Knotless Box Braids Guide

Knotless Box Braids

Knotless Box Braids Guide 

As naturalistas, we possess the ability to style our hair in so many ways. With protective styles, especially one like knotless braids, you can do so as well. Knotless braids started gaining popularity last year, but they may not be a trend; knotless braids are stylish, low maintenance, and painless. Ever since celebrities started rocking knotless braids, it seems the style started picking up heat. And for a good reason – as mentioned before, they are painless. They’re also stylish and perfect for light-weight braids. 

1What are Knotless Braids and How Long Do They Last

Knotless braids can be the same size and length as box braids since you typically use the same braiding hair like Xpressions. However, knotless braids mean knot-free for a reason; box braids require the hairstylist or yourself to start applying the braiding hair at your scalp and forming it into a knot. Box braids apply a lot of pressure to your scalp with that knot, and this can be a big problem for tender-headed individuals during and after the process of getting their hair braided. If you are tender-headed, you should definitely consider swapping knotless braids for box braids. Knotless braids offer you a painless experience before and after braiding. Instead of starting with the knot at your scalp, you start braiding your hair and then gradually add the braiding hair. 

Knotless braids, in addition to the painless experience, are much lighter on your scalp. Since your protective style with start with your own hair though, this protective style will not last as long as box braids. Knotless braids typically last 4-6 weeks. Whether they last 4 or 6 six weeks depends on your maintenance as well as additional factors like your hair type. 

2How to Do Knotless Braids

For the best results, your hair should be washed and conditioned thoroughly and then blow-dried. If you are doing knotless braids by yourself, which is certainly achievable, make sure you get the following: 

  • Rat-Tail comb or another of your choice for parts
  • Edge Brush 
  • Shine N’ Jam 
  • XPressions, Kanekalon, etc. 

Apply the Shine N’Jam to the whole strand and start braiding your hair. Then add the braiding gradually. 

Knotless braids are not that hard to achieve, but you have to start first with your own hair while adding in the braiding hair well. Make sure you put enough jam throughout the strand and press it on to the top where the braid starts. You want to make sure your hair won’t start getting frizzy soon and your braids are tight and in-tact. If you want to do color with knotless braids, you can achieve that by braiding the colored braiding hair under your real hair. It sounds complex but Seantae Marie goes in-depth with this video elaborating on the method:


Knotless braids do typically take longer than box braids though. Since you are adding braiding hair to your own, it takes about 5 to 8 hours, which depends on the size and length of your braids, of course. With knotless braids, you are dealing with unfamiliar territory as well. The style, although somewhat similar to box braids, is still fresh. Referring back to Seantae Marie’s YouTube video, you have to do things like braid underneath to accomplish a good look with different colored knotless braids from your own hair. 

After 6 weeks, or a month and a half, you should take down your knotless braids. Unfortunately, you cannot leave them in as long as you would with box braids. Box braids can last for months, but that’s because the sturdy knot that starts as your scalp basically protects your hair underneath. Your hair won’t start looking frizzy or need a touch-up as it might occur with knotless braids since it begins with your real hair. 


Versatility: You can style your knotless braids in any way you want to. You can do a tight bun messy boon, swoop your braids with some bangs, a half-up-half-down look, and much more. 

Painless Procedure: Instead of having a knot start at your scalp, your hair braiding experience is completely painless. There’s no more room for fear with getting your hair braided or the headaches afterward. 

Stylish: This braiding style is not only trendy, but it is stylish and looks good. Braids are already a trendy and great look, as seen with the popularity of box braids, so knotless braids aren’t so far off. 

5Knotless Braids Maintenance

If you want your knotless braids to reach that maximum of 6 weeks or even before that, you have to ensure you take the utmost care of both your scalp and the braids. When you go to sleep, make sure you put a bonnet on and wrap up your hair. You should already be wearing a bonnet for your natural hair, anyways. 

Moisturize and massage your hair with your favorite oil(s). Good oils to use are castor oil and coconut oil which both promote blood flow to your scalp and hair growth. Try to apply the oil and massage your scalp at least 3 to 4 times a week. 

If you need to touch up on your knotless braids after a few weeks, just re-braid and apply a little bit of Jam. There’s a difference between a touch-up and a take-down though. You can pretty much tell when it’s time to take out your braids. You are more likely to do a touch-up with box braids rather than knotless braids since they only last about a month. Nevertheless, you can do a touch-up on your braids, where it’s usually the ones around your edges. 

It seems knotless braids may be more than a trend after all. Knotless braids aren’t just a popular style but they offer different benefits like a pain-free journey and versatility. If you are considering trying knotless braids, do it! Explore new styles and try new things. Being natural allows us to do so. We can do box braids, lemonade braids, knotless, wigs, sew-ins, and virtually anything we want. The perks of being natural!