30 Hairstyles for Little Black Girls

Hairstyles for Little Black Girls

Little Black Girls Hairstyles

When choosing hairstyles for little girls, you want to go with styles that are both cute and practical. Luckily there are lots of great hairstyles for little girls that fall into both of those categories. After all, kids should be allowed to be kids without worrying about their hair. For little girls with naturally curly or coily hair, you also want to stick with styles that won’t subject your little one’s fragile strands to breakage caused by over-manipulation. From braids and twists to curls and afro puffs, there’s a great style option for every little girl. Here are 30 great styles for little girls.

1Buns, Braids and Ribbons

Buns, braids, and ribbons are the perfect combination for little girls. This style is pretty and practical, keeping your baby’s girl’s ends tucked away and protected from breakage. The ribbon gives this style a cute, youthful appearance, and you can easily color coordinate it with your little girl’s outfit of the day.

2Braids & Ponytail

Little girls love braids, and they never, ever go out of style. These neat cornrows are styled into a cute high ponytail. The ends of the braids are then adorned with colorful beads. This is a great, low-maintenance style that’s perfect for school. You can also easily modify this style and wrap the braids around into a high bun.

3Braided Hair with Curly Ends

This style is the perfect happy medium for little girls who love to wear their hair down and parents who like styles that are easy to maintain. Individual braids like these are cute, practical, and easy to style. Wrap the ends around flexi rods before bed to create cute curls that will give your little girl’s braids a little extra flair.


4Braided Fish Tails and Braided Center

This style requires some pretty precise braiding skills, but it’s worth the effort. This is a great look that’s perfect for girls of all ages. This style is easy to maintain overnight: just cover the hair with a silk scarf or bonnet.



5Fro All the Way

Sometimes you just want to let your little girl rock her hair in all of its natural glory. You can use a hair pick or your fingers to help style her natural afro. Make sure the hair is properly moisturized so it doesn’t dry out and break. This style can be prone to tangles, but as long as you maintain it with care, it’s a great way to show off your little girl’s beautiful natural texture.

6Afro Puff with Headband

If you want a simple, cute style that doesn’t require braiding or twisting, you can’t go wrong with the classic high afro puff. This is a great go-to style for those days when you’re short on time. Add a cute headband to complete the look.

7Double Buns

Here’s another go-to style that you can create in a matter of minutes. Just part the hair down the middle and using the hair in front, create a bun on each side of the head. Use your favorite moisturizer and gently finger style the hair in the back for an easy, natural look.

8Messy Updo with Braid and Ribbon

Don’t be afraid to experiment with your little one’s hair from time to time. The beauty of natural hair is that it can take on really interesting shapes and textures. Use some bobby pins and your fingers to create a frohawk updo with braids on the sides. Add a ribbon or bow to give the style a youthful look.

9Petite Pigtails

For your littlest ones, it’s always best to keep hairstyles super simple. Babies’ hair and scalp are extra delicate, so you don’t want to overmanipulate the hair and cause damage. These cute petite pigtails are adorable and easy to create.

10Accessorized Curls

When your little one is still in her toddler years, less is always more when it comes to styling her hair. At this age, what’s most important is keeping her hair moisturized and detangled. Bows, ribbons, and other hair accessories are the perfect tools to help add some flair to even the most simple styles.

11Chunky Twists

Chunky twists are a classic style for little girls. Twists are also great for parents who don’t know how to do more intricate styles like cornrows or flat twists. There are so many ways to style chunky twists, you’ll never run out of options. Add colorful barrettes on the ends to complete this classic look.

12Braids and Bow Buns Hairstyle

This adorable style is sure to be a hit with all your little’s girl’s friends. It takes the classic high buns and gives them a cute, unique twist. These cute bow-shaped buns will have your little one feeling like Minnie Mouse.

13Buns and Ribbons

Buns and bows go together like peanut butter and jelly. Whether you style your little girl’s hair into a single high bun or double buns, a colorful ribbon is a perfect accessory to top off the style. Match the ribbon with her outfit or pick a bold color or pattern for contrast.

14Braided Mohawk

Braided mohawks look adorable on little girls. This style is a great way to show off the texture and versatility of your little girl’s hair. Add bows or ribbons to give this style a more youthful look.

15Cornrows and Twists

This beautiful style combines cornrows and twists. The cornrows create a natural headband effect, helping keep your little one’s hair out of her eyes. This is another great low-maintenance style that will last through even the most active days.

16Natural High Ponytail

The high ponytail is a go-to style for all ages. Add a pretty bow for some youthful flair. At night, put the hair into chunky twists or braids to help keep your little one’s hair stretched and detangled while she sleeps, and give the hair a little extra definition the next day.

17Updo with Skinny Hanging Bang

This is a great style for special occasions or picture day. And even though it may look fancy, it’s actually pretty easy to create. Starting on stretched, moisturized hair, split the hair into three sections and style the hair into three buns going down the center of your little one’s head. Leave a small section out in the front and style it into long curly bangs to finish the look. Now, this appears to be very stylish.

18Waterfall Twists

This is another great style that uses two strand twists. A high ponytail at the top split into two twists, accompanied by two more side ponytails create a cute waterfall effect. How cute is this style? Little locks of hair braided on different sides of the head to create an illusion of a waterfall.

19Topknot Updo for Little Girls

Perfect for hot weather like the summer season, this topknot do is one of mommy’s favorite go-to styles for her little one. Simple and cute, this look only takes a few minutes to create.


20Cornrow Updo With Bangs

This style is perfect for even the most active little girls. Whether your little girl takes dance classes, plays sports, or just likes to run around and play with her friends, this style will keep her hair protected. As an added bonus, it’s also cute and easy to maintain.

21Cornrow Double Buns

This is a really cute variation of the ever-popular double bun hairstyle. The hair is parted and braided into neat cornrows and the ends of the braids are wrapped into neat buns.

22Bow Shaped Bun

For this adorable style, the hair is pulled into a high bun, which is then styled into a bow shape. Add a real bow to emphasize the shape and voila: a really cute, unique style for your little girl.

23Beaded High Ponytail

For this style, the hair is flat twisted up into a high ponytail. Leave a small section out in the front and flat twist it into side bangs. Add colorful beads to the end of the twists to complete the look.

24Beaded Braids And Twists

This cute style combines chunky twists in the front and small individual braids in the back, which are then adorned with beads.

25Cornrowed Side Ponytail

Here’s another gorgeous style for little girls. The hair is cornrowed into a side ponytail and adorned with an adorable bow. Add some matching barrettes to the ends of the braids to complete the look.

26Twists and Beads

For this style, the hair is parted into triangle-shaped sections and styled into two strand twists. Colorful beads on the ends of the twists give this style a cute, youthful pop of color.

27Twist Out Ponytails With Bow

To recreate this gorgeous style, split the hair into three sections down the center of the head before styling the hair into chunky twists. In the morning, unravel the twist and add a cute bow in the front.

28Twist Out Pigtails

This beautiful style is created using a combinations of precise part and twists to form two high pigtails. Unravel the twists to reveal beautifully defined hair.

29Stretched Afro

If you want to give your little girl’s fro a little more length and volume, try letting the hair dry in four loose, chunky twists. When you unravel them, gently pick out the hair and style with your fingers for a gorgeous natural look.

30Flat Twist Pigtails

To create this adorable look, style the hair into four straight back flat twists then use colorful bows to secure the ends of the hair into two low pigtails.