Natural Hair Braids

natural hair braids

Quick Braiding Styles for Natural Hair

Natural hair is amazing for all of its versatility and there’s no limit to the different ways you can braid your own hair to create gorgeous styles that will both protect your locks or change up your look from day to day. Read on for some amazing natural hair braid styles that will require no more than freshly washed hair, moisturizer, gel, and a little creativity.

1Box braids

simple box braids on natural hair

You’ll probably remember this style from how your mom did your hair as a little girl or the type favored by a lot of rappers but it’s a simple yet cool look you can still quickly do now.

2Beaded box braids

box braids with beads

Regardless of your hair length, it’s always a good idea to add a little bling to this simple style. Beads are also a great way to add weight to shorter braids so that they’re not standing upright on your head.

3Bantu knot faux-hawk

bantu knot faux hawk

This trendy look is super easy to achieve and only requires you to pull your hair into just a few Bantu knots. This style works best on long and medium-length hair.

4Thin braided ponytails

thin braided ponytails

This is a beautiful 90s throwback style that is as pretty as it is simple. Just part your hair into several ponytails and braid them to hang down.

5Thick braided ponytails

thick braided ponytails

These chunky braided ponytails are great if you like the box braid look but want to spend as little time as possible doing up your hair. Add in some brightly colored elastics to take the look further.

6Half-up half-down twisted ponytail

half up half down twisted ponytail

Here’s another gorgeous and easy DIY take on your twist routine. Adding a fashionable hair tie or scrunchie makes the look feel incredibly minimalist and elegant.

7Cornrows and bantu knots

cornrows and bantu knots

Update your regular Bantu knots with asymmetrical parting and a few cornrows running between them for a stylish African look.

8Blond half-up bun twists

half up half down twists

Show off your color jobs with this quick and easy half-up bun with hanging twists and feed-in flat twists.

9Triangle braids and puff

triangle part braids and puff

This is another quick and easy update to your puff which just requires parting the front of your head into little triangle braids pulled back into your puff. 

10Double cornrow puffs

double cornrow bun

Another great way to do classic French braids is to make four cornrows instead of two and leave the hair at the nape of your neck in fluffy puffs like in this pretty look.

11Multiple braided buns

feed in bantu knots

This style is a great cross between cornrows and Bantu knots. It’s perfect for long hair and leaving a few strands free and curly from your braids in the front adds a gorgeous effortless feel.

12Side parted French braids

side parted french twists

This is a super quick style that works for any age. Keeping your braids close to your hairline creates a beautiful crown or halo effect.

13Circular cornrows

circular cornrows

This gorgeous style features cornrows starting from the crown of the head to hang down all-around your hairline and nape creating a wispy fringe. It’s understated yet stunning.

14Double back braided bun

double back braided bun

Back braids add a beautiful dimension to an otherwise ordinary bun and they’re also great for protecting the more fragile hair at the back of your neck from pillow friction.

15Back braid ballerina bun

back braided ballerina bun

This classy and sophisticated ballerina bun is given an extra wow factor with the use of a back braid wrapped in gold wire.

16Criss-cross feed-in puff

criss cross feed in puff

If you don’t want to spend too much braiding your hair try this style which only features four box braids at your hairline that are then arranged into a criss-cross pattern. 

17Twisted buns with hanging twists

twisted buns with hanging twists

This is a beautiful take on pigtails that makes use of rubber band braids and leaves two pretty twists hanging at the front. Cuff beads are a quick addition to glamorize the style.

18Undercut braids

undercut natural hair braids

If you have an undercut, consider showing it off with some box braids and shaving your head in a way that’s similar to how hair is parted for braids for an incredibly unique look.

19Braided pigtail buns

braided pigtail buns

This elegant take on pigtails is a perfect ‘do for casual or formal events. The asymmetrical side-parting is a perfect touch to a very streamlined look.

20Editorial cornrows

editorial natural hair cornrows

There are so many ways to update your cornrows for that magazine editorial, high fashion look with this stunning style.

21Cornrow bob

cornrowed bob

While wearing your hair down is a great way to show off your length, you want to protect your locks from as much friction as possible and this cornrowed bob look is a great way to achieve that.

22Twisted bob

twisted bob

Have you ever considered arranging your twists to look like a bob? This style is absolutely gorgeous thanks to the texture from the twists and the subtle jewelry accents.

23Feed-in puff

feed in puff ponytail

A great way to show off the results of your latest set of flexi-rods or new curling creme is this lovely and simple high ponytail with thick, messy cornrows feeding into it.

24Standing puffs

spiked puff natural hair

If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, grab some hair elastics and try out these traditionally inspired standing puff braids.

25Bantu knots with two thin braids

bantu knots with thin braids

Traditional Bantu knots are a perfect natural braiding style for everyone and you can add an extra special something by having two thin braids hanging at the front.

26Ponytail braids with baubles

ponytail braids with baubles

This absolutely adorable look is a perfect way to bring a little color into your daily hairstyle and it’s a fantastic pairing with a bold make-up look too.

27Cornrow faux-hawk

cornrowed faux hawk

This is a beautiful style that only requires one or two side cornrows and some beads to achieve. You’re guaranteed to turn heads with this look.

28Thick cornrow bun

thick cornrowed bun

This is a classic style which you can turn from regular to spectacular by winding gold wire through your braids. Alternatively, you can try brightly colored ribbon or yarn.

29French twists

french twists

Long natural hair can get overwhelming at times and this relaxed take on French braids is perfect for when you’re in a rush or just over it.

30Puff ball ponytail

puff ball ponytail

A sleek ponytail is always an elegant choice, divide your ponytail with puffs for some extra dimension.