Allen Iverson Braids Styles

zig zag large and small iverson braids


How To Create Iverson Braids And 30 Allen Iversion Braid Styles

Iverson braids are named after NBA player Allen Iverson who was known for his intricate cornrow hairstyles. Of course, Iverson was not the first to wear these types of braids, but it was a look that stood out in the NBA when most players kept their hair short. As a result, Iverson became known for his braids almost as much as for his skills on the court. Today, the nickname “Iverson braids” can refer to a variety of styles featuring cornrows that are braided into intricate designs. They have become popular among women as well as men. In fact, you’re even more likely to see them on women than men these days, as they make a great protective style.

1Different Ways To Style Iverson Braids

Cornrows are one of the oldest hairstyles around, originating in parts of Africa centuries ago; they’re versatile and they never go out of style. While straight back cornrows are a standard, classic style, more complex designs have become increasingly popular over the years. If you’re thinking about getting Iverson braids, there are many different styles to choose from. Cornrows with zigzag parts are particularly reminiscent of Iverson’s style. Braids that curve into circular patterns can be a little more difficult to execute, but when done correctly, they look gorgeous. Braids that Criss Cross over each other are also popular. Those with advanced braiding skills are also able to create intricate shapes and designs.

2How To Create Iversion Braids

When prepping for any style, it’s always a good idea to start by washing and conditioning your hair. If you choose to blow dry your hair, be sure to use a heat protectant. Split your hair into sections and part your hair in the direction you want your braids to go. You can create zig zag parts, straight parts, or curved ones to create the design of your choosing. If necessary, use a mirror or have someone help you part the back of your head. You can use plastic clips to help keep the rest of your hair out of the way as you work on each section. There are many video tutorials on YouTube that can better illustrate different braiding methods. It may take some practice to perfect your method.


Iverson braids can be created with or without the use of added braiding hair, making the styling possibilities almost endless. Braiding hair can provide added length, color, and style longevity. In fact, braided extensions provide the perfect opportunity to experiment with color without dyeing your natural hair. You don’t want your braids to be too loose, but it’s important not to make your braids too tight either. Braids that are too tight can be painful and damaging to your natural hair, which can cause breakage and even lead to traction alopecia. While they are easy to maintain, it’s important to cover your hair at night with a satin scarf or bonnet to preserve your style overnight. Here are 30 ways to wear Iverson braids.

4Sleek Iverson Braids

These cornrows form an intricate pattern on each side of the head. A moisturizing cream or gel can be used to help create this sleek look.

5Horizontal Zig Zag Iverson Braids

This intricate braid pattern is created with a series of large zig-zag parts, alternating between multi-directional thin and thick cornrows. The result is a unique style that is sure to turn heads.

6Spiderweb Iverson Braids

This gorgeous style features a complex braid pattern that wraps around to resemble a spiderweb at the back of the head.

7Iverson Ghana Braids

This style combines Ghana braids with smaller cornrows that curve into an intricate pattern around the circumference of the head.

8iverson Braids With Beads

This style features an eight-shaped design on each side of the head. The look is finished off with beads on the ends of each braid, giving these Iverson braids a feminine finish.

9Iverson Braids with Halo Braid

A gorgeous pattern is created with a combination of intersecting cornrows. A single, thick halo braid acts as a frame to this work of art.

10Straight Back Iverson Braids

These simple straight back cornrows are embellished with star-shaped designs created using precise parts and tiny cornrows that feed into the larger braids.

11Iverson Braids With Low Bun

These neat cornrows curve towards the back of the head in a relatively simple pattern. Thick braids along the sides of the head meet at the nape of the neck to form a low bun.

12Iverson Braids With A Touch Of Red

Thin cornrows form a geometrical pattern in between thick, straight back cornrows. The bright red color of the thick cornrows creates a color contrast between the dark color of the smaller cornrows.

13Interwoven Iverson Braids

These Iverson braids create unique interwoven designs near the middle of the head which feed into medium sized cornrows that weave down the sides and back of the head.

14Large and Small Iverson Braids

This gorgeous style features thin cornrows that feed into chunky straight back cornrows. The result is a sleek, pretty protective style that is sure to stand out.

15Iverson Braids High Ponytail

This intricate braid pattern curves towards the center of the head. The ends are wrapped into a high ponytail made of chunky twists.

16Iverson Braids Ponytail

This is another great ponytail style featuring Iverson braids. Neat, thick cornrows work their way to the crown of the head. Micro cornrows are interwoven between the thick cornrows.

17Intricate Iverson Braids

This style features an intricate braid pattern that snakes its way towards the back of the head for a classic Iverson style.

18Iverson Braids Faux Hawk

This style is a twist on classic Iverson braids. A combination of precise parting and expert-level braiding skills turn a complex braid pattern into a cute faux hawk style.

19Iverson Braids With Side Braid

This style features an intricate, asymmetrical spiderweb pattern that beautifully curves around the head. Two chunky cornrows meet at the back of the head and fall over one shoulder in a single chunky side braid.

20Overlapping Iverson Braids

These Iverson braids are a variation of straight back cornrows. They curve towards the back in a relatively simple pattern, with two cornrows criss crossing each other right at the crown of the head.

21Iverson Feed In Cornrows

This style combines a complex series of horizontal cornrows with three chunky, straight back cornrows. The intricate pattern is sure to be a head turner.

22Alternating Sized Iverson Braids

These feed in cornrows alternate in size from medium to small and go straight towards the back of the head, curving ever so slightly.

23Iverson Braids Fro Hawk

This curly fro hawk is created by braiding the hair along the sides into an intricate design, letting the hair in the middle hang loosely in a cascade of curls.

24Iverson Braids With Double Buns

This style has a lot going for it: from its blonde ombre color to its pretty braiding pattern that includes multi-directional braids. The ends of the braids can be wrapped into double buns: a fun, easy way to modify the style.

25Iverson Feed In Braids

These cute feed in braids feature cute, spiderweb-like designs down the center of the head and two thick braids that fall over each shoulder.

26Zig Zag Straight Back Cornrows

These cornrows alternate in size from small to medium. Zig zag parts are used for each of the smaller braids, creating a nice contrast and a pretty design.

27Circular Halo Braid

This unique design starts at the crown of the head and spirals around the head. A single halo braid encircles this gorgeous design, almost like a headband.

28Iverson Braids With Curly Ends

These cornrows curve slightly, creating a simple design. The ends are left loose and curly for a cute, carefree look.

29Dreamcatcher Iverson Braids

This gorgeous style is created by braiding the hair into overlapping cornrows around the back of the head. The resulting design resembles a dreamcatcher. This is a truly unique look that requires serious braiding skills.

30Iverson Braids With Curly Bangs

This is a cute, fun style that is relatively easy to create. Neat rows of cornrows curve towards the front of the head in an almost spiderweb-like design. The ends of the hair hang loosely, creating curly bangs in the front of the head.

31Double Braided Mohawk Braid

This style is created by braiding the hair into horizontal cornrows on each side of the head, meeting in the center. The braided ends are then joined together into a single braid that goes directly down the center of the head.

32Zig Zag Iverson Braids

For this style, the hair is parted right down the middle, then braided into zig zag cornrows towards the back of the head. The left side directly mirrors the right, creating a funky, geometrical design when viewed from the top. This is a style that’s sure to turn heads.

33Iverson Dutch Braids

This style is created by braiding the hair into cornrows that curve in opposite directions. The ends of the hair feed into two chunky dutch braids. Use kanekalon hair for braids that have a sleek, shiny appearance.