Half Wigs For Natural Hair: 20 Best Styles And How To Install Them

How To Install A Half Wig On Natural Hair?

Half Wigs For Natural Hair: 20 Best Styles & How To Install Them

Tired of styling your natural hair every day or you just don’t want to wear full-on wigs anymore? If that’s the case then a half wig might be the perfect solution for you. But before you start saying “that’s just as much work as putting on a full wig or styling your own hair, just hold that thought. We will show you that a half wig isn’t so much of hassle as you might think and that you can look just as fabulous as when wearing a full wig. Read on our half wig fr natural hair guide with tips and styling ideas.

1What Is A Half Wig?

If you’ve never heard of half wigs before, maybe you know them by one of their other names. They are also known as ‘three-quarter wigs’ and ‘half head wigs’. They are created to add lots of volume and length but most of all, they help you get that glamorous look you’ve always wanted without covering all of your natural hair. A half wig gives you that voluminous Hollywood hairdo from your crown all the way to the back of your head but with your own locks framing your face. This type of wig has a stretchy soft mesh cap with two flexible combs attached to it (one on the front and one in the back), to secure it to your natural hair and so the half wig stays put throughout the day.

2How To Install A Half Wig On Natural Hair?

  • Let’s start by stressing that it’s important to choose a half wig that blends with or highlights your natural hair. A wig with a color close to your own hair color will look more natural when it’s attached and styled correctly.
  • When you have found a wig that matches your natural hair you’re ready to install it. Start by parting your hair in two sections, leaving a small strip of hair about one or two inches away from the hairline (so from one ear to the other). This will be the part that will later cover the edge of your half wig. Then, make two braids or twists from the big section of hair. Using bobby pins, pin them upwards on top of your head so your hair will be out of the way and can’t be noticed once your wig will be installed.
  • Then it’s time for the fun part. Grab your wig and place the front comb on the big section of hair, where you made the parting. To secure the wig some more, use the flexible comb in the back and slide it from your neck up into your hair. This is a little tricky and your wig might not feel comfortable or be safely secured, but don’t lose faith. Just keep practicing, you’ll get the hang of it eventually.
  • When your wig is on and won’t go anywhere when you move your head around, you are ready to cover up the seam of your half wig. By blending it with your natural hair, which you parted in the beginning. Another way to hide the seam of your wig is to wear a headband. Not only is it the ‘lazy way’ to cover of the seam, but it also looks fabulous.
  • If you’re still unsure of how to install a half wig, we suggest you go on YouTube. There are lots of tutorials on there (like this one), which will teach you how to get the job done.

320 Beautiful Half Wig Styles For Natural Hair

So now that you have successfully installed your new half wig and made sure it’s securely attached to your head, it’s time to look into some cute hairstyles. If you’re clueless of what kind of hairdo you can create with a half wig, then just grab your computer, tablet or phone. There are thousands (if not millions) of pictures you can find on Instagram, Pinterest or even YouTube that will give you the inspiration you need. But to make life a little easier on you, we have selected 20 awesome half wig styles for you so you can just focus on what’s important: and that is your hair. Or better yet: your half wig!

4Red Half Wig

This hairstyle is stunning. Whether you go out for drinks with your crew or have a job interview, this “half up/half down” hairstyle is both cute and sophisticated. If you want, you can spice it up by adding some color to the ends.

5Curly Half Wig Updo

The best part of a half wig is that you can wear your hair up, like this kinky hairstyle. Just make sure you don’t place the wig too far towards your hairline or you won’t be able to blend and comb back your natural hair.

6Long Wavy Half Wig

If you want to add length and volume to your natural hair, this half wig style will give you just that and a bit more.

7Half Wig With Braided Front

Another fun idea is to braid the front part of your hair and add the half wig for extra volume in the back.

8Half Wig With Braid & Flat Edges

Combing down your baby hair will give your braided cover a more polished look.

9Curly Half Wig With Tribal braids

By braiding the front of your natural hair in a unique pattern, you will definitely be Instagram-ready. Add a few gold beads and your hairstyle will completely take over your look.

10Half Wig With Braided Crown

By blending your own hair with your half wig in a horizontal braid, you can completely cover it and create a unique look.

11Half Wig With Ponytail & Braid

You can be as creative as you’d like when it comes to covering the seam of your wig with braids. As long as you make sure you don’t braid further than the seam.

12Half Wig Top Bun With Long Curls

Another way to hide the seam is with a half top bun. Just brush your natural hair back to blend with the wig, make a half bun (part your natural hair and part wig), and place it on top of your head. And with a bit of petroleum jelly and a toothbrush, you can get those stubborn baby hairs in place.

13Half Wig Top Bun With Short Curls

You can change the look of your half top bun look by changing your accessories. Instead of diamond studs which give you a more sophisticated look, you could go for big hoops to make your look a little more playful.

14Half Wig Top Bun With Wavy Curls

A half bun look doesn’t have to be perfect. Try to go for a messy bun and see how it can perfectly complement your look.

15Half Up Half Down Bun Updo

A half bun hairstyle doesn’t only look good with longer half wig styles. If you are rocking a shorter one it can be just as cute.

16Wavy Half Wig High Ponytail

If you have a long half wig it’s also an option to do a half bun/half high ponytail. This is super easy to create by making a high ponytail from and wrap half of that hair around the other half of your ponytail.

17Red Ombre Half High Bun

If you want to spice up your half bun look, you could go for a two-toned half wig. It instantly adds a little more sass to your ‘do’.

18Curly Half Wig With Headband

How gorgeous is this curly wig with a headband look! Using a headband is a great way to cover the seam of your wig as well.

19Half Wig Headband With Bangs

Leaving out your bangs from under your headband gives a more playful look. Especially with curly hair.

20Half Wig Turban Headband

Instead of leaving out the front of your head it’s also a great look to wrap your hairband over your hairline. You can wrap it flat or make a bun out of the ends of your headband and place it on top of your head.

21Half Wig Box Braids with Scarf

Even with a half braided wig, a head scarf is a gorgeous accessory and great to cover the seam.

22Kinky Curly Half Wig With Bow

Another take on a simple headband is one with a bow. It instantly creates an adorable and feminine look.

23Voluminous Curls With African Headband

You can also use your headband as a hair tie. Just wrap it high and tight enough and let your hair/half wig come out the back in a ponytail.