Natural Hair Blowout


Natural Hair Blowout Styles

Blowouts are a great way to stretch out your hair whether it’s just to see how much length your shrinkage is hiding, to get a haircut, begin a protective style or to style your hair in new ways. The added length and finer texture of blown-out hair open a world of possibilities in the ways you can style your hair. From vintage styles, updos, twists and braids, read on and check out these stunning natural hair blowout styles.

1Big, glamourous curls

Look like a movie star with these bouncing waves. This style can be achieve with either a curling iron, rollers or a braid out. For more length, add clip in kinky extensions to really bring the drama.

2Barrel curls and flat twists

A barrel curling iron produces these springy, romantic curls which you can further enhance with thick flat twists at your hairline.

3Half up, half down with bantu knots

Easy, quick and playful this style just involves securing two bantu knots at the front of your hair with pins or hair ties and fluffing out the rest of your hair. This style works great on both long and short hair.

Blowout on short hair

short hair blowout

Even teeny weeny afros can benefit from the curl stretching of blowouts, looking not so teeny weeny anymore. Adding a perpendicular side part is a great way to add dimension to the style.

4Thick half up, half down ponytail

Half up, half down ponytails create the illusion of more length and adding soft curls will add a more finished look overall. Clip-in extensions in blowout or kinky textures can also be added for more flair.

5Top knot with deep side part

This elegeant and simple look is perfect for the office, brunch or even formal events. Remember not to pull too hard on your hair when tying it up as this can lead to breakage.

6Flat twists and a low puff

One of the benefits of blowing out natural hair is you don’t need to use as much gel and creme to pull your hair into flat twists like this style. Just run a little bit of moisturizer or oil through your hair and section it off in three parts in the front. Fluff out your puff for more volume.

7Adorable pigtail buns

Wrapping your pigtails into buns always makes them look a little more grownup while still whimsical and fun. Sleek down the rest of your hair with some gel or creme to really emphasise the poofiness of your buns.

8Vintage style updo

Look and feel like an old Hollywood starlet with this 1940s inspired style. You don’t even need heat to achieve these girls, just hair rollers or leave your hair in twists overnight. Using minimal heat after blow drying will go a long way towards protecting your strands.

9Curly waterfall fringe

The ends of your hair are particularly fragile after applying heat so wrapping them into a bun where they are safe from the friction of your clothes is always a great idea. Add dimension and frame your face with waterfall bangs using either twists, braids or hair rollers to curl them.

10Simply pulled back

This simple style makes a beautiful statement by allowing your hair to frame your head like a halo. Use a headband or bobby pins to pull your hair back and set with some sheen spray.

11Flat twist out

Stretch your blow out even further by putting into flat twists over night. Set it with your favorite sheen spray and when you undo them in the morning, you will have full and springy curls to arrange into a lovely ‘fro.

12Straight middle part

Perfect for lazy girls or simply anyone who enjoys volume, just part your hair down the middle and use your fingers or a wide tooth come to fluffy out your hair. You can go further by laying your baby hairs with gel but the look is already great without it.

13Straight side part

This simple style speaks for itself. Show off your length and frame your face with a side part and some hair spray. Just remember to seal your ends with some oil so they can better stand the friction from your clothing.

14Long curly bangs

Another simple yet bold style, these bangs can be achieve by simply combing a section of hair at your forehead forward. You can trim them shorter above your eyes or let them hang over your face.

Braid out curls

braid out curls on blowout hair

Putting your hair into three strand braids overnight will create these big, bouncy curls which look great on everyone. This style is perfect for both long and short hair.

Beautiful side swept updo

formal updo with blow dried afro hair

This charming updo features a side part and faux bang created by letting the front sections sweep over your forehead. You can secure this with pins or beautiful hair accessorices like bejeweled combs and clips.

15Flexi-rod curls

Flexi-rods are a simple, heat-free way to define your curls when you’re natural and they work even better on blow dried hair. Additionally, you can tease your roots by back combing to create more height.

16Statement ponytail

Who doesn’t love a bouncy ponytail? If your hair is shorter, you can pull it back into a ponytail and wrap extensions around it for length. To better blend the extensions into your real hair, try setting the extensions in twists or braids first so they can curl.

17Curtain bangs and bumped ends

This romantic and sexy look just requires a flat iron and a round brush. By “bumping” the ends (curling them inward), you’re also protecting your hair from contact friction. Always use a heat protectant or oil when straightening your hair.

18Soft water waves

You can achieve these beachy waterwaves through almost any of your preferred curling methods such as a curling iron, rollers, flexi-rods, braids or twists. The key is to keep the curls big and loose for that summer feel.

19Super straight bob with flat twists

By running over your blowout with a flat iron, you can achieve that relaxer look without having to make the permanenet change. This bone straight style looks great in blunt cuts and adding flat twists at the front gives that special touch.

20Big, dramatic ponytail

Perhaps the best part of a blowout is that you get to enjoy the full volume of your hair. By tying to high ponytails, one beneath the other, you can double the length and size of your hair.

21French twists chignon

Look elegant yet casually effortless with this easy style. Section your hair into various twists or loose braids and then wrap them under each other at the nape of your neck into this timeless chignon. This style is especially great for formal events.

22Curly faux-hawk

A faux-hawk, a less permanent take on the mohawk, works great on blow dried hair. Clip your hair up at the sides of your head or braid it vertically at the back and let the rest cascade over the front and side of your face. You can leave it straight or leave twists overnight to get this curly texture.

23Afro-inspired braids

Blowing out your hair still means you can enjoy African inspired protective styles like these chunky braids. Section the hair into geometric shapes like triangles or diamonds. Leave the ends unbraided for texture and shape.

24Side parted French twists

A fresh take on classic French braids, part your hair on the side and make two very big flat twists that come forward over your shoulders. Finish off twists with hair ties and in a matter of minutes you have a relaxed, elegant look perfect for the office or a casual day out.

25Larger than life twists

This beautiful style involves sectioning hair into big, loose twists with beads added randomonly through out. More height is created with a big bun right at the hairline for an effortless yet dramatic look.