hair will create the illusion of a fuller ponytail. Styling your baby hairs will create a more polished look.

17High ponytail

For ultimate Lisa Bonet, boho braids, thinner strands of passion twists will do the trick. Arrange them in a ponytail at the top of your hair and allow a few strands to fall out for that carefree, effortless look. No need to style your baby hairs with this look.

18Super chunky side part

This sultry style is easy and stress free to achieve. It works best with thick and densely packed passion twists which you can just pull over to the side of your face. Accent with a few beads and cuffs here and there to add a little more glam.

19Long, blond twists

They do say blondes have more fun and these long, blond passion twists exude fun.  The dark to white-blond ombre is a more flattering way to play with platinum shades.

20Waterfall bun

If you like to dramatically switch up your twists without doing very much, gather them into a top bun and let the strands fall out over the front of your face creating the illusion of bangs. You can customise this style by taking or add strands or by how you space them out.

21Extra thick, extra long

This gorgeous style is achieved with super long and thick passion twist strands. You won’t have to loop several of them on your cornrows as the thickness of the strands will provide all the fullness you need. This also ensures that they won’t be too heavy.

22Thick and thin mix

To make your passion twists look even more unique, why not mix different packs? This look is achieve with a combination of thick and thin twists with highlights.

23More volume

This beautiful style will really frame your face and give you that wild, untamed look. Pack your twists densely and then cut your layers at different lengths to add volume and dimension.