40 Mohawk Hairstyles for Black Women

mohawk hairstyles for black women

Mohawk Hairstyles for Black Women

Mohawk is a style that has been around for years and has definitely evolved over time. We see this particular style a lot among artists in pop culture and on the red carpet. Mohawks vary in length, color, style, and texture. This is one of the most diverse styles and can easily be pulled off on any face shape or skin tone. To help you decide on your next stylish Mohawk, we have put together a list of 40 stunning Mohawk Hairstyles for Black Women.

1Twisted Mohawk

Looking for a new way to rock your boring two strand twists? Try out this two strand twists mohawk style. Simply flat twist your hair to the center of your head and continue to twist the length. Then either roll and tuck or leave loose for an edgy style.

2Layered mohawk

This is a modern take on the typical mohawk. This cut is tapered on the sides and full in the front and cut at a slight angle. What makes this style unique is the tapered triangle back. This cut is edgy yet sleek.

3Two-Tone sleek mohawk

Here we have a two toned mohawk. We love the light waves and full bang. The blonde color in the front adds a pop of color but still keeps the look sleek and chic.

4Shaven mohawk

Looking for something a little more edgy? Check out this shaven mohawk. We love the hints of purple and red which gives it a rock star vibe. Pair with dark and vampy makeup to complete the look.

5Large jumbo braid mohawk

Jumbo braids have really been n style and we love seeing the different ways they’re styled. We are loving the twist on the modern mohawk with this beautiful jumbo braid. Keep it simple with a simple black color.

6Rainbow mohawk

For our women who enjoy color and lots of it this is your perfect style. This mohawk is tapered and layered in the back and is layered in the crown area. The colors are bold a vibrant and perfect for spring.

7Dreaded mohawk

Women with locs can rock a mohawk as well. Check out this beautiful dreaded mohawk. The sides are flat twisted into a tucked roll with a rounded bang. This is the perfect style for formal and informal occasions.

8Natural curl mohawk

Looking for a style to rock with that week old twist out? Pull it into a simple mohawk. Start by moisturizing the hair and picking it out to add more volume. Finally slick up the sides with your favorite gel, we suggest flax seed gel.

9Natural curly tapered cut

The best part of natural hair is its versatility. We love this natural tapered fro. To kick it up a notch add a pop of color to the tips of your hair or even put mini twist at the crown.

10Braided and curled mohawk

Another way to achieve a mohawk is by adding hair to your style. Like the braided bohawk simply add braiding hair. For the middle you can set and curl the braiding hair or opt for curly extensions.

11Fiery Red curly mohawk

Feeling fiery? Give your life some color with this fiery mix of red and orange paired with this roller set mohawk. This color is perfect for spring and summer. We love the added blonde in the front.

12Black and brown spiked cut

When it comes to hair we love the black and brown color combo. We especially love it with this spiked mohawk style. We love how the colors contrast without being too overpowering.

13Natural curled mohawk with under cut

want to rock your natural curls? Try out this super cut mohawk with an undercut. Still show off your natural look while keeping it fun and funky. If you want to spice it up opt to add some designs.

14Natural hair Mohawk with designs

Continuing with the natural hair mohawk vibe check out this curly mohawk with a simple yet striking design. This style features two horizontal lines which gives it a abstract look.

15Braided and twisted mohawk

Looking for something low maintenance? This braided mohawk is both modern and perfect for the work place. The sides are braided in an alternate pattern (big and small) and the middle is twisted and pinned.

16Finger coil mohawk

Another way to rock your natural hair is by adding finger coils. We love the use of finger coils on this undercut mohawk. Add texture to the middle by adding mini two strand twists to the crown.

17Shaven Natural afro mohawk

We love how bold and high fashion this particular mohawk is. The sides are completely shaven into a fade and the center is natural picked afro. Pair with flashy earrings and bold makeup.

18Grey dread loc mohawk

Here we have long grey dread locs. The sides are shaven which gives it a punk rock look. Pair with your favorite pair of aviator glasses and a bold lip.

19Golden blonde curly style

Kerri Hilson was known for her amazing blonde hair do’s and also her mohawks. We are loving this golden blonde curly mohawk. She is showing us how to be fierce and feminine.

20Braided layered mohawk

We are loving this braided layered mohawk style. This style is giving us star wars and digital age vibes. What is unique about this style is that the braided are layered giving it major volume.

21Sleek jumbo fishtail bun

Take a look at this new take on the simple fishtail braid. This style is giving us Janelle monae vibes. It is a mix of a classic and modern style. Pair with chic looks such as button ups and flare jeans.

22Curled and spiked sleek mohawk

Check out this sleek curled and spiked mohawk. This style is definitely for the women who love leather jackets and riding boots. Pair with simple silver jewelry to complete the biker chic look.

23Purple and black ombre mohawk

Ombre is not only for long hairstyles. In fact, under cut style mohawks are perfect for ombre looks because it allows the colors to blend seamlessly. By adding curls you can also create a waterfall effect.

24long twisted mohawk

We are drooling over this totally twisted mohawk. The sides are sleek creating a neat and put together look combined with jumbo puffy twists which adds some fun to the look. Because this style is so bold keep your makeup and accessories minimal.

25Half split natural mohawk

Sometime you just want to step out of your comfort zone. This half split mohawk will do the trick. This style is split by a defined line and is curly at the crown area. You can still do many other styles like a puff or two strand twists.

26Curvy braided mohawk

It is really the little details that can really amp up any style. Take a look at the curved braids in this mohawk. This is a small touch that makes a big difference.


27Infamous Janelle Monae mohawk

Ever since she came on the scene she has never disappointed in her style. She is known for her fun and funky hairstyles, but her signature braided mohawk takes the cake.

28Cornrow mohawk

Tired of rocking your cornrows the same way everytime? Change your boring old cornrows into a flashy mohawk. Not only is this style super cute but it is also a protective style.

29The original shaved mohawk

Cassie was the first to rock the shaven side mohawk. What better way to get style inspiration other than from the source? Her edgy style really compliments her signature style. Pair with chunky gold accessories.

30Rat tail mohawk

Who said rat tails were out of style? We are loving this funky contrasting mohawk that Kandi is rocking. The long bang really gives it this style a bit of fun and makes it less edgy.

31Triangle cut

Looking for a hipster type style? This is perfect for our younger and middle aged women who are looking for a unique style. To add more volume to the middle add more layers.

32Raving Red finger waves

This red is bright and bold and is perfect for women who prefer to have a little color in their life. Along with this style we have the gorgeous finger waves which totally brings back the 60’s Hollywood style.

33Blonde wavy mohawk

Get a little artsy with your look. This is a shaven wavy mohawk. When we see wavy styles we usually think free flowing beach waves. This style is completely different. Add a slight bump to the ends of your hair, shape, and spray with a strong holding spray.

34Messy mohawk

Janet Jackson is known for her innovative style. From fashion to hair, so it is no surprise when she pose with this messy editorial mohawk. This is perfect for the woman who like’s to spark a conversation.

35Pinned dreaded mohawk

Go bald with this beautiful auburn colored mohawk. The way these dreads are pinned and styled are giving us a 50’s pinup vibe. Pair with bold earrings and bold lips as pictured.

36Black and brown shaved mohawk

Rihanna looks stunning in this contrasting black and brown mohawk. She is definitely a style icon when it comes to unique hairstyles. This half shaved mohawk is both edgy yet classy.

37All grey mohawk

Who said grey was just for our elders? Grey hair has been such a huge trend and we are loving this super curly mohawk. Achieve this with a simple roller set.

38Super blonde finger waves

Rock the blonde look with this super cute and fashion forward platinum blonde and brown mohawk. What makes this style unique are the perfect finger waves. This color combination is perfect for women with warmer skin tones.

39Faux dread mohawk

Faux locs are a great protective style and also makes a great mohawk. You can opt for smaller faux locs like the ones pictured or complete your look with chunky faux locs.