KeKe Palmer Haircuts

keke palmer haircut

KeKe Palmer Haircuts

If you just so happen to be living life without any TV, radio or internet these days, you may need a little refresher on who Keke Palmer is. She is a singer, actress, songwriter and presenter. She has been in several known movies with her highlight as lead in Akeelah and the Bee.  She even made the list as the fourth-highest paid child star with her lead role on Nickelodeons show True Jackson, VP. And let’s not forget to mention, she got to play chili of the girl group TLC, in their TLC biopic that aired on VH1.


Lately she has been working on small time projects and making tv show appearances here and there. But you can catch her on social media living her best life and showing off her show stopper down to earth personality. What truly never fails to catch our attention is she is never afraid to rock some bold, beautiful and captivating hairstyles like these long twists. From wigs to weaves to big chopping and dyeing her hair. She always never fails to deliver hair goals inspiration.

Below are a few of our personal favorites, we will definitely be trying sometime this year. We are in need of a good switch up from our normal and we would like to give our natural hair a break :

2Jumbo crochet Havana twist

She draws he jumbo crochet Havana twist up, for a half up half down do. Showing off a freshly buzzed cut at the 2016 abff awards.

3Buzz cut

She makes us want to big chop so bad! Not much we can say about a women freely embracing herself, we are totally her for it.

4Ghana braids

Keke with some beautiful burgundy Ghana braids, not sure if she choose her styles or her stylist do but either way, they know how perfectly frame her facial structure.

5Ombre pixie cut

A great way to express yourself is threw your hair. And that’s exactly what she is doing with this ombre pixie cut. This can easily be achieved, best to go to a professional as you don’t want cut to much or to little in the wrong places.

6Faux locs high bun

We love us some faux locs and she didn’t fail to deliver with this faux locs high bun.

7U-part wig

She knows how to make her melanin pop and glow! Rocking an off-center part ombre u-part wig she is looking glorious as always.

8Goddess braids updo

Rocking an elegant goddess braid up do, with a soft fringe bang that delicately frames her facial structure. This is pretty easy to achieve and can be worn anywhere for any occasion, just part the front of your head where you want your bang or fringe to hang, be sure to separate it out of the way. Then doing a dutch braid going around, pinning the tail end on the inside but under the braid and Viola!

9Blonde pixie cut

Blondes have more fun they say! Here you can see her rocking a honey blonde pixie cut. Pin curl the top of your hair, let dry completely or you may opt to use a curler. When your ready to comb it out, place a little styling wax and sweep upward tussling your hair a little.

10Natural hair

Throwback to a natural hair selfie, we fell in love with. We are simply loving it, love to see women with a healthy head of hair. We all already know how to rock our own beautiful natural hair, here her hair is blown out. Give this look a try, you can even pair it with a cute floral headband for a hippie type of vibe!

11Straight wig

When it’s time to protect your hair or you it’s time for a little break, you can never go wrong with rocking a wig. And nothing off the wall, it can be something as simply as this off-center part black wig.

12Curly weave

Rocking a beautiful curly weave and all smiles … we are seriously thinking of trying this style. To get this style try scrunching your natural hair while it’s damp or opt for a beach wave weave.

13Purple big chop

One of the most talked about big chops of 2017, KeKe had all heads turning and talking when she debuted her beautiful lavender big chop on the red carpet #haterswillsayitsphotoshop.

14Blunt bob

Keke rocks a sharp blunt cut bob with a center part at a forum for the teen choice awards back in 2016. You can get a wig or weave with this one, but if you’re one of the lucky ladies out there who already reached their hair past shoulder length and needs a trim, try this. It will fit perfect for any facial structures and depending on your preference can either fall on the shoulders like Keke’s or fall just before the shoulders for a shorter bob.

15High bun shaved sides

Daring to be different with the bold half shaven long weave, that’s pulled in a high bun with a faux bang. You don’t need to have weave to achieve this look, if your sides are already shaved from rocking a mohawk, just purchase a faux bang and bum, and struct your stuff!

16Box braids

Bold, daring fashion statement! Effortless box braids! What more can you say besides we need to find her hairstylist ASAP!

17Pixie cut

Rocking a bold yet very familiar look for the AMA’s, but her jet black pixie cut is we over here drooling over!! You can achieve this with your natural hair or get a quick 27 piece installation.

18Wavy weave

Sassy and sophisticated barrel curls, with a soft chocolate base and bronze highlights for a beautifully captivating ombre effect!

19Long black weave

Rocking long black weave, with some leave out to make her hairline appear more natural! You can easily achieve this look with either a u-part wig, quick weave or just get a nice sew in.

20Side swept loose wave style

Looking for kid-friendly hairstyles, try to replicate keke palmer’s easy loose wave style with one side pull back. Perfect for back to school, prom’s, picture day or weddings. Great thing about this style, is you don’t have to use heat to achieve the curls, just use some curl formers overnight and tussle your hair in the morning, followed by placing one side in a high pony or using a bobby pin to hold it back.

If you are ever feeling some type of hair block and need some inspiration, try to replicate one of her looks. They are fun, creative, bold, daring and you can always switch it and not just make it your own but as women when we get a new style it can enhance our beauty and change our appearance a little. Sounds weird right, but as you are sitting there browsing have you notice how with each look, she looks different and it’s not just the makeup.