40 Badass Jumbo Box Braids

jumbo box braids styles

40 Big Jumbo Box Braids

Wearing your hair in jumbo box braids is reminiscent of the 90’s style, but oh what a style these braids are. The versatility of jumbo box braids, or big box braids, is amazing and you are sure to get excited about crafting a hairdo that is just right for you. Chic up-dos, long braids, bulky buns, and beautiful ponytails are just a few of the unique hairstyles you can create. Whether you’re using your own natural hair, or hair extensions, jump on board the fashion bus and check out these trendy 40 big and beautiful jumbo box braids styles.

1Long Black Big Box Braids

Embrace the length you have always desired for your hair and wear these luscious long black braids. Craft a half up-do for an elegant, clean look that is stylin’ for sure.

2High Bun Jumbo Box Braids Up-Do

One of the most popular hairstyles that women craft with their box braids is the high bun up-do. Styling your tresses high atop your head for a fun, yet sophisticated look will brighten your day.

3Colorful Jumbo Box Braids

Incorporating as many colors as possible into your box braids creates a hip, funky look. Stay cool by adding various colors and textures to your braids to pay homage to the funk masters of old.

4Jumbo Sculptural Style Knot

Let the artist within shine forth and bring out your unique style. Craft a bun and a big side braid to showcase your wonderful sense of fashion.

5Jumbo Pompadour Box Braids

The polished effect of a pompadour takes a basic half up-do to the next level of fashion by adding a touch of class to a casual look. Styling your tresses can be an exciting display of technique.

6Bix Box Braids Pigtail Twists

A soft, low hairdo creates a romantic, elegant appeal and is perfect for your next classy dinner. Part your hair down the middle to create pigtails and then create two thick braids. Stop braiding halfway down and curl the ends up through the braid.

7Jumbo Crown of Braids

Style your tresses like the queen you are and wear a crown of braids throughout the ever changing seasons. Having color added to your crown creates a unique blend.

8Side Part Jumbo Box Braids

Smooth, long braids can be styled to one side of your head for an appealing look that is absolutely stunning. A simple, yet effective way to create a wonderful look.

9Tightly Woven Big Box Braids

Create an intricate design that may take some time, but is completely worth the beautiful look achieved in the end. The braids are tightly woven on top of your head and overlapped, similar to a bouffant.

10Triple Buns Box Braids Up-Do

Spunky and stylish are woven into the triple buns up-do showcased here. Be sure the buns are of equal thickness as you part your hair to craft this amazing, unique style.

11Janet’s Revival Box Braids

Kick it old school with Janet Jackson’s classic look from the 80’s. Create a new, hip look by building upon a style from past decades. Pull your tresses on top of your head and wrap the ponytail with a handful of braids. Tuck the ends in for a smooth, complete look.

12Thick Jumbo Box Braid Style

Feel gorgeous as you style your tresses into a thick braid that extends down your back. Pull your locks back and separate them into three parts, crafting one thick braid. A beautiful look for the elegant occasions you attend.

13Golden Blonde Big Box Braids

Dark, golden blonde is an exquisite color that personalizes your style. Jazz up your braids even more by adding beads throughout your tresses. A simple, subtle, and classy look is created through lovely styling.

14Big Box Braids Faux Hawk

An amazing look is skillfully crafted when you pair your long box braids with a style as unique as a faux hawk. To create this look, craft a half-up French braid by pulling hair strands up and through to allow the braids to stand up.

15Undercut and Accented Jumbo Box Braids

For those with an adventurous fashion spirit, create a unique accent in your braids by adding blonde strands to one side. A wrap can pull up a ponytail and showcase an undercut for a distinct style.

16Short Jumbo Box Braids

Short, jumbo box braids are an ultra-modern look that establishes your individuality and creativity. An all-one-length bob is a fresh and city chic style to display a fabulous sense of fashion.

17Side Twist for Jumbo Box Braids

To lighten the weight of box braids, shift all of them to one side by creating a half-up twist. Look great and feel wonderful throughout the different events of your day.

18Twisted Croissant Big Box Braids Up-Do

One of the favorite up-dos for women to style their tresses in as they wear box braids is the croissant. Variations of the croissant are worn by many to express an individual style.

19Purple Big Box Braids

Long box braids in a deep purple are a wonderful fashion statement only for the bold to don. A unique asymmetrical look is created by swooping the front across and a twisted up-do on the side of your head.

20Layered Jumbo Box Braids Bob

While long box braids are the norm, a layered short bob of braids has a certain essence to it that is beautifully unique. Adding a bright color to your braids creates a cool, hip vibe.

21High Ponytail Long Big Box Braids

A high ponytail is a classic look that can be worn to a classy event or to the club with your friends. Spice up your ponytail by pairing it with undershaves.

22Waterfall Bun Box Braids

A waterfall bun is a unique style to convey elegance and class. Clip up the ends of your tresses and allow the middle part of your braids to cascade down.

23Front Bun Jumbo Box Braids

Coil your long braids into a front bun at the top of your forehead. A dynamic visual effect is achieved by sweeping your hair over one shoulder. Stunning style for the amazing woman you are.

24Twisted Side Down-Do Big Box Braids

By adding simple twists to your box braids, you are creating more texture throughout your tresses. A down-do establishes an elegant look complete with flair and class.

25Half Pulled-Back Jumbo Box Braids

Highlight all of your best facial features by pulling back half of your tresses for a simple, cute look. Walk with beauty and grace as you go forward throughout the day.

26Jumbo Box Braids Pompadour

A retro pompadour lets your inner hipster out and adds flair to any outfit. Gather all of your tresses and braid them backwards, from back to front. Fold the braid over and clip the end.

27Big Mohawk with Undercut Box Braids

An alternative style for box braids is crafting a Mohawk and pulling your braids into a large ponytail. An exciting look is created for those who prefer an edgier, modern style.

28Big Box Braids with Scarf

Dress up your box braids with a unique scarf for an ultra-chic styling effect. Scarves have various patterns, colors, and designs to add the exact vibe you are hoping to achieve.

29Half-Up Side Jumbo Box Braids Buns

Create an original look to let your spunky, cuteness shine. For a hairdo that conveys your exciting, adventurous fashion sense, these half-up side buns are an excellent choice.

30Vibrant Big Top Knot Box Braids

Gorgeous, vibrant colors are a wonderful way to showcase the fashionista you truly are. A purple to fuchsia ombré is a bold fashion statement to don.

31Long, Layered Big Box Braids

Long layers of box braids that are able to flow freely create an elegant, feminine style. Layering your braids provides extra texture and depth to your already amazing fashion.

32Thick Jumbo Box Braid Up-Do

An extraordinary ponytail is crafted by styling your thick braids on top of your head and looping a row of braids around as a ponytail holder. Go ahead and let your inner diva shine.

33Nineties Style Crown Box Braids

Reminiscent of the 90’s, styling little buns at your hairline to form a crown is an exciting look to rock. A look fit for a concert or night on the town is sure to turn heads.

34White Big Box Braids

White box braids can create a wonderful contrast with various skin tones that looks amazing. Pulling your braids to one side is an effortless display of style and simplicity.

35Shaved Side Jumbo Box Braids

Pairing your long box braids with one shaved side creates an edgier look to don in these modern times. Try new, exciting styles to match your unique personality.

36Half-Up Ponytail Big Box Braids

Achieve a stylish look when half of your braids are pulled up in a loose ponytail. What a wonderful, fun way to showcase your braids.

37Big Box Braids with Cornrows

Have cornrows braided into the sides of your head, while box braids are styled into long tresses. Combining hairstyles is innovation at its best.

38Bun with Long Box Braid

Box braids provide the opportunity to combine various styles such as a top knot, side twist, and a fishtail. Extra height and texture is achieved with this combination.

39Unique Jumbo Box Braided Up-Do

Instead of the standard bun, create up-dos with various twisting patterns that craft a unique up-do. Your distinct style deserves a hairstyle with notable fashion.

40Big Low Ponytail Box Braids

Wearing your box braids in a low ponytail is one of the latest fashion trends. Strands of braids can make for a great ponytail holder and style.