Partial Sew In Styles

middle part half sew in with waves

Half Sew In Weave Styles

Half sew-ins or quick weaves are a great alternative to regular weaves, especially if you like to change your hairstyle every few days. This is achieve by leaving out your natural hair in the front and sewing in weft at different points at the back of the head with your natural hair combed over the tracks. This creates the most natural look, especially if you’re not one for wigs. Click on for the best partial sew-in hairstyle inspiration.

1Middle part leave-out

This is the style that require the least amount of leave-out hair. Hair at the middle of your head is sectioned away while cornrows are planted all along your head for the weave to be sewn on. Some people also opt to leave out a little section of their entire hairline for more styling versatility.

2Side part sew in

This style involves leaving out only the one or opposite sides of your temple for leave out. You can also include the space above your ear so you can show of your baby hair better when tucking hair behind your ear.

3Blunt cut bob

A modern style, the blunt cut doesn’t require a lot of hair and can be used to enhance the fullness of your own hair. You can choose to either cornow most of your head of strategic points where you would like fullness.

4Half sew in, half feed in braids

This an all around great protective style as half of your hair is cornrowed beneath weave wefts and the front half is secured into cornrows feeding into your weave.

5Swoop bangs

The ultimate in ’90s glam, the swoop bang makes side parts very sleek and clean looking. This style is especially best when you add bedazzled clips or scrunchies for that retro feel.

6Half-up, half-down ponytail

Unlike full weaves or wigs, achieving a high ponytail is very simple with a partial sew in. The tracks at the back of your head are concealed with the hair falling from the ponytail.

7Big, bouncy wabes

You only need to leave out your hair at the hairline and whichever side part you prefer for this style. Using a big round brush and a hair dryer on low-medium heat will create this beautiful blow dry effect.

8Black, blonde and pink ombre

An ombre is a great way to incorporate colour into your sew-in without having to bleach, and potentially damage, your own hair. Fading the colour to blonde also means you can do light washes of trendy colors like pastel pink.

9Golden ombre with waves

This beautiful style is all about inches! Bleaching the tips of your weave will really warm up your skintone. Arranging on your ombre in soft wabves will really bring out the shine and dimension.

10Classic bob with hint of blue

Refreshing a timeless cut like the bob with an alternative element like a soft rinse of dark blue is a great way to make your more fun while still sticking to something that always works. Blue is a close enough colour to black that it’s not so shocking but still very unique.

11Bangs and a top knot

Pulling your hair away from your face always brings out the very best of your facial features while bangs can shortern longer faces. Though for those who haven’t yet reached their desired lengths, installing a few weave tracks at the crown of your hair can help you get this beautiful bun.

12Golden with pixie cut with big waves

This sew-in won’t require much hair, and you can keep your bundles at lenghts of six inches or less. Adding this height and colour can really take any boy-ish elements out of your pixie cut.

13Half up with springy curls

For the your hair but better look, opt for hair close to afro curls like this 3C texture. Leave out your own hair from your harline to your crown before building this big, bouncy ponytail with your bundles.

14Copper waves

If you think blondes have more fun, why not try being a red head? This lovely shade of copper is great blend between brown and red with some brighter highlights running through it. This colour won’t require as much chemical treating to your natural hair while still giving you a breathtaking effect.

15Golden blonde curls

This partial sew-in creates the illusion of your natural hair but bigger and blonder. It features feed in braids at the hairline and then many, many layers of big, spiraling curls are sewn onto tracks at the back of the head to create this dynamic style.

16Side parted bob

With just a few short tracks of weave, you can bring some more volume, dimension and texture to your regular hairstyle. This is particularly useful if you suffer from thinning hair or would simply like to give parts of your hair a break from applying heat.

17French braids and soft waves

This soft, romantic style is achieved with kinky textured bundles which mimic the look of natural hair. The asymmetrical French braids at the hairline create a headband or crown which brings attention to the face in a lovely way.

18Faux-hawk with cornrows

This rock and roll chic style is a great way to add a little danger and fun to your look without having to commit to shaving the sides of your head. The added height of the bump or pompadour will also make you appear taller.

19Wavy long bob

This 1970s inspired styles takes after the feathery waves and bangs the likes of Farrah Fawcet would have been seen in. These large, bouncy waves frame the face beautiful and work very well at creating the illusion of a heart shaped face.

20Low ponytail with middle part

If you opt to have a middle part leave out for your partial sew in, another great way to style it is in this smooth, bone straight low ponytail. This style is even better if you can lay your hair down as flat as possible and lightly gel your edges into swoops.

21Textured high ponytail

Using texturised hair piece like in this style makes it much easier to blend your natural hair into your sew-in for a more realistic look. This high ponytail is achieve through cornrowing the back half of your head and then concealing the tracks by pushing your hair back into the ponytail.

22French braid headband

If you love bone straight hair, this French braid headband is a great way to add some dimension to the style. The braids are also a great way to give your hair a break from the blow drying and flat ironing you may have to do to make your natural hair blend into your weave.

23Soft body wave

A glittery headband is a great way to look and feel like a princess. These soft waves can be achieved with a curling iron or flexi-rods. This style is also versatile as you can choose to straighten it later or pull your hair back into a low ponytail.

24Blonde streak

This trendy streak of blonde hair at your hairline is a great way to play with daring color without having to dye your entire head or your bundles. Parting your hair on the side also allows the strands of blond to disperse color evenly throughout your style for a beautiful effect.

25Wavy bob

Create texture and height with this stunning style. Kept above shoulder length, this bob is parted at the side, with your hair left out along the hairline and at the parting, and then teased in the center for volume. These round curls will frame every face shape very well.

26Blonde highlights and waves

Remember the chunky highlights of the early 2000s that often looked like hair was striped? Adding effortless, soft waves in your hair is a great way to enjoy the injection of color without accidentially looking like a zebra. In this style, hair is left out at the hairline and side part. You can also leave hair out on the perimeter of your hairline if you would like to put it up in a ponytail.

27Wispy bangs

For this timeless style, you only need to leave out a section of hair at the middle of your head and along your hairline. If your hair is already much shorter than the length of your weave, then you only need to straighten it forward into this wispy bang.

28Copper ringlets

This fiery style shows of a beautiful ombre of light and dark shades of copper brown which really shine through the ringlet curls. Having darker layers towards the bottom also means that you won’t need to color match your natural hair to your sew in too much.

29Sultry curls

This beautiful style is easy and effortless and works well for both casual and formal occassions. Curls are a great way to blend your natural hair into your sew in. Just always make sure to use a heat protectant before manipulating your natural hair.

30Pulled back curls with gold rings

You can still incorporate your favorite gems and rings into your sew-ins. In this style, the hair is parted down the middle and a single cornrow is fed in and then decorated with gold rings. Big, dense curls are then installed into the cornrow tracks at the back of the head.